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Shutoh Fumihiro

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  • Cajal-Retzius cells express vesicular glutamate transporter 2 (VGLUT2) during the mouse corticogenesis
    Ina Ayuka; Konno Jinko; Yoshida Sachine; Shutoh Fumihiro;...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/58(Suppl. 1), 2007-01
  • Aberration of glutamatergic neurons in X-ray irradiated mouse embryonic cortex
    Wu Ting; Ina Ayuka; Yoshida Sachine; Konno Jinko; Shutoh ...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/58(Suppl. 1), 2007-01
  • Modulatory effects of cannabinoid receptor ligands on dopamine release from synaptosomes of the nucleus accumbens, striatum and frontal cortex in rat brain
    Shutoh F; Suzuki T; Kobayashi H
    Kansei Engineering International/6(2)/p.43-50, 2006-12
  • Developmentally-regulated expression of tissue-specific splice variant of rat vesicular glutamate transporter 1 in retina and pineal gland
    Nogami Haruo; Ogasawara Kiyomoto; Mimura Yuka; Mogi Koich...
    JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY/99(1)/pp.142-153, 2006-10
  • VGLUT2 expression is up-regulated in neurohypophysial vasopressin neurons of the rat after osmotic stimulation
    Kawasaki Akiko; Shutoh Fumihiro; Nogami Haruo; Hisano Set...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/56(1)/pp.124-127, 2006-09
  • VGLUT2 expression is up-regulated in neurohypophysial vasopressin neurons of the rat after osmotic stimulation
    KAWASAKI Akiko; SHUTOH Fumihiro; NOGAMI Haruo; HISANO Set...
    Neuroscience research : the official journal of the Japan Neuroscience Society/56(1)/pp.124-127, 2006-09
  • Expression of vesicular glutamate transporter3 (VGLUT3) in the rat pineal gland
    Yoshida Sachine; Ina Ayuka; Konno Jinko; Ohmomo Hideki; S...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • Changes in intensity of mRNA signals of a vesicular glutamate transporter (VGLUT) in the medial vestibular nucleus after microstimulation of the flocculus in mice
    Shutoh Fumihiro; Ina Ayuka; Yoshida Sachine; Konno Jinko;...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • Identification of vesicular glutamate transporter (VGLUT) immunoreactivity in the early fetal mouse cortex
    Ina Ayuka; Konno Jinko; Yoshida Sachine; Ohmomo Hideki; K...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • Modification of gene expression in the cerebellar cortical neurons related with long-term motor learning
    Katagiri Yuji T.; Okamoto Takehito; Nishimura Shin-ichi; ...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • Memory trace of motor learning shifts transsynaptically from cerebellar cortex to nuclei for consolidation
    Shutoh F; Ohki M; Kitazawa H; Itohara S; Nagao S
    NEUROSCIENCE/139(2)/pp.767-777, 2006-01
  • Neural mechanism underlying the transsynaptic shift of memory trace in motor learning.
    Nagao S; Shutoh F; Ohki M
    The Cerebellum/5/pp.297-298, 2006-01
  • Motor learning in the mice lacking a heparan sulfate 6-O-endosulfatase SulfFP1
    Keino-Masu Kazuko; Okamoto Takehito; Shutoh Fumihiro; Yam...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • Prefrontal activity while appreciating abstract and representational paintings. A NIRS study
    Horaguchi Takahiro; Shutoh Fumihiro; Oshima Naoki; Inoue ...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • The hypothalamic neuropeptide y neuron system of rats after long-term, high-dose dexamethasone treatment
    Konno Jinko; Ina Ayuka; Yoshida Sachine; Ohmomo Hideki; S...
    NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH/55(Suppl. 1), 2006-01
  • Locomotor and oculomotor impairment associated with cerebellar dysgenesis in Zic3-deficient (Bent tail) mutant mice.
    Aruga J; Ogura H; Shutoh F; Ogawa M; Franke B; Nagao S; M...
    European Journal of Neuroscience/20(8)/p.2159 2167, 2004-10
  • Role of protein kinase C family in the cerebellum-dependent adaptive learning of horizontal optokinetic response eye movements in mice.
    Shutoh F; Katoh A; Ohki M; Itohara S; Tonegawa S; Nagao S
    European Journal of Neuroscience/18(1)/p.134 142, 2003-07
  • 小脳による眼球運動制御
    永雄総一; 北澤宏理; 首藤文洋
    脳の科学/25(7)/p.118 124, 2002-07
  • Loss of adaptability of horizontal optokinetic response eye movements in mGluR1 knockout mice.
    Shutoh F; Katoh A; Kitazawa H; Aiba A; Itohara S; Nagao S
    Neuroscience Research/42(2)/p.141 145, 2002-02
  • ニューロトロフィンと神経伝達可塑性:長期抑圧
    永雄総一; 北澤宏理; 首藤文洋
    脳の科学/25(増刊)/p.75 80, 2002-02
  • Serotonin 2A receptor-like immunoreactivity is detected in astrocytes but not in oligodendrocytes of rat spinal cord.
    Maxishima M; Shiga T; Shutoh F; Hamada S; Maeshima T; Oka...
    Brain Research/889(1-2)/p.270 273, 2001-01
  • Long term depletion of serotonin leads to selective changes in glutamate receptor subunits.
    Shutoh F; Hamada S; Shibata M; Narita M; Shiga T; Azmitia...
    Neuroscience Research/38(4)/p.365 371, 2000-12
  • Serotonin2A receptor-like immunoreactivity in rat cerebellar Purkinje cells.
    Maeshima T; Shutoh F; Hamada S; Senzaki K; Hamaguchi-Hama...
    Neuroscience Letters/252(1)/p.72 74, 1998-08
  • The cellular localization of 5-HT2A receptors in the spinal cord and spinal ganglia of the adult rat.
    Maeshima T; Ito R; Hamada S; Senzaki K; Hamaguchi-Hamada ...
    Brain Research/797(1)/p.118 124, 1998-07
  • 精神遅滞・学習障害の成因と修復に関する生物学的研究を可能にする生態アミンによるシナプスの形成維持機構.
    岡戸信男; 林明日香; 首藤文洋
    脳の科学/20(2)/p.149-154, 1998-07