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Nagata Kyosuke

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  • Protein-primed replication of plasmids containing the terminus of the adenovirus genome: I. Characterization of an in vitro DNA replication system dependent on adenoviral sequences
    Guggenheimer RA; Nagata K; Lindenbaum JL; Hurwitz J
    J. Biol. Chem./259(12)/p.7801-7814, 1984-06
  • Protein-primed replication of plasmids containing the terminus of the adenovirus genome: II. Purification and characterization of a host protein required for the replication of DNA template devoid of the terminal protein
    Guggenheimer RA; Nagata K; Kenny M; Hurwitz J
    J. Biol. Chem./259(12)/p.7815-7825, 1984-06
  • Isolation of human DNA sequences that bind to nuclear factor I, a host protein involved in adenovirus DNA replication
    Gronostajski RM; Nagata K; Hurwitz J
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci./81(13)/p.4013-4017, 1984-07
  • Site-specific DNA binding of nuclear factor I; Analysis of cellular binding sites
    Gronostajski RM; Adhya S; Nagata K; Guggenheimer RA; Hurw...
    Mol. Cell. Biol./5(5)/p.964-971, 1985-05
  • Purification and characterization of two forms of DNA polymerase α from mouse FM3A cells: A DNA polymerase a-primase complex and a free DNA polymerase α
    Enomoto T; Suzuki M; Takahashi M; Kawasaki K; Watanabe Y;...
    Cell Struc. Func./10(2)/p.161-171, 1985-06
  • In vitro synthesis of influenza viral RNA: Characterization of an isolated nuclear system that supports transcription and replication of influenza viral RNA
    Takeuchi K; Nagata K; Ishihama A
    J. Biochem./101(4)/p.837-845, 1987-04
  • Identification of the RNA polymerase-binding site on genome RNA of influenza virus
    Honda A; Ueda K; Nagata K; Ishihama A
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  • Viral RNA polymerases
    A Ishihama; K Nagata
    Critical Reviews in Biochemistry/23(1)/p.27-76, 1988-02
  • Translational regulation of influenza virus mRNAs
    Yamanaka K; Ishihama A; Nagata K
    Virus Genes/2(1)/p.19-30, 1988-10
  • RNA polymerase of influenza virus: Role of NP in RNA chain elongation
    Honda A; Ueda K; Nagata K; Ishihama A
    J. Biochem./104(6)/p.1021-1026, 1988-12
  • Enhancer of human polyoma JC virus contains nuclear factor I-binding sequences; Analysis using mouse 6rain nuclear extracts
    Tamura T; Inoue T; Nagata K; Mikoshiba K
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun./157(2)/p.419-425, 1988-12
  • Tissue-specific DNA binding of nuclear proteins that bind to the adenovirus inverted terminal repeat
    Matsumoto K; Nagata K; Hanaoka F; Ui M
    J. Biochem./105(6)/p.927-932, 1989-06
  • In vitro synthesis of influenza viral RNA : Biochemical complementation assay of factors required for influenza virus replication
    Nagata K; Takeuchi K; Ishihama A.
    Journal of Biochemistry/106(2)/p.205-208, 1989-08
  • Monoclonal antidody analysis of influenza virus matrix protein epitopes involved in transcription inhibition
    Hankins RW; Nagata K; Bucher DJ; Popple S; Ishihama A
    Virus Genes/3(2)/p.111-126, 1989-11
  • Nuclear factor I represses the reverse-oriented transcription from the adenovirus type 5 left terminus
    Matsumoto K; Nagata K; Yamanaka K; Hanaoka F; Ui M
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun./164(3)/p.1212-1219, 1989-11
  • Nuclear factor I stimulates transcription of the adenovius 12 E1A gene in a cell-free system
    Koikeda S; Ibuki R; Sawada Y; Nagata K; Shibata H; Masamu...
    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta/1048(1)/p.85-92, 1990-01
  • Inhibition of influenza virus infection by pine cone antitumor substances
    Nagata K; Sakagami H; Harada H; Nonoyama M; Ishihama A; K...
    Antiviral Research/13(1)/p.11-22, 1990-01
  • Mechanism of influenza virus transcription inhibition by matrix (M1) protein
    Hankins RW; Nagata K; Kato A; Ishihama A.
    Res. Virol/141(3)/p.305-314, 1990-05
  • Reconstitution of influenza virus RNA-nucleoprotein complexes structurally resembling native viral riborucleoprotein cores
    Yamanaka K; Ishihama A; Nagata K.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry/265(19)/p.11151-11155, 1990-07
  • Anti-influenza virus activity of synthetically polymerized phenylpropenoids
    Sakagami H; Nagata K; Ishihama A; Oh-hara T; Kawazoe Y.
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication/172(3)/p.1267-1272, 1990-11
  • Promoter selectivity of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase: Effect of base substitutions in the promoter -35 region on promoter strength
    Kobayashi M; Nagata K; Ishihama A.
    Nucleic Acids Research/18(24)/p.7367-7372, 1990-12
  • Characterizatin of a temperature-sensitive mutant in the RNA polymerase PB2 subunit gene of influenza A/WSN/33 virus
    Yamanaka K; Ogasawara N; Ueda M; Yoshikawa H; Ishihama A;...
    Archieves of Virology/114(1-2)/p.65-73, 1990-01
  • Purification of RNA polymerase from influenza virus A/PR/8.
    Honda A; Yokoiyama A; Mukaigawa J; Kato A; Ueda S; Nagata...
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  • Possible involvement of lignin structure in anti-influenza virrus activity
    Harada H; Sakagami H; Nagata K; Oh-hara T; Kawazoe Y; Ish...
    Antivirus Research/15(1)/p.41-49, 1991-01
  • Interferon-inducible protein Mx1 that confers resistance to influenza virus is GTPase
    Nakayama M; Nagata K; Ishihama A
    Journal of Biological Chemnistry/266(3)/p.21404-21408, 1991-03