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Sakae Takeji

Researcher's full information

  • Lineal energy-based evaluation of oxidative DNA damage induced by proton beams and X-rays
    Hong Zhengshan; Kase Yuki; Moritake Takashi; Gerelchuluun...
  • Dose-volume histogram analysis for risk factors of radiation-induced rib fracture after hypofractionated proton beam therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
    Kanemoto Ayae; Mizumoto Masashi; Okumura Toshiyuki; Takah...
    ACTA ONCOLOGICA/52(3)/pp.538-544, 2013-04
  • Characteristics and Construction of Charge-Division Type Single-Wire Position-Sensitive Proportional Counter
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/196/p.1, 1982-01
  • Position Integral Linearity of Charge-Division Type Position-Sensing System and a Method to Obtain the Total Charge Signal
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/219/p.1, 1984-01
  • Charge-Division Type Position Sensing with a Single-Wire Position Sensitive Counter in the Self-Quenching Streamer Mode
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/225/p.1, 1984-01
  • Realization of the Concept of the Ratio-to-Digital Converter (RDC)
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/224(1)/p.2, 1984-01
  • Three Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation of the Electron Avalanche around an Anode Wire of a Proportional Counter
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/NS-32/p.1, 1985-01
  • Elastic Scattering of Electrons by Water Molecules over the range 100-1000eV
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/19/p.17, 1986-01
  • A Ratio-to-Digital Converter for Charge Division Position Sensing
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/NS-34/p.1, 1987-01
  • Scattering of electrons by CH4, CF4 and SF6 in the 75-700 eV range
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/22/p.9, 1989-01
  • Characteristics of a seven-element electrostatic lens system studied by an exact beam-tracing method
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/61/p.1, 1990-01
  • A Useful Method for the Determination of the Total Electron Scattering Cross Section
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/29/p.7, 1990-01
  • Polarization Estimate for Optically Pumped Polarized H- Ion Source
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/p.7-33, 1996-01
  • Calculation of Field Distortion by a Large-gained Avalanche in a Gas Counter
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/a397/p.323-331, 1997-01
  • Beam Tracing in an Accelerating System for Plasma Jet Emitter
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/p.168-170, 1997-01
  • Optical Pumping of Thick Alkali Vapor for High Intensity Polarized Ion Source
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/A402/p.191-198, 1998-01
  • 腹圧測定による呼吸同期陽子線照謝の照準精度
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/19(1)/p.74-80, 1999-01
  • 筑波大学陽子線医学利用研究センターにおける放射線測定
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/25(3)/p.3-15, 1999-01
  • Advanced Designing of Equipments for Proton Rediotherapy by using Stereolythograpy
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/99(8)/p.155-159, 1999-01
  • Response Characteristics of an Imaging Plate to Clinical Proton Beams
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/A424/p.569-574, 1999-01
  • Multi-layer energy filter for realizing conformal irradiation in charged particle therapy
    榮 武二; Nohtomi A; Maruhashi A; Sato M; Terunuma T; Kohn...
    Medical physics/27(2)/pp.368-373, 2000-01
  • Deterioration of imaging plate by proton irradiation and an evidence of its recovery
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/A441/p.489-493, 2000-01
  • Three-dimensional conformal irradiation with a multilayer energy filter for proton therapy
    榮 武二
    *EMPTY*/72(1)/p.234, 2001-01
  • 粒子線治療の現状と今後の課題
    榮 武二
    Japanese Journal of Radiation Safety Management/9(2)/pp.121-123, 2010-01
  • The Essential Knowledge for Exposition of Radiation Protection
    磯辺 智範; 森 祐太郎; 榮 武二; 松原 孝祐; 五十嵐 隆元
    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology/68(10)/pp.1419-1427, 2012-01