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Asano Atsushi

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Animal physiology/Animal behavior
Veterinary medical science
Animal production science
Research keywords
Stem Cell-based Technology
Cell Biology
Reproductive Biology
Animal Physiology
Research projects
鳥類精子における膜ラフトマイクロドメインを介した先体反応制御機構の解明2018 -- 2020浅野敦之Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/国際共同研究加速基金(国際共同研究強化)13,260,000Yen
鳥類精子の受精機構分子基盤における膜ラフトマイクロドメインの機能的役割2015 -- 2017浅野敦之Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)5,070,000Yen
精子の精巣上体成熟における選択的分子獲得機構の全容解明2015-11 -- 2018-03浅野敦之公益法人サントリー生命科学財団/SUNBOR GRANT2,400,000Yen
Mechanisms for selective acquirement of proteins in sperm during epididymal maturation2012-08 -- 2014-03Atsushi AsanoJapan Society of for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research2,860,000Yen
Career history
1998-09 -- 1998-12スウェーデン農科大学 獣医学部 交換留学生
1999-04 -- 2004-05三宅医院生殖医療センター 胚培養士
2004-05 -- 2004-12三宅医院生殖医療センター 主任胚培養士
2005-01 -- 2007-12Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Post-doctral Fellow
2008-01 -- 2012-02Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Research Associate
2012-03 -- (current)筑波大学 生命環境系 助教
Academic background
2001-04 -- 2004-03Okayama University Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology (except Gakushuin University, Konan University)Completed
2004-03PhDOkayama University
Academic societies
2012 -- (current)日本畜産学会
2007 -- (current)American Society for Cell Biology
2005 -- (current)New York Academy of Sciences
2008 -- (current)Society for the Study of Reproduction
Honors & Awards
2017-3USDA-NIFA-AFRI Merit Award of Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of ReproductionMembrane Rafts Regulate Acrosome Reaction in Chicken Sperm via PKA Pathway
2015-11Best Poster Award of Ag-ESD2015Membrane microdomains regulate signaling pathway in chicken sperm
2016-03日本家禽学会2016年度春季大会 優秀発表賞ニワトリ精子膜ラフトの生化学分析と機能性の検討
2011-07The Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund Scholarship of 44nd Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction
2009-07The Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund Scholarship of 42nd Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction
2007-12Scholarship Award from The Center for Vertebrate Genomics of Cornell University
2007-02National Institute of General Medical Sciences Scholarship Award of the Keystone Symposia Conferences “Bioactive Lipids in the Lipidomics Era”
  • Membrane Rafts Regulate Sperm Acrosome Reaction via cAMP-dependent Pathway in Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus)
    Priyadarshana Chathura; Tajima Atsushi; Ishikawa Naoto; A...
    Biology of Reproduction (accepted)/pp.1-10, 2018-05
  • Cysteine dioxygenase is essential for mouse sperm osmoadaptation and male fertility
    Asano Atsushi; Roman Heather B; Hirschberger Lawrence L; ...
    The FEBS journal/285(10)/pp.1827-1839, 2018-03
  • Characterization of the functions and proteomes associated with membrane rafts in chicken sperm
    Ushiyama Ai; Tajima Atsushi; ISHIKAWA Naoto; Asano Atsushi
    PloS one/12(11), 2017-11
  • Modification of membrane cholesterol and desmosterol in chicken spermatozoa improves post-thaw survival and prevents impairment of sperm function after cryopreservation
    Ushiyama Ai; Tajima Atsushi; Ishikawa Naoto; Asano Atsushi
  • Effects of molasses-urea supplementation on weight gain, ruminal fermentation and major microbe populations of winter-grazing sheep in Inner Mongolia
    Li C; Alatengdalai; Xue S.; Guo T.; Asano A.; Tajima A.; ...
    Journal of Northeast Agricultural University/24(1)/pp.48-53, 2017
  • Dynamic Changes of Main Rumen Microflora and Ruminal Fermentation in Sheep Supplemented with Molasses-Urea
    Li C.; Alatengdalai; S. Xue; A. Asano; A. Tajima; N. Ishi...
    Journal of Rangeland Science/8(1)/pp.1-10, 2018
  • Effects of molasses-urea supplementation on weight gain, ruminal fermentation and major microbe populations of winter-grazing sheep in Inner Mongolia
    Li C.; Alatengdalai; Xue S.; Guo T.; Asano A.; Tajima A.;...
    Journal of Northeast Agricultural University/24(1)/pp.48-58, 2017-03
  • Comparison of Membrane Characteristics between Freshly Ejaculated and Cryopreserved Sperm in the Chicken
    Ushiyama Ai; Ishikawa Naoto; Tajima Atsushi; Asano Atsushi
    The Journal of Poultry Science/53(4)/pp.305-312, 2016
  • Organization of Membrane Rafts in Chicken Sperm
    Asano Atsushi; Kanbe Hitomi; Ushiyama Ai; Tajima Atsushi
    The Journal of Poultry Science/53(3)/pp.233-239, 2016-07
  • 農林技術センター畜産部門における放射性物質のモニタリング
    浅野 敦之; 山本倫成; 片桐孝志; 秋葉よしえ; 岡田一男; 米川...
    筑波大学農林技術研究/pp.25-29, 2015-03
  • 広域被災地の農業復興に向けた放射性物質の移行モニタリングと芝生等被覆作物による土壌中の放射性物質の物理的・生物学的除染と減量化-農林技術センター内の空間線量率の推移について
    福田直也; 瀬古澤由彦; 水田大輝; 弦間洋; 田島淳史; 瀧川具...
    筑波大学農林技術研究/3/pp.1-9, 2015-03
  • Lipid Modulation of Calcium Flux through CaV2.3 Regulates Acrosome Exocytosis and Fertilization.
    Cohen R; Buttke DE; Asano Atsushi; Mukai C; Nelson JL; Re...
    Development Cell/(28)/pp.310-321, 2014-02
  • Migration and differentiation of gonadal germ cells under cross-sex germline chimeras condition in domestic chickens
    Nakajima Y.; Hattori T.; Asano A.; Ishikawa N.; Tajima A.
    Journal of Reproduction and Development/60(6)/pp.406-410, 2014-12
  • Membrane rafts regulate phospholipase B activation in murine sperm.
    Asano Atsushi; Nelson-Harrington JL; Travis AJ
    Communicative & Integrative Biology/(6)/p.e27362, 2013-12
  • Lactotransferrin in Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) seminal plasma correlates with semen quality.
    Kiso WK; Selvaraj V; Nagashima J; Asano A; Brown JL; Schm...
    PLoS One/(8)/p.e71033, 2013-08
  • Phospholipase B is activated in response to sterol removal and stimulates acrosome exocytosis in murine sperm.
    Asano Atsushi; Nelson-Harrington JL; Travis AJ
    Journal of Biological Chemistry/288(39)/pp.28104-28115, 2013-09
  • Factors Involved in Spontaneous Discharge of Gonadal Germ Cells from Developing Gonad of 7-day-old Chick Embryos
    Nakajima Yuki; Asano Atsushi; Ishikawa Naoto; Tajima Atsushi
    Journal of Poultry Science/51(4)/pp.416-423, 2014-10
  • Isolation, genetic manipulation, and transplantation of canine spermatogonial stem cells: progress toward transgenesis through the male germ-line.
    Harkey MA; Asano Atsushi; Zoulas ME; Torok-Storb B; Nagas...
    Reproduction/146/pp.75-90, 2013-06
  • 筑波大学農林技術センターにおける1998年から2011年までの飼料用トウモロコシの生育ならびに収量調査結果
    片桐孝志; 秋葉よしえ; 山本倫成; 岡田一男; 浅野敦之; 石川...
    筑波大学農林技術センター研究報告/pp.95-109, 2013-03
  • Pretreatment of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa with cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrins and glycerol addition at 4oC improves cryosurvival.
    Kiso WK; Asano A; Travis AJ; Schmitt DL; Brown JL; Pukazh...
    Reproduction, Fertility and Development/in press, 2012-01
  • Mice lacking FABP9/PERF15 develop sperm head abnormalities but are fertile.
    Selvaraj V; Asano A; Page JL; Nelson JL; Kothapalli KS; F...
    Developmental Biology/348/p.177-189, 2010-01
  • Characterization of the proteomes associating with three distinct membrane raft sub-types in murine sperm.
    Asano A; Nelson JL; Zhang S; and Travis AJ.
    Proteomics/10/p.3494-3505, 2010-01
  • Biochemical characterization of membrane fractions in murine sperm: identification of three distinct sub-types of membrane rafts.
    Asano A; Selvaraj V; Buttke DE; Nelson JL; Green KM; Evan...
    Journal of Cellular Physiology/218/p.537-548, 2009-01
  • Mechanisms underlying the micron-scale segregation of sterols and GM1 in live mammalian sperm.
    Selvaraj V; Asano A; Buttke DE; Sengupta P; Weiss RS; and...
    Journal of Cellular Physiology/218/p.522-536, 2009-01
  • GM1 dynamics as a marker for membrane changes associated with the process of capacitation in murine and bovine spermatozoa.
    Selvaraj V; Buttke DE; Asano A; McElwee JL; Wolff CA; Nel...
    Journal of Andrology/28/p.588-599, 2007-01
Conference, etc.
  • ニワトリ初期胚の発生に伴う形態的変化と生理的変化の関係
    竹原稔; 貴志雅哉; 浅野敦; 石川尚人; 田島 淳史
  • 免疫磁気細胞分離法(MACS法)を用いたニワトリGGCsの単離
    貴志雅哉; 竹原稔; 石川尚人; 浅野敦之; 田島 淳史
  • Ashitaba ameliorates male reproductive dysfunction induced by heat stress
    宮崎 均; Daichi Kokubu; Hana Ishizaki; Takayuki Yasui; Ka...
    4th World Congress of Reproductive Biology/2017-9
  • Effect of Oleuropein, a Major Functional Compound of Olive Leaves, on Heat-induced Male Reproductive Dysfunction
    宮崎 均; Hana Ishizaki; Zhenzhen LI; Daichi Kokubu; Atsus...
    4th World Congress of Reproductive Biology/2017-9
  • 明日葉は暑熱ストレス依存的な雄の生殖障害を改善する
    宮崎 均; 國府 大智; 石崎 華; 安井 貴之; 浅野 敦之
  • Membrane rafts regulate acrosome reaction in chicken sperm via PKA pathway.
    Asano Atsushi; N Ishikawa; A Tajima; Priyadarshana Chathura
    Society for the Study of Reproduction 2017 Annual Meeting/2017-7--2017-7
  • Cholesterol addition improved sperm survivability after cryopreservation in chicken sperm
    牛山 愛; 田島 淳史; 石川 尚人; 浅野 敦之
  • Membrane rafts regulate acrosome reaction via glucose signaling pathways in chicken sperm.
    Ushiyama A.; Tajima A.; Ishikawa N.; Asano A.
    ASCB/EMBO Meeting/2017-12-02--2017-12-06
  • Involvement of membrane rafts in acrosome reaction of avian sperm via cAMP-dependent pathway.
    Priyadarshana C.; Ishikawa N.; Tajima A.; Asano A.
    ASCB/EMBO Meeting/2017-12-02--2017-12-06
  • Cysteine deoxygenase is essential for sperm osmoadaptation and male fertility.
    Asano Atsushi
    Society for the Study of Reproduction 2016 Annual Meeting/2016-7-16--2016-7-20
  • Possible involvement of membrane rafts in functional damages of the cryopreserved chicken sperm.
    Asano Atsushi; Tajima Atsushi; Ishikawa Naoto; Ushiyama Ai
    Society for the Study of Reproduction 2016 Annual Meeting/2016-7-16--2016-7-20
  • Possible mechanisms for functional maturation of mammalian sperm during epididymal transit
    Kondou M; Tajima A; Ishikawa N; Asano Atsushi
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2016/2016-9-18--2016-9-19
  • Improvement in fertilizing ability of chicken sperm incorporarated with sterols after cryopreservation
    A Ushiyama; A Tajima; N Ishikawa; Asano Atsushi
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2016/2016-9-18--2016-9-19
  • 精巣上体通過中のマウス精子における細胞滴遊離メカニズムの検討
    近藤瑞穂; 田島淳史; 石川尚人; Asano Atsushi
  • 鶏精子の先体反応に及ぼすグルコースの影響
    牛山愛; 田島淳史; 石川尚人; Asano Atsushi
  • Education for sustainable development in agriculture at the University of Tsukuba.
    浅野 敦之
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2015/2015-11
  • Cysteine dioxygenase欠損マウスにおける雄性不妊メカニズムの解明
    浅野 敦之; Roman H; Hirschberger L; Stipanuk M; Nelson J;...
  • Incorporation of cholesterol to sperm membranes improves cryosurvivability of chicken sperm.
    浅野 敦之; 牛山愛; 田島淳史; 石川尚人
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2015/2015-11
  • Histological study on spontaneous gonadal germ cells (GGCs) discharge from the gonad of developing chick embryos.
    鈴木麗; 浅野 敦之; 石川 尚人; 田島 淳史
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2015/2015-11
  • Membrane microdomains regulate signaling pathway in chicken sperm.
    浅野 敦之; Kanbe H; 石川 尚人; 田島 淳史
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2015/2015-11
  • Potentials of Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi) supplementation on alleviation of heat stress in milking holstein-friesian.
    Hemmaty K; 宮崎均; 浅野 敦之; 石川 尚人; 田島 淳史
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2015/2015-11
  • Study on cross-sex migratory ability of GGCs from 7- and 9-days-old chick embryos.
    福田はるか; 浅野 敦之; 石川 尚人; 田島 淳史
    Ag-ESD Symposium 2015/2015-11
  • Cysteine dioxygenase欠損マウスにおける雄性不妊メカニズムの解明
    浅野 敦之
  • ニワトリ精子膜ラフトの生化学分析と機能性の検討
    浅野 敦之; 牛山愛; 田島淳史; 石川尚人
  • マウス精子は精巣上体通過中にPantophysinを獲得する
    浅野 敦之; 近藤瑞穂; 石川尚人; 田島淳史
Intellectural property rights
  • 精子機能改善剤とこれを含む医薬品組成物、飼料、食品組成物及び家畜または家禽の精子機能改善方法  
    Asano Atsushi
2018-04 -- 2018-07動物資源生産学演習II筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07動物資源生産学演習I筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07生物資源生産科学実習筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07生物資源フィールド学実習筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07生物生産システム学実習筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07農林生物学実験筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07農林生物学基礎実験筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07動物資源生産学特別研究II筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07動物資源生産学特別研究I筑波大学
2018-04 -- 2018-07動物生産学筑波大学
Other educational activities
2018-02 -- 2018-02ミートジャッジングの事前研修への参加食肉格付協会関東支所
2017-02 -- 2017-02KU-UT Student Symposium 2017への参加(タイ)筑波大学
2015-02 -- 2015-02KU-UT Student Symposium 2015 への参加(タイ)筑波大学
2013-02 -- 2013-02国際農業研修インターンシップへの参加(タイ)筑波大学
2012-09 -- 2012-092012 International Summer Course for Practical Agricultural Science towards Regional Sustainabilityへの参加茨城大学
  • 精子の機能とその応用への展望
    浅野 敦之
  • Molecular mechanisms regulating sperm functions in mammals and birds.
    Asano Atsushi
    The Baker Seminar/2017-11-30--2017-12-1
  • Cellular and Molecular Basis for Fertilization in Animals.
    Asano Atsushi
    Kick-off Symposium for PhD-DDP program/2017-1-9--2017-1-9
  • Diverse Roles for Membrane Rafts in Sperm Maturation
    Atsushi Asano; Roy Cohen; Alexander J. Travis.
    36th Annual Meeting of Genes and Harmones - State-of-the-Art Reproductive and Sexual Development/2011-04-01
  • Biochemical Characterization and Shotgun Proteomics of Membrane Raft Sub-Types in Murine Sperm
    Atsushi Asano
    42nd Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction/2009-07-01
  • Investigation of gangliosides and membrane sub-domain in mammalian spermatozoa
    Atsushi Asano
    Baker Seminar/2005-12-01
  • Biochemical and Proteomic Characterization of 3 Sub-types of Membrane Rafts in Murine Sperm.
    Atsushi Asano
    Repro/Endo Seminar/2007-11-01
  • Proteomic analysis of sub-types of membrane microdomains in sperm
    Atsushi Asano
    Working In Progress Meeting/2007-12-01
  • Compositional Characteristics and Functions of Membrane Rafts in sperm.
    Atsushi Asano
    Repro/Endo Seminar/2009-03-01
  • Quantitative and Shotgun Proteomic Profiles of Membrane Raft Sub-types-Functional Focus on Phospholipase B.
    Atsushi Asano
    Baker Seminar/2009-03-01
University Management
2017-04 -- (current)つくば機能植物イノベーション研究センター 畜産グループ担当教員
2011-03 -- 2017-03農林技術センター 畜産班担当教員
2017-04 -- 2018-03生物圏資源科学専攻 共同利用スペース等管理委員
2017-04 -- 2018-03生物資源科学専攻 国際交流委員(Peace/ABE担当)
2017-04 -- (current)生物資源学類 IT委員会委員
2015-04 -- 2016-03テニュアトラック定着・普及事業 若手研究者運営調査部会 副部会長
2016-04 -- 2018-03生物圏資源科学専攻 農学関連4専攻大学院入試実施委員
2015-07 -- 2018-03生物圏資源科学専攻 遺伝子組換え安全責任者
Other activities
2017-04 -- (current)TGSW T-PIRCシンポジウム組織委員会委員
2012-04 -- (current)科学技術週間 公開講座講師
2012-07 -- (current)教員免許状更新講習 講師
2012-11 -- (current)Ag-ESDシンポジウム準備委員会委員
2012-07 -- (current)筑波大学付属坂戸高等学校 夏期実習担当
2012-04 -- (current)Ag-ESDシンポジウム組織委員会委員
2013-04 -- (current)独立行政法人国立環境研究所 客員研究員
2013-04 -- (current)牛久市農業振興検討委員会委員
Understanding for molecular mechanisms underlaying fertilization and embryonic development is prerequisite to promote preservation of genetic diversity or reproduction in endangered species. From the standpoint, my goals are 1) to understand molecular and cellular basis in processes ranging from gametogenesis to early embryonic development, using domestic animals, 2) to apply the resultant knowledge to inventing new technologies useful for the production of animal resources.

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