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Shiba Aya

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Human pathology
Experimental pathology
Research projects
チロシンキナーゼ分解を抑制し肺腺癌悪性化を招くSFNを標的とした治療戦略2017 -- 2018柴 綾Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B)4,160,000Yen
結合蛋白に着目したStratifinによる肺腺癌初期悪性化の分子メカニズム解明2014 -- 2015柴 綾Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/若手研究(B)3,900,000Yen
結合蛋白に着目したStratifinによる肺腺癌初期悪性化の分子メカニズム解明2014-04 -- 2016-03柴 綾JSPS/科学研究費/若手研究(B)3,000,000Yen
Stratifin過剰発現によって引き起こされる肺腺癌の初期悪性化のメカニズム解析2013-09 -- 2014-09柴 綾公益財団法人金原一郎記念医学医療振興財団/第28回基礎医学医療研究助成金400,000Yen
Academic societies
2013 -- (current)日本分子生物学会
2006 -- (current)The Japanese Cancer Association
  • Stratifin regulates stabilization of receptor tyrosine kinases via interaction with ubiquitin-specific protease 8 in lung adenocarcinoma
    Kim Yunjung; Shiba-Ishii Aya; Nakagawa Tomoki; Iemura Shu...
    Oncogene/37(40)/pp.5387-5402, 2018-06
  • Case report of three EGFR TKI naïve lung adenocarcinoma containing double EGFR mutations (L858R/T790M or Exon 19 Deletion/T790M) ; Comparing genetic information and histology.
    Sakashita Shingo; Shiba-Ishii Aya; Murata Yoshihiko; Seki...
    Pathology - Research and Practice/214(8)/pp.1224-1230, 2018-06
  • Stratifin Accelerates Progression of Lung Adenocarcinoma at an Early Stage
    Shiba Aya; Kim Yunjung; Noguchi Masayuki
    JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY/10(9::2)/pp.S394-S394, 2015-09
  • TMEPAI/PMEPA1 enhances tumorigenic activities in lung cancer cells.
    Thanh Thao Vo Nguyen; Watanabe Yukihide; Shiba Aya; Noguc...
    Cancer science/105(3)/pp.334-341, 2014-03
  • Moesin overexpression is a unique biomarker of adenomyosis
    Ohara Rena; Michikami Hiroo; Nakamura Yuko; Sakata Akiko;...
    Pathol Int/64(3)/pp.115-122, 2014-03
  • Epidermal growth factor receptor abnormalities in atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors and an unusual case with gene amplification
    Satomi Kaishi; Morishita Yukio; Murata Yoshihiko; Shiba A...
    Pathology - Research and Practice/209(8)/pp.521-526, 2013-08
  • Increased cytoplasmic S100A6 expression is associated with pulmonary adenocarcinoma progression.
    Shiba Aya; Suzuki Meguri; Satomi Kaisi; Kobayashi Hiromi;...
    Pathology International/59/pp.623-630, 2009-09
  • Binding of lactoferrin to IGBP1 triggers apoptosis in a lung adenocarcinoma cell line.
    Li Dongping; Sakashita Shingo; Kano Junko; Shiba Aya; Sat...
    Anticancer research/31/pp.529-534, 2011-02
  • IGFBP-1 is expressed specifically in ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma.
    Sugita Shintaro; Morishita Yukio; Kano Junko; Furuya Shui...
    Histopathology/58(5)/pp.729-738, 2011-04
  • Abnormality of the hepatocyte growth factor/MET pathway in pulmonary adenocarcinogenesis.
    Tachibana Keisei; Minami Yuko; Shiba Aya; Junko Kano;...
    Lung cancer/75(2)/pp.181-188, 2012-02
  • High expression of stratifin is a universal abnormality during the course of malignant progression of early-stage lung adenocarcinoma.
    Shiba Aya; Kano Junko; Morishita Yukio; Sato Yukio; Minam...
    International Journal of Cancer/129(10)/pp.2445-2453, 2011-11
  • Aberrant stratifin overexpression is regulated by tumor-associated CpG demethylation in lung adenocarcinoma.
    Shiba Aya; Masayuki Noguchi
    American journal of pathology/180(4)/pp.1653-1662, 2012-04
  • マイクロダイセクション法
    柴 綾; 里見 介史; 野口 雅之
    病理と臨床, 2011-04
Conference, etc.
  • miR-3941 targets IGBP1 and is associated with malignant progression of lung adenocarcinoma
    佐藤 泰樹; 柴 綾; 坂下 信悟; 野口 雅之; 加野 准子
  • Stratifin overexpression in lung adenocarcinoma blocks SCF ubiquitin ligase and accelerates tumor growth
    柴 綾; 井口 由香里; 森下 由紀雄; 塩澤 利博; 猪山 慎二...
  • Stratifin expressed in early invasive lung adenocarcinoma functionally enhances tumor progression and down-regulates SCFFbw7 ubiquitin ligase activity
    Shiba Aya; Iguchi Yukari; Morishita Yukio; Shiozawa Toshi...
    World Conference on Lung Cancer/2013-10-27--2013-10-31
Intellectural property rights
  • 抗がん剤
    広川 貴次; 野口 雅之; 柴 綾
  • 抗がん剤
    広川 貴次; 野口 雅之; 柴 綾
2018-10 -- 2019-02Dissertation in Medical SciencesUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-10 -- 2019-02Internship IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-10 -- 2019-02Internship IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-10 -- 2019-02Seminar on Basic Medical SciencesUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-10 -- 2019-02Advanced Exercise on Public HealthUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-04 -- 2018-08Dissertation in Medical SciencesUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-04 -- 2018-08Internship IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-04 -- 2018-08Internship IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-04 -- 2018-08Seminar on Basic Medical SciencesUniversity of Tsukuba.
2018-04 -- 2018-08Advanced Exercise on Public HealthUniversity of Tsukuba.

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