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Okada Toshiyuki

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
  • Structure-by-structure Recognition of Spinal Columns, Ribs, Intervertebral Disks and Vertebrae from Abdominal X-ray CT Images
    保田 竜也; 滝沢 穂高; 奥村 俊昭; 工藤 博幸; 岡田 俊之
    Journal of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery/19(3)/pp.131-138, 2017
  • Interactive Segmentation of Pancreases in Abdominal Computed Tomography Images and Its Evaluation Based on Segmentation Accuracy and Interaction Costs
    Takizawa Hotaka; Suzuki Takenobu; Kudo Hiroyuki; Okada To...
  • Novel imaging using a touchless display for computer-assisted hepato-biliary surgery
    Oshiro Yukio; Ohuchida Kenoki; Okada Toshiyuki; Hashizume...
    Surgery today/47(12)/pp.1512-1518, 2017-05
  • A preliminary study on non-rigid registration of abdominal CT images using bones
    早川 雄貴; 滝沢 穂高; 工藤 博幸; 岡田 俊之
    ITE Technical Report/40(5)/pp.77-80, 2016-02
  • Information fusion for computer-aided diagnosis of liver fibrosis : Integration of shape information into conventional blood test based diagnosis
    政木 勇人; 横田 太; 大竹 義人; 堀 雅敏; 岡田 俊之; 富山 ...
    IEICE technical report./114(482)/pp.59-62, 2015-02
  • グラフカットを用いた腹部X線CT画像からの対話的領域抽出手法の検討と評価(G分野:生体情報科学,一般論文)
    光岡 遼; 滝沢 穂高; 岡田 俊之; 工藤 博幸
    情報科学技術フォーラム講演論文集/13(2)/pp.383-384, 2014-08
  • Basic study on interactive segmentation of pancreases from abdominal CT images by use of the Graph cut technique with probabilistic atlases
    鈴木 武伸; 滝沢 穂高; 工藤 博幸; 岡田 俊之
    IPSJ SIG Notes. CVIM/2015(43)/pp.1-6, 2015-01

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