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Miyadera Hiroko

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research projects
MHC機能改変による自己免疫疾患の発症制御とその機序の解明2017-04 -- 2020-03宮寺浩子Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(一般)(B)17030000
HLA提示抗原ペプチドのカタログ化2016-07 -- 2019-03宮寺浩子Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B)18460000
ゲノム編集によるMHC改変マウスの樹立と自己免疫疾患発症機序の解明2016-04 -- 2019-03宮寺浩子筑波大学/研究基盤支援プログラム(Sタイプ)
1型糖尿病を発症しない動物モデルの確立と発症・抑制機序の解明2017-05 -- 2018-04宮寺浩子認定特定非営利法人日本IDDMネットワーク/1型糖尿病研究基金研究助成1000000
HBs抗原消失のバイオマーカー探索と新規HBワクチンの開発2017 -- 2019須磨崎 亮AMED/B型肝炎創薬実用化等研究事業
B型肝炎ウイルス排除、慢性化および肝発がんの機序解明を目指す研究2017 -- 2019西田奈央AMED/B型肝炎創薬実用化等研究事業
1型糖尿病を発症しない動物モデルの確立と発症抑制機序の解明2016-07 -- 2017-06宮寺浩子認定特定非営利活動法人日本IDDMネットワーク/1型糖尿病研究基金研究助成1000000
B型肝炎ウイルス再活性化に関与するウイルス・宿主要因の解明に基づく予防対策法の確立を目指す研究2015 -- 2017溝上雅史日本医療研究開発機構(AMED)/肝炎等克服実用化研究事業
MHC機能改変による自己免疫疾患の発症制御とその機序の解明2014-04 -- 2016-03宮寺浩子JSPS/挑戦的萌芽研究3770000
ゲノム網羅的解析によるB型ウイルス感染の病態関連遺伝子の同定と新規診断法の開発2014 -- 2016五神真AMED/肝炎等克服実用化研究事業
Academic societies
-- (current)日本臨床免疫学会
-- (current)日本肝臓学会
-- (current)日本人類遺伝学会
-- (current)日本組織適合性学会
-- (current)日本生化学会
-- (current)The American Association of Immunologists (AAI)
-- (current)American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI)
Honors & Awards
2016-9第44回 日本臨床免疫学会総会 優秀ポスター賞
2016-2第25回アジア太平洋肝臓病学会議年次総会(APASL2016)Young Investigator Award
2012-6Jon von Rood Award (26rd EFI conference, Best abstract award)
2008-10第17回日本組織適合性学会大会 学術奨励賞
  • HLA-DQ β1 alleles associated with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infectivity and EBV gp42 binding to cells
    Q Li; W Bu; E Gabriel; Y Hoshino; H Miyadera; Hess C; RL ...
    JCI Insight, 2017-2
  • In silico analysis of interactions between HLA-A*31:01 and carbamazepine-related compounds
    Miyadera Hiroko; Ozeki T; Mushiroda T; Hirayama N
    Chem-Bio Informatics Journal, 2016-10
  • Questionable expression of unstable DQ heterodimer containing HLA-DQA1*01:07
    Miyadera Hiroko; Bungener LB; Kusano S; Yokoyama Y; Tokun...
    Tissue Antigens/86(6)/pp.413-418, 2015-11
  • Associations of human leukocyte antigens with autoimmune diseases: challenges in identifying the mechanism.
    Miyadera Hiroko; Tokunaga Katsushi
    J Hum Genet/60(11)/pp.697-702, 2015-08
  • Independent strong association of HLA-A*02:06 and HLA-B*44:03 with cold medicine-related Stevens-Johnson syndrome with severe mucosal involvement.
    Ueta Mayumi; Kaniwa N; Sotozono C; Tokunaga K; Saito Y; S...
    Sci Rep/4/p.4862, 2014
  • In Silico Risk Assessment of HLA-A*02:06-Associated Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Caused by Cold Medicine Ingredients.
    Isogai H; Miyadera Hiroko; Ueta M; Sotozono C; Kinoshita ...
    J Toxicol/2013/p.514068, 2013-10
  • HLA-DQ association and allele competition in Chinese narcolepsy
    Han F; Lin L; Li J; Dong SX; An P; Zhao L; Liu NY; Li QY;...
    Tissue Antigens/80(328)/p.335, 2012
  • Abnormally low serum acylcarnitine levels in narcolepsy patients.
    Miyagawa T; Miyadera Hiroko; Tanaka S; Kawashima M; Shima...
    Sleep/34(3)/pp.349-353, 2011
  • Parasite mitochondria as a target of chemotherapy: inhibitory effect of licochalcone A on the Plasmodium falciparum respiratory chain.
    Mi-Ichi F; Miyadera Hiroko; Kobayashi T; Takamiya S; Waki...
    Ann N Y Acad Sci/1056/pp.46-54, 2005-11
  • A gamma-lactone form nafuredin, nafuredin-gamma, also inhibits helminth complex I
    Shiomi K; Ui H; Suzuki H; Hatano H; Nagamitsu T; Takano D...
    J Antibiot (Tokyo)/58(1)/pp.50-55, 2005-01
  • Isolation and characterization of the stage-specific cytochrome b small subunit (CybS) of Ascaris suum complex II from the aerobic respiratory chain of larval mitochondria.
    Amino H; Osanai A; Miyadera Hiroko; Shinjyo N; Tomitsuka ...
    Mol Biochem Parasitol/128(2)/pp.175-186, 2003-05
  • Complex II from phototrophic purple bacterium Rhodoferax fermentans displays rhodoquinol-fumarate reductase activity.
    Miyadera Hiroko; Hiraishi A; Miyoshi H; Sakamoto K; Minek...
    Eur J Biochem/270(8)/pp.1863-1874, 2003-04
  • Atpenins, potent and specific inhibitors of mitochondrial complex II (succinate-ubiquinone oxidoreductase)
    Miyadera Hiroko; Shiomi K; Ui H; Yamaguchi Y; Masuma R; T...
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA/100(2)/pp.473-477, 2003-01
  • Quinones in long-lived clk-1 mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans
    Miyadera Hiroko; Kano K; Miyoshi H; Ishii N; Hekimi S; Ki...
    FEBS Lett/512/pp.33-37, 2002-02
  • Role of complex II in anaerobic respiration of the parasite mitochondria from Ascaris suum and Plasmodium falciparum.
    Kita K; Hirawake H; Miyadera Hiroko; Amino H; Takeo S
    Biochim Biophys Acta/1553/pp.123-139, 2002-01
  • An anthelmintic compound, nafuredin, shows selective inhibition of complex I in helminth mitochondria
    Omura S; Miyadera Hiroko; Ui H; Shiomi K; Yamaguchi Y; Ma...
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA/98/pp.60-62, 2001
  • Altered quinone biosynthesis in the long-lived clk-1 mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans
    Miyadera Hiroko; Amino H; Hiraishi A; Taka H; Murayama K;...
    J Biol Chem/276/pp.7713-7716, 2001
  • Ubiquinone is necessary for mouse embryonic development but is not essential for mitochondrial respiration
    Levavasseur F; Miyadera Hiroko; Sirois J; Tremblay ML; Ki...
    J Biol Chem/276(49)/pp.46160-46164, 2001-12
  • Phylogenetic identification of Sparganum proliferum as a pseudophyllidean cestode by the sequence analyses on mitochondrial COI and nuclear sdhB genes.
    Miyadera Hiroko; Kokaze A; Kuramochi T; Kita K; Machinami...
    Parasitol Int/50(2)/pp.93-104, 2001-07
  • HLA分子の安定性と自己免疫疾患
    Miyadera Hiroko
    医学のあゆみ/256(2), 2016-01
  • HLA結合ペプチドの大規模解析法の開発
    宮寺 浩子; 徳永 勝士; 野口 恵美子
    Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology/39(4)/pp.406a-406a, 2016
  • 1型糖尿病とHLAの低安定性
    Miyadera Hiroko
    月刊「細胞」, 2016-5
Conference, etc.
  • Stability profiling of HLA class II protein for disease association study
    Miyadera Hiroko; Ohashi Jun; Tokunaga Katsushi
    The 13th International Congress of Human Genetics/2016-4-3--2016-4-7
  • A Large scale screening of HLA-class II-binding peptides from HBs and HBc peptide libraries
    Miyadera Hiroko; Okabe Yuki; Chen Cindy; Tokunaga Katsush...
    The American Association of Immunologist (AAI) annual meeting/2016-5-13--2016-5-17
  • HLA-DP提示HBs, HBc抗原領域の探索
    宮寺浩子; 岡部由紀; Chen Cindy Chia-Jung; 徳永勝士; 考藤...
    第52回 日本肝臓学会総会/2016-5-19--2016-5-20
  • HLA class II protein stability and disease susceptibility
    Miyadera Hiroko; Ohashi Jun; Tokunaga Katsushi
    16th International Congress of Immunology/2016-8-21--2016-8-26
  • Large Scale analysis of HLA-peptide interactions
    Miyadera Hiroko; Okabe Yuki; Tokunaga Katsushi; Noguchi E...
    66th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics/2016-10-18--2016-10-22
  • HLAクラスII提示B型肝炎ウイルス抗原領域の探索
    宮寺浩子; 岡部由紀; Chen Cindy Chia-Jung; 徳永勝士; 溝上雅史
    第25回 日本組織適合性学会大会/2016-10-22--2016-10-24
2017-10 -- 2017-12Genome MedicineUniversity of Tsukuba.
2016-04 -- 2017-03ゲノム医学概論フロンティア医科学
2016-04 -- 2017-03遺伝子検査学医療科学類
2016-04 -- 2017-03遺伝子検査学実習医療科学類
  • 1型糖尿病を発症しない動物モデルの確立と発症抑制機序の解明
    Miyadera Hiroko
Professional activities

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