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Ota Miho

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Research fields
Psychiatric science
Research keywords
MRI PET Dementia Schizphrenia Mood disorder
Research projects
精神疾患の特徴的脳変化と関連する脳脊髄液中蛋白の同定2016-04 -- 2019-03太田深秀日本学術振興会/科学研究費助成事業
Refereed academic journal/Refereed international conference paper
  • MR findings in the substantia nigra on phase difference enhanced imaging in neurodegenerative parkinsonism
    Ota Miho
    Parkinsonism Relat Disord, 2018-03
  • 13C-phenylalanine breath test and serum biopterin in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder
    Ota Miho
    J Psychiatr Res, 2018-02
  • Increased cerebrospinal fluid complement C5 levels in major depressive disorder and schizophrenia.
    Ota Miho
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2018-03
  • Association of obesity with cognitive function and brain structure in patients with major depressive disorder
    Ota Miho
    J Affect Disord, 2018-01
  • Distinctive Neuroanatomical Substrates for Depression in Bipolar Disorder versus Major Depressive Disorder
    Ota Miho
    Cereb Cortex, 2017-11
  • Brain gray matter structural network in myotonic dystrophy type 1
    Ota Miho
    PLoS One, 2017-11
  • Correlations between dopamine transporter density measured by 123I-FP-CIT SPECT and regional gray matter volume in Parkinson's disease
    Ota Miho
    Jpn J Radiol, 2017-10
  • Noninvasive detection of focal brain hyperthermia related to continuous epileptic activities using proton MR spectroscopy
    Ota Miho
    Epilepsy Res, 2017-10
  • Effects of L-theanine on anxiety-like behavior, cerebrospinal fluid amino acid profile, and hippocampal activity in Wistar Kyoto rats
    Ota Miho
    Psychopharmacology (Berl), 2017-10
  • Alpha band event-related desynchronization underlying social situational context processing during irony comprehension: A magnetoencephalography source localization study
    Ota Miho
    Brain Lang, 2017-09
  • Plasma amino acid profile in major depressive disorder: Analyses in two independent case-control sample sets
    Ota Miho
    J Psychiatr Res, 2017-09
  • Interhemispheric Resting-State Functional Connectivity Predicts Severity of Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
    Ota Miho
    Front Neurosci, 2017-09
  • Relationships of Cerebrospinal Fluid Monoamine Metabolite Levels With Clinical Variables in Major Depressive Disorder
    Ota Miho
    J Clin Psychiatry, 2017-07
  • A structural MRI study of cholinergic pathways and cognition in multiple sclerosis
    Ota Miho
    eNeurologicalSci, 2017-07
  • Association between the scores of the Japanese version of the brief assessment of cognition in schizophrenia and whole-brain structure in patients with chronic schizophrenia: a voxel-based morphometry and diffusion tensor imaging study
    Ota Miho
    Psychiatry Clin Neurosci, 2017-07
  • A Single Intraperitoneal Injection of Endotoxin Changes Glial Cells in Rats as Revealed by Positron Emission Tomography Using [11C]PK11195
    Ota Miho
    Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2017-12
  • The use of diffusional kurtosis imaging and neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging of the brain in major depressive disorder.
    Ota Miho
    J Psychiatr Res, 2017-12
  • The effects of adjunctive intranasal oxytocin in patients with schizophrenia.
    Ota Miho
    Postgrad Med, 2017-11
  • Whole brain analyses of age-related microstructural changes quantified using different diffusional magnetic resonance imaging methods.
    Ota Miho
    Jpn J Radiol, 2017-07
  • (-)-Linalool influenced on the cerebral bold flow in healthy male volunteers revealed by 3-dimensional pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling.
    Ota Miho
    Indian J Psychiatry, 2017-06
Other articles
  • 特集 認知症に対する薬物治療の今,そして今後 レビー小体型認知症への薬物療法的アプローチについて
    太田 深秀; 新井 哲明
    臨床精神薬理/21(1)/pp.35-42, 2018-01
Conference, etc.
  • 認知症の人の家族の介護体験 -支えや喜びに焦点を当ててー
    山中 克夫; 石川花穂里; 新井哲明; 野口代; 田中 暁穂; Shao...
    日本老年精神医学会 第33回/2018-06-29--2018-06-30
  • 右中耳癌への陽子線治療後に逸脱行為や易怒性が悪化し、入院を要した高齢者の一例
    遠藤剛; 根本 清貴; 往西誠; 高濱浩輔; 西村文吾; 太田深秀; ...
    第39回茨城医学会精神科分科会 第66回茨城精神医学集談会/2017-11-23--2017-11-23
  • 精神疾患におけるMRI,PETを用いたトランスレーショナルマーカーの開発
    太田 深秀
  • 統合失調症における社会認知機能と大脳皮質形態についての検討 
    太田 深秀

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