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List by affiliation(Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences)

NameAffiliationOfficial titlesort descendingResearch fields - keywords
Miake YasuoFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorParticle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics - High Energy Heavy Ion Collision, Quark Gluon Plasma, Radiation Detector, High resolution time-of flight counter, particle identification, azimuthal anisotropy
Miyamoto MasahikoFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorAlgebra - Algebra
Morihashi KenjiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorBasic chemistry - Quantum Chemistry, Density Functional Theory, bio-macromolecule, electron transfer, organic material
Morita JunFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorAlgebra - Group, Lie algebra, Aperiodic orders
Moritomo YutakaFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorCondensed matter physics I, Condensed matter physics II - Environment and eenrgy material, organic photovotaic, lithium ion secondary battery, Strongly-correlated Material, Structural Dynamics, Time-resolved Spectroscopy, 電子ペーパー
Nabeshima TatsuyaFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorFunctional solid state chemistry, Organic chemistry - supramolecular chemistry, host-guest, molecular recognition
Nagasaki YukioFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorBiomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering, Polymer/Textile materials - biomaterials, polymer, nanoparticles、therapy, diagnostics, bioimimaging, pharmacokinetics, drug delivery system, oxidative stress, cancer, Gastroenterology, angiocardiology, 腎臓病, 消化器病, 循環器疾患
Nakai NaomasaFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorAstronomy - Radio Astronomy, Galaxies, Black hole, Cosmology, South Pole
Nakamura JunjiFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorCatalyst/Resource chemical process - Cstalyst, Surface science, carbon, carbon nanotube, hydrogen, fuel cell, elecrode catalyst, hydrogen storage, hydrogen hydrate, STM, 光電子分光
Nakashima YousukeFaculty of Pure and Applied SciencesProfessorAtomic/Molecular/Quantum electronics, Plasma science - plasma physics, plasma diagnostics, particle source and light source, nuclear fusion, plasma confinement