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List by affiliation(Center for Computational Sciences )

Namesort ascendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Takahashi DaisukeCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorSoftware - Computer Science
Tadano HirotoCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorFoundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics - Linear systems, Eigenvalue problems, Krylov subspace methods, Preconditioning, Parallel computing
Shoji MitsuoCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant Professor - Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, QM/MM
Shishido HidehikoCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorIntelligent informatics - Computer Vision
Shiokawa HiroakiCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorMultimedia database - Database systems and Data engineering, Large-scale data analysis, Data mining, Graph databases
Shigeta YasuteruCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorBiological physics/Chemical physics/Soft matter physics, Basic chemistry - 分子動力学, 第一原理計算
Ono TomoyaCenter for Computational Sciences Associate ProfessorCondensed matter physics I, Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics, Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties, Composite materials/Surface and interface engineering - First-principles calculation, Transport, Large scale and massively parallel calculation
Ono HiroshiCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant ProfessorParticle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics - Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, Quark Gluon Plasma
Ohsuga KenCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorAstronomy - 超巨大ブラックホール形成論, ブラックホール・降着円盤・宇宙ジェット, 輻射磁気流体力学シミュレーション
Nishizawa HiroakiCenter for Computational Sciences Assistant Professor