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List by research field(Design science)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Hara TadanobuFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorDesign science - local design, design method, brand, package
Igarashi HiroyaFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorDesign science -
Ima-Izumi YokoFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorArt at large, Design science, Gerontological nursing, Gender, Literature in English, Library and information science/ Humanistic social informatics - World Cinema, Film Syntax, Comparative Cultures, Cross-Cultural Understanding, Japanese Film, Japanese and Asian Films, History of Women in Japanese Film, International Marriage, cherry blossom, Gerontology, Alzheimer's, Composite Art of William Blake, Literature and Film, English Literature on Screen, Gender Studies, English Literature, Romanticism, Image Processing Technique
Murakami FumiakiFaculty of Art and DesignAssistant ProfessorArt at large, Design science - Media Art
Sato NobutakeFaculty of Art and DesignAssistant ProfessorArchitectural history/Design, Design science - 民家, 集落
Suzuki MasakazuFaculty of Art and DesignProfessorEnvironmental agriculture(including landscape science), Design science - 環境デザイン, 造園, 地域再生, 都市計画, 景観計画, 環境情報, 地理情報システム, 生き物データベース, ランドスケープデザイン
Uchiyama ToshiakiFaculty of Art and DesignAssociate ProfessorDesign science, Human interface and interaction - Interaction Design, Kansei Design Study, Information Design, Information Device
Yamanaka ToshimasaFaculty of Art and DesignProvostEating habits, Cognitive science, Kansei informatics, Design science - Kansei, Design, Cognition, Information, Interface, Process, Product, Evaluation, Analysis, Creation, Intuition, ひらめき