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Shibata Daisuke

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Conference, etc.
  • The Scribal Practice in the Land of Mari During the Middle Assyrian Period
    Shibata Daisuke
    Cultures and Societies in the Middle Euphrates and Habur Areas in the Second Millennium BC: Scribal Education and Scribal Tradition/2013-12-05--2013-12-07
  • Re-working the Emesal-prayers: their politico-theological implication
    Shibata Daisuke
    Sprachsituation und Sprachpolitik – Mehrsprachigkeit im Altertum/2013-07-03--2013-07-05
  • Assyrian Princesses in the Land of Mari
    Shibata Daisuke
    Symposium: Understanding Hegemonic Practices of the Early Assyrian Empire/2013-03-15--2013-03-16
  • The Akītu-festival of Ištar at Nineveh: A New Bilingual Prayer
    Shibata Daisuke
    Assyrian Scribal Art: Assyrian Royal Inscriptions and Library Texts/2012-5-9--2012-5-10
  • 古代メソポタミアにおけるニヌルタ神とマルドゥク神のバラグ祭儀歌
  • Continuity and Transition of Local Tradition at Tabatum/Tabetu (Tell Taban) during the Second Millennium B.C.
    Shibata Daisuke
    100 Jahre archaeologische Feldforschung in Nordost-Syrien - Eine Bilanz -/2011-7-21--2011-7-23
  • The Toponym 'Land of Māri' along the Habur through Ages
    Daisuke SHIBATA
  • Timing a Divination to Ask about Ilī-padâ’s Illness
    Daisuke SHIBATA
    Table-ronde du projet franco-japonais "Sakura"/2010-10
  • Chronology and Genealogy of the Local Middle Assyrian Dynasty of Ṭābetu
    Shibata Daisuke
    56e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale/2010-7-27
  • A New Brick-inscription from Tell Taban: Origin of the Middle Assyrian Local Dynasty, the City-god of Tabetu, and Some Problems on the Historical Geography
    Daisuke Shibata
  • A Diplomatic Journey of Shalmaneser I and Prince Tukulti-Ninurta in the Jezira-region and its Itinerary
    Daisuke SHIBATA
  • A Journey of King Shalmaneser I and Prince Tukulti-Ninurta in the Habur Region heading to the City of Carchemish
    Shibata Daisuke
    The Workshop “Administration and Law in the Ancient Near East”/2008-10-10--2008-10-11
  • A Middle Assyrian Local Dynasty in the Middle Habur Region
    Shibata Daisuke
    International Colloquium “Rural Assyria (1350-500 B.C.)”/2008-10-6--2008-10-8
  • The City of Ṭābetu and the Kings of the Land of Mari: The Documents for the Administration of a Middle Assyrian Local Princedom
    Shibata Daisuke
    54e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale/2008-7-20--2008-7-25
  • 前一千年紀メソポタミアの神殿祭儀におけるシュメル語シュイラ祈祷朗詠の役割
    柴田 大輔
  • 2005年テル・タバン出土中期アッシリア行政文書
    柴田 大輔
  • The Sumerian Shuilla-Prayers in Ancient Mesopotamia
    Shibata Daisuke
    The 19th World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religion/2005-03-24--2005-03-30