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Taniguchi Yoko

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  • Petrographic and textual analysis of Jomon Pottery: an approach to the problem of tempering particles
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  • Technical examination of a German illuminated manuscript: a case study in the identification of materials
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  • Archaeological Chemistry: a case study of a Greek polychrome Pelike
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  • THE FIRST FAKE? : Imitation Turquoise beads recovered from a Syrian Neolithic site, Tell el-Kerkh
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    Yoko Taniguchi
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  • Rainwater Monitoring in Marine Environment at Stone Monument, Hagar Qim, Malta
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  • 第2章 壁画の製作年代と下塗り層に含まれる藁スサについて
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  • Constituent material analysis of the Bamiyan Buddhist mural paintings (I): examination of painting techniques from polished sections
    谷口陽子; 大竹秀実; 前田耕作
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  • Environmental investigation in Bamiyan site (I): meteorological condition and thermal environment in caves
    宇野朋子; 谷口陽子; 大竹秀実; 青木繁夫
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  • Conservation and restoration of the Buddhist mural paintings in Bamiyan (I): remedial treatment with grouting
    大竹秀実; 谷口陽子; 青木繁夫
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  • 第5章 考察
    アフガニスタン流出文化財の調査-バーミヤーン仏教壁画の材料と技法-(アフガニスタン文化遺産調査資料集 第3巻)/p.44-49, 2006-05
  • Issues of Conservation for the Bamiyan Buddhist Mural Paintings
    Yoko Taniguchi
    Mural Paintings along the Silk Road: Cultural Exchanges between East and West, Proceedings of the 29th Annual International Symposium on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, January 2006,/p.144-151, 2007-03
  • バーミヤーン遺跡の保存とその課題
    シルクロードの壁画:東西文化交流を探る/p.225-235, 2007-03
  • Constituent material analysis of the Bamiyan mural paintings: a study of psuedo-gold leaf technique discovered at cave N(a) using synchrotron-based microFTIR
    谷口陽子; マリーン・コット; エミリー・シェクーン; 大竹秀実
    Science for Conservation/(46)/p.181-188, 2007-03
  • Conservation and restoration of the Buddhist mural paintings in Bamiyan (II): conservation treatment at caves I and N(a) in 2006
    大竹秀実; 谷口陽子; 青木繁夫
    Science for Conservation/(46)/p.189-200, 2007-03
  • Environmental investigation in Bamiyan site (II): microclimate in caves and the conservation of mural paintings
    宇野朋子; 谷口陽子; 青木繁夫
    Science for Conservation/(46)/p.171-180, 2007-03
  • Constituent material analysis of the Bamiyan Buddhist mural paintings (III): analysis of organic materials in mural paintings from Cave B(d) by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
    谷口陽子; ジョイ・マズレック
    Science for Conservation/(47)/p.79-88, 2008-03
  • Conservation and restoration of the Buddhist mural paintings in Bamiyan (III): conservation treatment at caves I and N(a) in 2007
    籾井基充; 谷口陽子; 大竹秀実
    Science for Conservation/(47)/p.227-234, 2008-03
  • Applications of synchrotron-based micro-imaging techniques to the chemical analysis of ancient paintings
    Marine Cotte; Jean Susini; V. Armando Sole´; Yoko Taniguc...
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  • The painting techniques, materials and conservation of Bamiyan Buddhist mural paintings in Afghanistan
    Yoko Taniguchi; Hidemi Otake; Marine Cotte; Emilie Checroun
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  • Combination of FTIR and X-rays Synchrotron-based micro-imaging techniques for the study of ancient paintings. A practical point of view
    M. Cotte E. Checroun V. Mazel V. A. Solé P. Richard...
    e-Preservation Science/(6)/p.1-9, 2009-02
  • 世界遺産
    2009年度版ブリタニカ国際年鑑/p.267-269, 2009-04
  • Recent applications and current trends in Cultural Heritage Science using Synchrotron-based Fourier transform infrared micro-spectroscopy
    Marine Cotte; Paul Dumas; Yoko Taniguchi; Emilie Checroun...
    Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Science-Physique/(10)/p.590-600, 2009-09
  • アフガニスタン流出仏教壁画片の調査と修復I
    木島隆康; 佐藤一郎; 工藤晴也; 谷口陽子; 増田久美; 中右恵...
    東京藝術大学美術学部紀要/(47)/p.113-136, 2010-01