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Ushiro Yuji

Researcher's full information

  • The Practice of English Language Teaching ("Teaching Reading without Japanese Translation: From the Classrooms of Junior High, Senior High and University")
    松畑煕一編; 卯城祐司; 長谷尚弥; 堀田敦子; 佐野賢一(分担...
    Kairyudo, 2005-06
  • Reader's Ability to Flexibly Modify Schema
    Research Project, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority (C)(1) (2002-2004) (Project No. 14580263), 2005-03
  • Teaching Japanese to Have a Good Command of English: A Guide for English Teacher Training
    松畑煕一編; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Kairyudo Kairyudo, 2003-09
  • Development of an English-Learning System Based on Written and Spoken Language Processing Models
    平井明代; 佐久間康之; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Research Project, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority (C)(1) (2001-2002) (Project No. 12680247) Research Project, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority (C)(1) (2001-2002) (Project No. 12680247), 2003-08
  • Toward a New English Language Education: Interface Between Theory and Practice
    青木昭六編; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Gendai-Kyouiku-Sha Gendai-Kyouiku-Sha, 2002-04
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    望月昭彦; 久保田章; 磐崎弘貞; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城...
    Taishukan Taishukan, 2001-03
  • The Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning
    Byram; M. (Ed.); Ushiro; Y.(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
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  • The Handbook EFL Reading: Theory and Paractice
    高梨庸雄; 卯城祐司 共編著; +卯城 祐司
    Kenkyusha, 2000-04
  • Issues in Second Language Acquisition ; Multiple Perspectives (Translation)
    卯城祐司; 佐久間康之 共訳注
    Taishukan-Shoten, 1998-07
  • Kodomo to Media ("The Effects of Media on Reading Comprehension : A Blessing or a Curse?")
    北海道教育大学編; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Tokyo-Shoseki, 1998-03
  • Kodomo no Manabi to Tsumazuki ("Self-Questioning in the Facilitation of the Reading Comprehension Process")
    北海道教育大学編; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Tokyo Shoseki, 1997-03
  • Kodomo to Katachi ("What do English Reading Tests Measure? ,-A Schema-Based Perspective-")
    北海道教育大学編; 卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Tokyo Shoseki, 1996-03
  • Oral Communication Tenkai Jirei-Shu ("Communicative Lessons for Team-Teaching Situations and Foreign Affairs Classes in the English Department")
    新里眞男編; 坪田裕; 大西三佳子; 卯城祐司(分担共著); +卯...
    Hitotsubashi, 1992-02
  • Input Riron no Jugyou ("Studies on Lowering the Affective Filter")
    渡辺時夫; 森永正治; 高梨庸雄; 齋藤栄二編著; 卯城祐司(分担...
    Sansei-do, 1988-09
  • Practical English Education ("Seven Alternatives to Entrance Examination-Centered English Lessons")
    卯城祐司(分担執筆); +卯城 祐司
    Kairyudo, 1986-06