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Naito Hisahiro

Researcher's full information

  • Redistribution, production inefficiency and decentralized efficiency
    Naito Hisahiro
    INTERNATIONAL TAX AND PUBLIC FINANCE , 2006/13(5)/pp.625-640, 2006-09
  • The efficient moment estimation of the probit model with an endogenous continuous regressor
    Naito Hisahiro; Daiji Kawaguchi
    Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series d05-106, 2005
  • Endogenous Human Capital Accumulation, Comparative Advantage and Direct vs. Indirect Redistribution
    Naito Hisahiro
    Journal of Public Economics, December 2004,/p.pp2685-2710, 2004-12
  • Re-examination of Uniform Commodity Taxes under a Nonlinear Income Tax System and Its Implication for Production Efficiency
    Naito Hisahiro
    Journal of Public Economics, February 1999/pp.pp 165-188 (lead article), 1999-02