Minowa Mari

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Official title
I$ %&.vC$v) C|z:IE,C+*,",wvCvxC!'P
Research fields
Economic policy
Area studies
Research keywords
Education policy
Development Economics
Social Development
Latin American Economy
Social Mobility
Career history
1984-04 -- 1985-06International Development Center of JapanProject Development DivisionResearch Analyst
1993 -- 2000-03World BankSocial Development Division Latin America and the Caribbenan RegionEconomist
2000-07 -- 2002-06UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific International Trade and Investment Division貿易投資局Expert
2002-07 -- 2005-10筑波大学人文社会科学研究科国際政治経済学専攻講師
2005-11 -- 2015-03University of TsukubaGraduate School of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate Professor Doctoral Program in International Political Economy
2015-04 -- (current)University of TsukubaFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessor
Academic background
1977-04 -- 1982-03The University of Tokyo Faculty of Science Department of Geography
1982-04 -- 1984-03University of Tsukuba Masters Program in Area Studies
1985-08 -- 1993-08Cornell University Department of Economics
1993-08Ph.D.Cornell University
Academic societies
-- (current)Latin American Studies Association
Honors & Awards
2021-12Best Faculty Member
  • From Latin American Studies to International Development: My Experiences as World Bank Economist
    箕輪 真理
    AREA STUDIES Tsukuba/(42)/pp.103-111, 2021-03
  • A New Step for Area Studies
    箕輪 真理
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(第41号), 2020-03
  • Trade Integration in Asia: Trends and Determinants
    Sapkota Jeet Bahadur; Acharya Chakra Pani; Minowa Mari; N...
    Journal of International Studies/11(3)/pp.271-283, 2018-10
  • Conditional cash transfer Program and Education Policy: Evaluation of PROGRESA/OPORTUNIDADES in Mexico
    箕輪 真理
    『筑波大学地域研究』/(36), 2014-03
  • Japanese Capitalism in Crisis: A Regulationist Interpretation
    Minowa Mari
    Asia Pacific Development Journal/8(1)/pp.222-225, 2001
  • Varian los Retornos a la Escolaridad a Traves de Ramas Industriales? Evidencia para el Caso de la Manufactura de Sao Paulo, Brasil
    Minowa Mari
    Estudio de Economia/19(1)/pp.1-36, 1994
  • Training for the Urban Unemployed: A Reevaluation of Mexico's Probecat
    Minowa Mari
    Government Programs and Poverty in Mexico - Background Paper No. 12/pp.1-11, 1999
  • Small States in the World Trading System - The Case of CARICOM
    Minowa Mari
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(21)/pp.211-227, 2003
  • Social Policies in Brazil: Cardoso's Achievements and Prospects for Lula
    Minowa Mari
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(23)/pp.73-84, 2004
  • Effective Job Skills Training in Changing Labor Market - Competency-Based Training in Mexico
    Minowa Mari
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(24)/pp.1-13, 2005
  • Culture and Economic Development: Review of the Recent Shift in the Thinking of the World Bank
    Minowa Mari
    Proceedings of the International Surigao Conference on "Cultural Values and Sustainability: Dialogue between Japan and the Philippines, 2007
  • Education Reform in Mexico: A Challenge of President Pena Nieto
    箕輪 真理
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(35)/pp.125-146, 2014-03
  • Education and Social Mobility in Latin America] How Perceptions and Incentives Matter
    Mari Minowa
    Anales de Estudios Latinoamericanos/(28)/p.64-89, 2008-06
  • 開発経済学の挑戦
    箕輪 真理
    The Forefronts of Economics/丸善プラネット/pp.85-107, 2022-06
  • 世界銀行
    箕輪 真理
    世界の社会福祉年鑑 2015 第15集/旬報社/pp.407-421, 2015-12
  • 人材交流移動とヒューマン・キャパシティーの構築
    箕輪 真理
    東アジア共同体を設計する/日本経済評論社/pp.280-288, 2006-01
  • 持続可能性をどのように計測するか:経済学の分析枠組み
    箕輪 真理
    サステイナブルな社会を目指して/春風社/pp.112-129, 2008-03
  • 第7章: 世界はアマゾンの自然遺産を守れるか―エクアドル、ヤスニイニシアティブをめぐって―
    箕輪 真理
    現代文明の危機と克服―地域・地球的課題へのアプローチ/日本地域社会研究所, 2014-04
  • Opportunity Foregone: Education in Brazil
    Nancy Birdsall; Richard H. Sabot (eds.); + 箕輪 真理;
    Inter-American Development Bank, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996-01
  • Vocational Education & Training Reform: Mtching Skills to Markets and Budgets
    Indermit Gill; Fred Fluitman; Amit Dar (eds.); + 箕輪 真理;
    Oxford University Press, 2000-01
  • 世界の社会福祉年鑑2003
    仲村優一ほか編 ; + 箕輪 真理;
    旬報社, 2003-01
Conference, etc.
  • Do the Returns to Schooling Vary Across Industries? Evidence from Sao Paulo, Brazil Manufacturing
    Minowa Mari
    The Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference/1992-10
  • Do the Returns to Schooling Vary Across Industries? Evidence from Sao Paulo, Brazil Manufacturing
    Minowa Mari
    American Economic Association Annual Meeting 1993/1993-01
  • Impact Evaluation of Mexico's PROBECAT Program
    Minowa Mari
    World Bank Latin America Social Protection Group Brown Bag Seminar/1998-01
  • Trade and Labor Market Outcomes: Literature Review and Research Agenda
    Minowa Mari
    Inter-American Development Bank, The Integration, Trade and Hemispheric Issues Division Seminar/1998
  • The New Lula Presidency - Prospects for Brazil and Latin America
    Minowa Mari
    日本ラテンアメリカ学会 第24回定期大会 パネル報告/2003-06
  • Brazil and the New Government of Lula - Social Policies
    Minowa Mari
    ラテンアメリカ・カリブ研究国際連盟(FIEALC) 第11回国際シンポジウム/2003-09
  • Education and Social Mobility - In Search of Lessons for Pro-Poor Growth in Latin America
    Minowa Mari
    Latin American Studies Association Congress/2007-09
  • Economic Development, Human Capital Investment, and Social Mobility - A Comparative Perspective -
    Minowa Mari
    Tunisia Japan Symposium on Science, Society and Technology (TJASSST 2007)/2007-10
  • Challenges for Developing Economies in the Globalized World: A Case of Arab Economies
    Minowa Mari
    筑波大学 Sustainability Studies Conference/2008-11
  • Challenges for Arab Economies in the Globalized World
    Minowa Mari
    Tunisia Japan Symposium on Science, Society and Technology (TJASSST 2008)/2008-11
  • Challenges for Arab Economies in the Globalized World
    Minowa Mari
    Tunisia Japan Symposium on Science, Society and Technology (TJASSST 2008)/2008-11
  • Education and Social Mobility: Perception of Fairness and Incentives for Investment
    Minowa Mari
    Tunisia Japan Symposium on Science, Society and Technology (TJASSST 2009)/2009-11
  • 経済格差とメリトクラシー
    箕輪 真理
    筑波大学北アフリカセンター ARENAセミナー/2010-05
2022-04 -- 2022-08Research Project for Economics IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02International Partnership Study (Latin America)University of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08International Partnership Study (Latin America)University of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02international Partnership Joint Seminar (Latin America)University of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08international Partnership Joint Seminar (Latin America)University of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2022-12Special Seminar on Latin American Studies AIIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2022-12Economics of Latin AmericaUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Seminar on International Public Policy Project BUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-06Special Seminar in Area Studies II (JDS/ABE Seminar)University of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Research Project for Economics IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
Other educational activities
2020-08 -- (current)全国高校『探求』キャンプONLINE筑波大学人文社会系社会連携室
2020-02 -- 2020-02JDSプログラム 沖縄研修国際地域研究専攻
2019-02 -- 2019-02JDSプログラム・ABEイニシアティブ 広島研修国際地域研究専攻
2019-02 -- 2019-02経済・公共政策プログラム 沖縄研修経済・公共政策プログラム
2017-04 -- 2018-03全学対象綜合科目「卒業生によるオムニバス講座」オーガナイザー教育推進部教育推進課
2018-02 -- 2018-02英語プログラム合同沖縄研修国際地域研究専攻
2017-07 -- 2017-07PEPPプログラム名古屋研修国際地域研究専攻 経済・公共政策プログラム(PEPP)
2017-02 -- 2017-02世銀プログラム シンガポール海外研修経済・公共政策プログラム
2016-07 -- 2016-07JDSプログラム 沖縄研修旅行国際地域研究専攻
2016-06 -- 2016-062016 Training Course on Judicial Management for Court Officials of the Judiciary of Thailand in University of Tsukuba人文社会科学研究科
University Management
2021-04 -- 2022-03人文社会系国際公共政策学域域長
2022-04 -- (current)Bachelor's Program in Global Issues (BPGI)Academic Advisor
2020-04 -- (current)Tsukuba Trans-Pacific Program実施委員長
2021-04 -- 2022-03総合学域群1類4クラスクラス担任
2021-04 -- 2022-03人文社会系国際公共政策学域域長
2019-04 -- (current)筑波大学国際戦略会議委員
2019-09 -- (current)Advisory Board for Latin America RegionMember
2019-04 -- 2021-03人文社会系国際化推進室室長
2018-04 -- 2022-03Graduate School of Humanites and Social SciencesSteering Committee Member
2020-04 -- 2022-03Degree Programs in Humanities and Social SciencesSteering Committee Member

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