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Kaigo Muneo

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  • Internet Aggregators Constructing the Political Right Wing
    海後 宗男
    63rd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, 2013-06
  • A content analysis on the influence of political news towards changes in government in Japan
    海後 宗男; 徳間恵理、中村隆宏、王文青 、楊素茵
    Area studies Tsukuba./pp.21-36, 2013-03
  • Constants and Shifts in Relation to Communication, Information and Printed Text
    Muneo Kaigo
    Korean Journal of Communication Studies/20(5)/p.27-37, 2012-12
  • Social Media Usage by Local Municipalities in Japan: Enhancing Civil Society and Disaster Relief
    Muneo Kaigo
    Proceedings of The 19th Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society, 2012-11
  • Social Media Usage for Civil Society in Japanese Municipalities
    Muneo Kaigo; Leslie Tkach-Kawasaki
    CeDEM Asia 2012 Proceedings of the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government/p.59-70, 2012-11
  • Fukushima in Bitter Silence: Opaque Communication of Radioactive Contamination by the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
    Muneo Kaigo; Jun Oguro
    21st AMIC Annual Conference/p.1-25, 2012
  • Printed Text, Communication and Information: Constants and Shifts
    Muneo Kaigo
    Humans, Media and Communication Paradigms: Respecification of Printing Media in the Age of Smart Media/p.53-62, 2012
  • Social Media Usage During Disasters and Social Capital: Twitter and the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Muneo Kaigo
    Keio Communication Review/34/p.19-35, 2012-03
  • The Picture of Latin America by the Japanese: An analysis of representation among media audiences
    Betsy Forero-Montoya; Muneo Kaigo
    20th AMIC Annual Conference, 2011-06
  • Exploring the Challenge of Mobile Access to Online Reviews and Price Comparison in Japan
    Muneo Kaigo
    61st Annual Conference of the International Communication Association/p.1-22, 2011-05
  • A型H1N1亜型インフルエンザ報道の影響に関する研究」
    海後 宗男; 康 雪梅; 蔡 莉; 松枝 世; 内山 祭; 金 餘珍; ジ...
    地域研究/(32)/p.59-81, 2011-03
  • When Local Infections are Global: Examining Print Media Responsibility in the Coverage of H1N1, A Four-Country Study
    Muneo Kaigo; Reggy Figer; Betsy Forero Montoya; Sei Matsu...
    19th AMIC Annual Conference/p.CD-ROM, 2010-06
  • Two-way IP Video Communication Use in Japan: Closeness of Relationships and Sentiment Flows
    Muneo Kaigo
    Proceedings of The 18th Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society/p.CD-ROM, 2010-06
  • Advertisements of Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Ecological Consciousness
    海後宗男; 松枝世; 内山祭; 李彦江; 沢田由貴
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(31)/p.68-78, 2010-03
  • Safety Concerns, Social Participation and Crime News
    海後宗男; 松枝世; 内山祭; 金餘珍; ジェニファー・エヴァ; ...
    Area Studies Tsukuba/(31)/p.79-92, 2010-03
  • メディアの広場「なぜテレビ電話が流行らないのか?」
    視聴覚教育 2009年10月号/(744)/p.6-7, 2009-10
  • Suicide Society? Media Responsibility and Suicide in Japan
    Jun Oguro; Muneo Kaigo
    Media Asia/36(1)/p.16-22, 2009-10
  • "Suicide Society? Media responsibility and suicides in Japan
    Jun Oguro; Muneo Kaigo
    AMIC 18th Annual International Conference:/p.1-30, 2009-07
  • Problems with Digital Inclusion and Public/Privacy Issues of Mobile Technology
    Muneo Kaigo
    59th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Chicago, Il USA/p.1~25, 2009-05
  • ブロードバンド利用の社会的ニーズ~個人間ビデオ通信とデジタル・ファイル共有
    平成18-20年度科学研究費補助金 基盤研究C 研究成果報告書/p.1-6, 2009-05
  • Takushi Otani, Out of Control
    Muneo Kaigo
    East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal/3(1)/p.157-160, 2009-03
  • Will Publishers Perish? A Case Study on the Media-Mix Traction Model of Animation Media Products in Japanese Publishing
    Muneo Kaigo Eriko Ohnuki
    AMIC 17th Annual International Conference/p.18, 2008-07
  • The Agenda Setting of P2P Technology : The Possibilities and Problems of an Internet Commons in Japan
    海後 宗男
    Journal of Information & Communication Research/26(1)/pp.1-9, 2008-05
  • Recreating Community through Sharing Comments on Shared Videos
    Muneo Kaigo
    Remapping Public Media 58th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Montreal Canada/p.1-25, 2008-05
  • Sound Effects in Television News Programs - A Comparative Study of Commercial and Non Commercial Channel Homicide News Sound Effects in Japan
    海後宗男; 内山祭; 松本明日香; 宮川歩; 今野勝幸; 松枝世
    Studies in Comparative Culture/(4)/p.41-48, 2008-03