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Ryoke Mina

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  • 「第2回全国ビジネススクール長会議」ご報告
    筑波フォーラム/76/p.4-7, 2007-06
  • A Study on the Fresh Foods Management
    山下 幸裕; 中森 義輝; 領家 美奈
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  • Treating fuzziness in subjective evaluation data
    Nakamori Yoshiteru; Ryoke Mina
    INFORMATION SCIENCES/176(24)/pp.3610-3644, 2006-12
  • Analysis of Demand-side Requirement and Supply-side Management on Fresh Side Dish Section
    Mina Ryoke; Kiichiro Hori; Yukihiro Yamashita; Yoshiteru ...
    Proc. of Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU)/p.232-239, 2006-07
  • Treating fuzzyines in subjective evaluation data
    Yoshiteru Nakamori; Mina Ryoke
    Information Sciences/176/p.3610-3644, 2006-01
  • Agent-based approach to complex systems modeling
    Ryoke M; Nakamori Y
  • Design of a Software Agent for Business Game Simulation
    Yuji Shinoda; Mina Ryoke; Takao Terano; Yoshiteru Nakamori
    Proc. IFSR 2005 (The First International Congress of the Inernational Federation for Systems Research)/p.S-4-2, 2005-11
  • Knowledge Discovery of Interview Survey on Fresh Food Management
    Mina Ryoke; Yukihiro Yamashita; Kiichiro Hori; Yoshiteru ...
    Proceedings of the Second International Symposium Knowledge Management for Strategic Creation of Technology,/p.214-217, 2005-11
  • A Fuzzy Principal Component Model
    Mina Ryoke; Yoshiteru Nakamori
    Proc. in Eleventh International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress/p.13-18, 2005-07
  • A Context-dependent Knowledge Model for Evaluation of Regional Environment,
    S.Kawano; V.N.Huynh; M.Ryoke; Y.Nakamori; +領家 美奈
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  • Agent-based Approach to Complex Systems Modeling
    Mina Ryoke; Yoshiteru Nakamori
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  • Design of Agent for Complex Systems Modeling
    Mina Ryoke; Yoshiteru Nakamori
    Proc. of 5th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences,/p.97-102, 2004-11
  • Strategy Searching for Business Gaming - Software Agents Work for a Game Designer
    Y. Shinoda; M. Ryoke; T. Terano; Y. Nakamori
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  • Modeling of Fuzziness in Multivariate Analysis
    Yoshiteru Nakamori; Mina Ryoke
    Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man & Cybernetics/p.294-298, 2004-10
  • エージェントによるデータベースからのルール抽出法
    領家美奈; 中森義輝
    日本知能情報ファジィ学会学会誌/16(1)/p.60-69, 2004-03
  • Agent-based Approach to Knowledge Discovery from Database
    Mina Ryoke; Takao Terano; Yoshiteru Nakamori
    Proc. of IFIP Workshop Group 7.6 Workshop on Virtual Environments for Advanced Modeling/p.41, 2004-01
  • 感性評価データの主成分分析に関する考察
    中森義輝; 領家美奈; 河野小夜子
    日本知能情報ファジィ学会学会誌/15(6)/p.658-670, 2003-12
  • Consideration on Principal Component Analysis for Subjective Evaluation Data
    中森 義輝; 領家 美奈; 河野 小夜子
    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics/15(6)/pp.658-670, 2003-12
  • Agent-based Approach to Complex Systems Modeling
    Mina Ryoke; Yoshiteru Nakamori
    Proc. of Internatioanl Symposium on Systems and Human Science for Safe Secure and Reliable Society (SSR2003)/p.27-32, 2003-11
  • Detection of Local System Structures From Complex Database
    Mina Ryoke; Yoshiteru Nakamori
    Proc. of Forth International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences/p.13-18, 2003-11
  • 感性データに内在するファジィネスの数量化について
    領家 美奈; 中森 義輝
    ファジィシステムシンポジウム講演論文集/19/pp.699-702, 2003-09
  • An Agent-based System for Knowledge Discovery from a Complex Database,
    Yoshiteru Nakamori; Mina Ryoke
    IFIP TC 7 Conference, 2003-07
  • Fuzziness and Uncertainty within the Framework of Context Model
    Van-Nam Huynh; Mina Ryoke; Yoshiteru Nakamori; Tu Bao Ho
    Fuzzy Sets and Systems - IFSA 2003, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2715, Springer, (Proc. of 10th IFSA World Congress,Istanbul, Turkey, June 29-July2, 2003)/p.219-228, 2003-01
  • Fuzziness and uncertainty within the framework of context model
    V.N. Huynh; M. Ryoke; Y. Nakamori; T.B. Ho
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  • Environmental Evaluation Models Based on Soft Data
    河野 小夜子; HUYNH Van Nam; 領家 美奈; 中森 義輝
    Transactions of the Institute of Systems,Control and Information Engineers/15(12)/pp.652-662, 2002-12