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Nakatsukasa Takashi

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  • 時間依存平均場再量子化と核子集団ダイナミクス
    中務 孝
  • Isospin symmetry preserving energy density functional and its breaking effect on nuclear mass
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    China-Japan collaboration workshop on Nuclear mass and life for unravelling mysteries of r-process/2017-06-26--2017-06-28
  • Nuclear structure physics and time-dependent approaches
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    School cum collaboration meeting on nuclear structure and reaction/2018-01-01--2018-01-22
  • Nuclear structure physics in RIBF
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    International symposium on RI beam physics in the 21st century: 10th anniversary of RIBF/2017-12-04--2017-12-05
  • Isospin symmetry breaking effect on nuclear mass
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    KLFTP/CAS-BLTP/JINR Joint Workshop on Physics of Strong Interaction/2017-11-26--2017-12-01
  • Nuclear reaction path and requantization of TDDFT
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Ito international research center (IIRC) symposium "Perspectives of the physics of nuclear structure"/2017-11-01--2017-11-04
  • Quantization of mean-field dynamics
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Huzhou-CUSTIPEN workshop on Spectroscopy and reactions of exotic nuclei/2017-07-03--2017-07-09
  • Quantized TDDFT dynamics
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Interdisciplinary symposium on modern density functional theory/2017-06-19--2017-06-23
  • Collective coordinate, reaction path, and inertial mass in large-amplitude nuclear collective motion
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Probing fundamental interactions by low energy excitations -Advances in theoretical nuclear physics/2017-06-05--2017-06-09
  • Density functional calculations for the neutron star matter at subnormal density
    Kashiwaba Yu; Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Nuclei in Cosmos (NIC-XIV)/2016-06-19--2016-06-24
  • Microscopic determination of reaction path and inertial mass
    Nakatsukasa Takashi; Wen Kai; Ni Fang
    International workshop on Recent Progresses in Nuclear Structure Physics 2016 (NSP2016)/2016-12-05--2016-12-23
  • 原子核の形と対称性の破れ
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
  • Time-dependent density-functional theory and linear response theory
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    SERC School on Modern Microscopic Approaches in Nuclear Physics/2016-05-17--2016-06-06
  • Microscopic determination of reaction path, potential, and inertial mass
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    ECT* workshop on Towards consistent approaches for nuclear structure and reactions/2016-06-06--2016-06-10
  • Nuclar reaction path and inertial mass in the self-consistent collective coordinate method
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC2016)/2016-09-11--2016-09-16
  • Nuclear reaction as large-amplitude collective motion
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Heavy-Ion Accelerator Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Sciences (HIAS2016)/2016-09-18--2016-09-20
    Baczyk P.; Dobaczewski J.; Konieczka M.; Nakatsukasa T.; ...
    Zakopane Conference on Nuclear Physics - Extremes of the Nuclear Landscape/2016-08-28--2016-09-04
  • 8Beの崩壊経路と集団質量
    Wen Kai; 中務 孝
  • 原子核構造における自発的対称性の破れ
    中務 孝
  • Problems associated with the symmetry breaking
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    Progress in and beyond Theoretical Nuclear Physics Laboratory/2016-03-28--2016-03-28
  • Isospin invariant energy density functional and its applications
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    2015 SKLTP-BLTP Joing Workshop on Physics of Strong Interaction/2015-10-29--2015-11-03
  • Recent activities in the time-dependent density-fucntional theory
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    9th Japan-China Joint Nuclear Physics Symposium (JCNP2015)/2015-11-07--2015-11-12
  • Time-dependent density functional studies of nuclear quantum dynamics in small and large amplitudes
    Nakatsukasa Takashi
    XXII Nuclear Physics Workshop “Marie & Pierre Curie”/2015-09-22--2015-09-27
  • Real-time dynamics of giant resonances in neutron-rich nuclei
    中務 孝; 矢花 一浩
  • 27pSG-1 Novel dynamics in weakly bound systems : Response and reaction in nuclei, atoms, and molecules
    中務 孝