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Imai Tsuyoshi

Researcher's full information

  • Identification of Spurious Modes of High-Power 77-GHz Gyrotron for Collective Thomson Scattering in LHD
    Plasma and Fusion Research/7/pp.2405061-2405061, 2012-06
  • Suppression of Spurious Mode Oscillation of High Power 77 GHz Gyrotron for Collective Thomson Scattering in LHD
    小笠原 慎弥; 久保 伸; 西浦 正樹; 立松 芳典; 斉藤 輝雄; 田...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/67(1)/p.263, 2012-03
  • Progress of 28 GHz Range High Power Gyrotron for the New Research Development from the Bi-Directional Collaboration Research(Front Runner)
    今井 剛; 双方向型共同研究委員会EBWセンター間連携研究検討...
    Journal of plasma and fusion research/89(7)/pp.445-450, 2013-07
  • Design of the polarization multi-pass Thomson scattering system
    M. Yoshikawa R. Yasuhara M. Morimoto Y. Shima J. Kohagura...
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  • A new frequency-multiplied interrferometer system in the GAMMA 10 tandem mirror
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  • Suppression of spurious mode oscillation in mega-watt 77-GHz gyrotron as a high quality probe beam source for the collective Thomson scattering in LHD
    S. Ogasawara S. Kubo M. Nishiura Y. Tatematsu T. Saito K....
  • ECW/EBW Heating and Current Drive Experiment Results and Prospects for CW Operation in QUEST
    H. Idei H. Zushi K. Hanada E. Kalinnikova K. Nakamura A. ...
    Plasma and Fusion Research, 2012-09
  • Analysis of End-Loss Ion Flux for Application Studies of the Plasma Flow from the End Mirror Exit of GAMMA 10
    Kazuya ICHIMURA; Yousuke NAKASHIMA; Katsuhiro HOSOI; Hisa...
    Plasma and Fusion Research/7/pp.2405147-2405147, 2012-11
  • Density Fluctuation Measurement for Studying the Effect of Potential and Electric Field Formation in GAMMA 10
    YOSHIKAWA Masayuki; MATSUMOTO Toshiaki; SHIMA Yoriko; MIY...
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  • Threshold of Lower Hybrid Parametric Instability in an Modulated Electron-Beam-Plasma System
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  • Plasma Heating by Lower Hybrid Parametric Instability Pumped by an Electron Beam.
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  • Cross Field Current Driven Electrostatic Instabilities in an Inhomogeneous Magnetoplasma
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  • Parametric Instabilities in Lower-Hybrid-Frequency Heating of a Tokamak.
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  • Experimental Observation of the RF Driven Current by the Lower Hybrid Wave in a Tokamak.
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  • Coupling Properties of Phased Waveguides in LHRF Heating Experiment in JFT-2
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  • Study on Development of Double Metal-seal Gate Valve for the JT-60 Radio-Frequency Heating System.
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  • Unipole Multi-pactoring Discharge in the LHRF Launcher
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  • Simultaneous Heating by High Power Lower Hybrid Waves and Neutral Beams in the JT-60 Tokamak.
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  • Numerical Study of RF Discharge caused by Secondary Electron Emission.
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