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Tomita Shigeo

Researcher's full information

  • Magic and hot giant fullerenes formed inside ion irradiated weakly bound C-60 clusters
    Zettergren H.; Johansson H. A. B.; Schmidt H. T.; Jensen ...
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS/133(10), 2010-09
  • 24pRD-6 Capillary-transmission properties and production of micro-beams of fast carbon cluster ions
    土田 秀次; 西村 和茂; 村越 亮平; 冨田 成夫; 田村 真也; 笹...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/65(2)/p.130, 2010-08
  • 24pRD-8 The vicinage effect on energy loss of C_<2^+> in thin carbon foil
    田村 真也; 冨田 成夫; 谷川 英臣; 栗田 圭輔; 成田 洋平; 笹...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/65(2)/p.131, 2010-08
  • 24pRD-10 Projectile dependence of nucleation rate of nano droplets in N_2/H_2O/SO_2
    谷川 英臣; 松岡 正紘; 栗田 圭輔; 田村 真也; 成田 洋平; 笹...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/65(2)/p.131, 2010-08
  • Suppression of concentration quenching of Er-related luminescence in Er-doped GaN
    Chen Shaoqiang; Dierre Benjamin; Lee Woong; Sekiguchi Tak...
    APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS/96(18), 2010-05
  • Nanoparticle formation in H2O/N-2 and H2O/Ar mixtures under irradiation by 20 MeV protons and positive corona discharge
    Imanaka Masashi; Tomita Shigeo; Kanda Suguru; Fujieda Mit...
    JOURNAL OF AEROSOL SCIENCE/41(5)/pp.468-474, 2010-05
  • 20pTC-3 Sub-linear effect in slow secondary electron emission induced by MeV cluster ion impact
    金子 敏明; 工藤 博; 冨田 成夫
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/65(1)/p.169, 2010-03
  • 21pTC-3 Correlation between nucleation rate and consumption of SO_2 in N_2/H_2O/SO_2 under irradiation of high energy particles
    冨田 成夫; 松岡 正紘; 谷川 英臣; 中井 陽一; 小原 ひとみ; ...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/65(1)/p.191, 2010-03
  • Electron emission from surfaces bombarded by MeV atom clusters
    Kudo Hiroshi; Arai Hideyuki; Tomita Shigeo; Ishii Satoshi...
    VACUUM/84(8:::Sp. Iss. SI)/pp.1014-1017, 2010-03
  • Effect of V/III flux ratio on luminescence properties and defect formation of Er-doped GaN
    Chen Shaoqiang; Uedono Akira; Ishibashi Shoji; Tomita Shi...
    APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS/96(5), 2010-02
  • Suppression Mechanism of Electron Emission under Fast Cluster Impact on Solids
    Arai Hideyuki; Kudo Hiroshi; Tomita Shigeo; Ishii Satoshi
  • 26aZB-7 nucleation rate of nano droplets in atmospheric pressure by proton irradiation
    松岡 正紘; 藤枝 光輝; 笹 公和; 冨田 成夫; 工藤 博
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/64(2)/p.66, 2009-08
  • Near-infrared photoabsorption by C dianions in a storage ring
    U. Kadhane; J.U. Andersen; E. Bonderup; B. Concina; P. Hv...
    J. Chem. Phys./131/p.014301 (1-7), 2009-07
  • Energy sensitive particle detector in energy range of <10 keV
    S. Shiki; M. Ukibe; M. Ohkubo; S. Hayakawa; Y. Sato; S. T...
    Physica C/469/p.1674-1676, 2009-06
  • 27pRA-8 A model of cluster induced electron emission based on recent experimental results
    新井 秀幸; 冨田 成夫; 工藤 博; 石井 聡
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/64(1)/p.136, 2009-03
  • Kinetic-energy-sensitive mass spectrometry for separation of different ions with the same m/z value
    Shiki Shigetomo; Ukibe Masahiro; Tomita Shigeo; Hayakawa ...
    JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY/43(12)/pp.1686-1691, 2008-12
  • Energy resolution improvement of superconducting tunnel junction particle detectors with infrared-blocking filters
    Shiki Shigetomo; Ukibe Masahiro; Maeda Ryutaro; Ohkubo Ma...
  • 22aZF-7 Ion induced droplet formation in N_2/H_2O/SO_2 gas
    松岡 正紘; 藤枝 光輝; 神田 俊; 今中 雅士; 冨田 成夫; 工藤 博
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/63(2)/p.130, 2008-08
  • Vacancy-type defects in Er-doped GaN studied by a monoenergetic positron beam
    Uedono A.; Shaoqiang C.; Jongwon S.; Ito K.; Nakamori H.;...
    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS/103(10), 2008-05
  • Superconducting solid-state particle spectrometers for atoms and macromolecules of 3-20 keV
    Ohkubo Masataka; Ukibe Masahiro; Chen Yiner; Shiki Shiget...
    JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS/151(3-4)/pp.760-765, 2008-05
  • 26aRA-1 Ion induced nanoparticle formation in N_2/H_2O/SO_2
    藤枝 光輝; 神田 俊; 松岡 正紘; 今中 雅士; 笹 公和; 冨田 ...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/63(1)/p.199, 2008-02
  • 24pQC-6 Nano-size droplet formation under fast proton irradiation
    冨田 成夫
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/63(1)/p.174, 2008-02
  • Superconducting Solid-State Particle Spectrometers for Atoms and Macromolecules of 3-20 keV
    Masataka Ohkubo; Masahiro Ukibe; Yiner Chen; Shigetomo Sh...
    J. Low. Temp. Phys./151/p.760-765, 2008-01
  • Fabrication of infrared rejection filter for superconducting tunnel junction particle detector array
    志岐 成友; 浮辺 雅宏; 清水川 豊; 冨田 成夫; 佐藤 優樹; 前...
    Technical report of IEICE. SCE/107(259)/pp.13-16, 2007-10
  • 21pRE-11 Vicinage effect on the energy loss of carbon clusters with carbon foil
    村上 正邦; 冨田 成夫; 西村 拓也; 石井 聡; 笹 公和; 坂本 ...
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/62(2)/p.156, 2007-08