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Kijima Masashi

Researcher's full information

  • Blue electroluminescent properties of poly(N-arylcarbazole-2,7-ylene) homopolymers
    Kobayashi Norifumi; Kijima Masashi
    APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS/91(8), 2007-08
  • Blue luminescent naphthalene-based liquid crystals
    Mori Takeshi; Kijima Masashi
    CHEMISTRY LETTERS/36(6)/pp.710-711, 2007-06
  • Characterization of porous carbonaceous materials derived from poly(phenylenebutadiynylene)s
    Kijima Masashi; Tanimoto Hisashi; Takakura Kosuke; Fujiya...
    CARBON/45(3)/pp.594-601, 2007-03
  • Blue Luminescent Naphthalene-based Liquid Crystals
    T. Mori; M. Kijima
    Chemistry Letters/36/p.710-711, 2007-01
  • Characterization of Porous Carbonaceous Materials Derived from Poly(phenylene- butadiynylene)s
    M. Kijima; H. Tanimoto; K. Takakura; D. Fujiya; Y. Ayuta;...
    Carbon/45/p.594-601, 2007-01
  • Microporous materials derived from two- and three-dimensional hyperbranched conjugated polymers by thermal elimination of substituents
    Kobayashi Norifumi; Kijima Masashi
    JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY/17(40)/pp.4289-4296, 2007-01
  • Novel blue light emitting poly(N-arylcarbazol-2,7-ylene) homopolymers: Syntheses and properties
    Kobayashi Norifumi; Koguchi Ryohei; Kijima Masashi
    MACROMOLECULES/39(26)/pp.9102-9111, 2006-12
  • Efficient thermal conversion of poly(pyridinediylbutadiynylene)s to nitrogen-containing microporous carbon
    Kijima Masashi; Oda Takayuki; Yamazaki Takahisa; Tazaki Y...
    CHEMISTRY LETTERS/35(8)/pp.844-845, 2006-08
  • Efficient Thermal Conversion of Poly(pyridinediylbutadiylbutadiynylene)s to Nitrogen-containing Microporous Carbon
    Masashi Kijima; Takayuki Oda; Takahisa Yamazaki; Yasunori...
    Chemistry Letters/35/p.844-845, 2006-01
  • Novel Blue Light Emitting Poly(N-arylcarbazol-2,7-ylene) Homopolymers: Syntheses and Properties
    N. Kobayashi; R. Koguchi; M. Kijima
    Macromolecules/39/p.9102-9111, 2006-01
  • Blue light emitting poly(N-arylcarbazol-2,7-ylene)s
    Kijima M; Koguchi R; Abe S
    CHEMISTRY LETTERS/34(7)/pp.900-901, 2005-07
  • Synthesis and properties of conjugated copolymer having alternate structure of diphenylanthracene and allene
    Hiroki K; Kijima M
    CHEMISTRY LETTERS/34(7)/pp.942-943, 2005-07
  • Efficient Thermal Conversion of Polyyne-Type Conjugated Polymers to Nano-Structured Porous Carbon Materials
    M. Kijima; D. Fujiya; T. Oda; M. Ito
    J. Therm. Anal. Cal./81/pp.549-554, 2005-01
  • Blue Light Emitting Poly(N-arylcarbazol-2,7-ylene)s
    M. Kijima; R. Koguchi; S. Abe
    Chem. Lett/34(7)/p.902-903, 2005-01
  • Synthesis and Properties of Conjugated Copolymer Having alternate Structure of Diphenylanthracene and Allene
    K. Hiroki; M. Kijima
    Chem. Lett./34(7)/pp.942-943, 2005-01
  • 主鎖にアレン構造を有する共役系ポリマーの合成と性質
    木島正志; 廣木一亮
    高分子加工/54(8)/p.34-39, 2005-01
  • Preparation and characterization of nano-structured carbon materials derived from conjugated polymers having carbon-carbon triple bond
    木島 正志
    Tanso/(217)/pp.123-130, 2005-01
  • 第31回炭素材料学会年会報告
    坂輪 光弘; 松尾 吉晃; 大澤 善美; 福塚 友和; 尾崎 純一; 木...
    Tanso/216/pp.69-83, 2005-01
  • A new series of luminescent phosphine stabilised platinum ethynyl complexes
    Saha R; Qaium MA; Debnath D; Younus M; Chawdhury N; Sulta...
    DALTON TRANSACTIONS/(16)/pp.2760-2765, 2005-01
  • A New Series of Luminescent Phosphine Stabilised Platinum Ethynyl Complexes.
    R. Saha; M. A. Qaium; D. Debnath; M. Younus; N. Chawdhury...
    Dalton Trans/(16)/p.2760-2765, 2005-01
  • Reduction of Pt usage in fuel cell electrocatalysts with carbon nanotube electrodes
    T. Matsumoto; T. Komatsu; K. Arai; T. Yamazaki; M. Kijima...
    Chem.Commu/p.840-841, 2004-01
  • Efficient Usage of Pt Highly Dispersed on Carbon Nanotubes for Electrode Catalysts of Polymer Electrode Fuel Cells
    T. Matsumoto; T. Komatsu; H. Nakano; K. Arai; Y. Nagashim...
    Catalyst Today/90(4)/p.289-294, 2004-01
  • Luminescent Properties of Pyrrole-Based Heterocyclic Conjugated polymers
    木島 正志
    Synthetic Metals/135-136/p.123-124, 2003-01
  • Synthesis and Properties of novel Acid-Sensitive Conjugated Allene Polymers
    木島 正志
    Synthetic Metals/135-136/p.389-390, 2003-01
  • Syntheses of Copoly(arylenebutadiynylene)s for polymeric Light Emitting Diodes
    木島 正志
    Synthetic Metals/137(1-3)/p.1059-1060, 2003-01