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Ueichi Hideo

Researcher's full information

  • Cognitive Factors in Risk-Avoidance Decision-Making Associated with Endocrine Disruptors
    上市 秀雄; 楠見 孝
    Cognitive studies/13(1)/pp.32-46, 2006-03
  • Cognitive-affective Decision-making Processes in Choosing University : A Longitudinal Study of High School Students
    楠見 孝; 栗山 直子; 齊藤 貴浩; 上市 秀雄
    The Japanese journal of career education/26(1)/pp.3-17, 2008-04
  • The effects of personality, knowledge, cognitive factors, and emotions on intentions and requests to participate in the lay judge system: A comparison between groups with and without steady jobs
    上市 秀雄; 楠見 孝
    The Japanese Journal of Cognitive Psychology/7(2)/pp.89-101, 2010-01
  • The effects of coping methods on guilt over a period of time
    Ueichi Hideo; Oishi Mariko
    International Journal of Psychology Abstracts of the 29th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2008)(Berlin)/43(3-4)/pp.340-340, 2008-06