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Sato-Ilic Mika

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  • 離島における分類構造を利用した人口減少に関する解析
    吉元 翔汰; イリチユ 美佳
    the 34th Annual Research Meeting of the Japanese Classification Society/pp.31-33, 2016-03
  • Multidimensional Joint Scale and Cluster Analysis
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    Procedia Computer Science/61/pp.11-17, 2015-11
  • A variable selection method considering cluster loading for labeled high dimension low sample size data
    Jiaxin Chen; Sato-Ilic Mika
    Procedia Computer Science/60/pp.850-859, 2015
  • A Method for Interpreting Principle Components using Discrimination Information and Its Application to EEG Data
    Sato-Ilic Mika; T. Yamamoto
    Workshop on Statistical Methods for Large Complex Data/pp.45-51, 2014
  • A Fuzzy Clustering Method for Multi Source Data
    Sato-Ilic Mika; T. Hatori
    Workshop on Statistical Methods for Large Complex Data/pp.35-44, 2014
  • On a Multidimensional Cluster Scaling
    Sato-Ilic Mika; Ilic Peter
    Procedia Computer Sciences/36/pp.278-284, 2014
  • Universal Fuzzy Clustering Model
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence/pp.2071-2078, 2014
  • A fuzzy clustering method using the relative structure of the belongingness of objects to clusters
    Hatori Tosei; Sato-Ilic Mika
    Procedia Computer Sciences/35/pp.994-1002, 2014
  • Correlation Analysis based on Classification Structures
    イリチユ 美佳
    Joint Convention of Statistical Societies, 2013-09
  • Fuzzy Clustering Based Correlation and Its Application to Principal Component Analysis
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    the 59th ISI World Statistics Congress, 2013
  • Fuzzy Dissimilarity Based Multidimensional Scaling and Its Application to Collaborative Learning Data
    Sato-Ilic Mika; Ilic Peter
    Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier/20/pp.490-495, 2013
  • Two Covariances Harnessing Fuzzy Clustering Based PCA for Discrimination of Microarray Data
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg (Germany), L.E. Peterson, F. Masulli, G. Russo, eds./pp.158-172, 2013
  • On Similarity of Clusters based on Clustering of Evaluation Data and its Application
    イリチユ 美佳; 千葉龍之介
    Proceeding of the 31st Annual Research Meeting of the Japanese Classification Society, 2013
  • Structural Classification based Correlation and its Application to Principal Component Analysis for High-Dimension Low-Sample Size Data
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, 2012-06
  • Fuzzy Clustering Model based on Operators on a Product Space of Linear Spaces
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    20th International Conference on Computational Statistics, 2012-08
  • Analysis of Web Survey Data based on Similarity of Fuzzy Clusters
    Chiba Ryunosuke; Sato-Ilic Mika
    Procedia Computer Sciences/12/pp.224-229, 2012-11
  • A Structural Analysis based on Similarity between Fuzzy Clusters and its Application to Evaluation Data
    R. Chiba; T. Furutani; Sato-Ilic Mika
    Intelligent Decision Technologies(IDT'2012)/15/pp.77-87, 2012-05
  • On Fuzzy Clustering based Correlation
    Sato-Ilic Mika
    Procedia Computer Sciences, Elsevier/12/pp.230-235, 2012-11
  • Special issue: Computational intelligence models for image processing and information reasoning
    Lim Chee Peng; Abeynayake Canicious; Sato-Ilic Mika; Jain...
    JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS/24(2:::SI)/pp.199-200, 2013-01
  • リスク工学グループ演習について
    佐藤 美佳
    Risk Engineering/8/p.65-66, 2012-03
  • An Awarded Paper entitled “Generalized Aggregation Operator based Nonlinear Fuzzy Clustering Model”
    M. Sato-Ilic
    Risk Engineering/9/p.17-22, 2012-03
  • データ科学の視点からみた教育の国際化
    佐藤 美佳
    Risk Engineering/7/p.12-13, 2011-03
  • On Soft Data Analysis
    佐藤 美佳
    Risk Engineering/3/p.18-22, 2007-01
  • Analysis for Interprefectural Telecommunication by Asymmetric Clustering Model
    佐藤 美佳; 佐藤 義治; イリチユ 美佳
    Hokkaido University, Institute of Engineering, Technical Report/HIER-IS-9401, 1994-01
  • Application of a Learning-Based Self-Organized Additive Fuzzy Clustering Method Integrated with the COSA Algorithm
    T. Kuwata; M. Sato-Ilic
    The 8th International Symposium on Management Engineering/p.99-104, 2011-08