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Furukawa Hiroshi

Researcher's full information

  • Information Diversification for Intelligent Diagnosis of Nuclear Plants
    古川 宏; 口村 啓二; 鷲尾 隆; 北村 正晴
    日本原子力学会誌 = Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan/37(8)/pp.729-739, 1995-08
  • Criteria of Diversity Evaluation for Intelligent Diagnosis of Nuclear Power Plants
    鷲尾 隆; 佐久間 正剛; 古川 宏; 北村 正晴
    日本原子力学会誌 = Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan/37(12)/pp.1128-1136, 1995-12
  • Evaluation of Feature Representations Based on their Invariability for Diagnosis of Large-Scale Artifacts
    古川 宏; 鷲尾 隆; 北村 正晴
    知能システムシンポジウム資料/23/pp.143-148, 1996-03
  • Current situation and future of the man-machine interface design in nuclear power plants : Innovative technologies for information presentation and issues to be resolved
    丹羽 雄二; 五福 明夫; 古川 宏; 大橋 智樹; 高橋 信
    Human interface. Journal of Human Interface Society/5(1)/pp.41-48, 2003-02
  • Seminor on Human Factor : (6)The Principles of Human Interface ; Conclusion and Future Prospects
    五福 明夫; 古川 宏; 北村 正晴
    日本原子力学会誌 = Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan/45(3)/pp.195-207, 2003-03
  • チームオペレーションにみる人間・ロボット相互作用の問題
    古川 宏
    Risk engineering/1/pp.16-24, 2005-01
  • A support system for understanding mobile phone systems based on functional models
    加藤 悠太; 古川 宏
    Proceedings of symposium on mobile interactions/2008/pp.1-6, 2008-01
  • Environmental factors causing anxiety in wayfinding with pedestrian navigation system
    宇戸 裕人; 古川 宏
    Proceedings of symposium on mobile interactions/2008/pp.47-52, 2008-01
  • A quantitative evaluation method for pedestrian's anxiety in navigation task based on recognizability and perceptibility of landmarks
    宇戸 裕人; 古川 宏
    Proceedings of symposium on mobile interactions/2009/pp.121-126, 2009-01
  • A Study on Acquisition Process of Route Knowledge using Real-View Movie System
    古川 宏; 宮下 善行; 遠藤 秀昭; 稲垣 敏之
    Human interface. The Transaction of Human Interface Society/2(3)/pp.1-6, 2000-08
  • An ecological interface for supporting situation awareness duringmalfunction and process and automation
    大都 雅隆; 門田 一雄; 古川 宏; 稲垣 敏之
    National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems/2000(7)/pp.412-415, 2000-10
  • Dynamic Human Models for Evaluation of Task Allocation Schemes in Ship Management
    古川 宏; 稲垣 敏之
    The Transactions of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers. A/85(12)/pp.1388-1397, 2002-12
  • Flexible delegation-type interface enhances system performance in human supervision of multiple robots: Empirical studies with RoboFlag
    Parasuraman R; Galster S; Squire P; Furukawa H; Miller C