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Sakai Ko

Researcher's full information

  • Structures of Surround Modulation eliciting Direction of Figure Selectivity : Mathematical Analysis by SVM
    中田 悠介; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/111(483)/pp.69-74, 2012-03
  • Promotion of Border-Ownership perception by multiple Gestalt factor
    松岡 昭平; 酒井 宏
    ITE Technical Report/36(13)/pp.13-16, 2012-02
  • Decoding of depth and motion in ambiguous binocular perception
    Sakai Ko; Ogiya Mitsuharu; Hirai Yuzo
  • Sparse Coding for the Representation of Shape in Cortical Area V4 : A Computational Study
    益田 達朗; 酒井 宏
    ITE Technical Report/35(16)/pp.97-100, 2011-03
  • Medial Axis for 3D Shape Representation
    W. Qiu and K.Sakai
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science/7062/p.79-87, 2011-01
  • Medial Axis for the Cortical Representation of 3D Shape
    裘 為; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/110(388)/pp.81-86, 2011-01
  • 研究最前線---ニューロコンピューティング
    花沢明俊; 酒井 宏; 三浦健一郎
    電子情報通信学会,情報・システムソサエティ誌/15(4)/p.16-17, 2011-01
  • Medial Axis for the Cortical Representation of 3D Shape
    裘 為; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Nonlinear problems/110(387)/pp.81-86, 2011-01
  • Gestalt factors derived from border-ownership selective cells
    近藤 慧一; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/110(149)/pp.57-61, 2010-07
  • Representation of Shape by Medial Axis in Cerebral Cortex
    Quiros-Ramirez Maria Alejandra; Hatori Yasuhiro; Sakai Ko
    ITE Technical Report/34(11)/pp.1-4, 2010-03
  • 3ZN-7 Modulation of Shape perception by Contour Synchronization
    松本 隆二; 酒井 宏
    全国大会講演論文集/72(5)/p.153, 2010-03
  • 3ZN-5 Feature-based Attention Modulates Perception of Figure Direction
    沖 めぐみ; 我妻 伸彦; 酒井 宏
    全国大会講演論文集/72(5)/p.149, 2010-03
  • Perceptual Modulation of the Direction of Figure Based on the Feature-based Attention
    我妻 伸彦; 沖 めぐみ; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/109(461)/pp.379-383, 2010-03
  • 3ZN-2 Quantitative analysis of impression evoked by object arrangement.
    山崎 翔; 酒井 宏
    全国大会講演論文集/72(5)/p.143, 2010-03
  • 3ZN-6 Cortical Origin of Gestalt Factors-Quantitative Evaluation of Surround Modulation
    近藤 慧一; 酒井 宏
    全国大会講演論文集/72(5)/p.151, 2010-03
  • Roles of Early Vision for the Dynamics of Border-Ownership Selective Neurons.
    N. Wagatsuma; K. Sakai
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science/6443/p.99-106, 2010-01
  • Feature-based attention induced by motion direction modulates perception of figure direction
    沖 めぐみ; 我妻 伸彦; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/109(333)/pp.1-6, 2009-12
  • Effects of synchronous representation of contours on shape perception
    光岡 亜弥; 羽鳥 康裕; 酒井 宏
    ITE Technical Report/33(17)/pp.41-44, 2009-03
  • Statistical analysis of information expression in V1 receipt field with sparseness constraint
    廣瀬 義崇; 酒井 宏
    ITE Technical Report/33(17)/pp.33-36, 2009-03
  • The Effect of Feature-based Attention on Perception of Border-ownership : Psychophysical Experiments with Attention to Motion Direction
    沖 めぐみ; 我妻 伸彦; 酒井 宏
    ITE Technical Report/33(17)/pp.37-40, 2009-03
  • Attention in Early Vision for the Determination of Border-Ownership
    我妻 伸彦; 清水 亮平; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/108(480)/pp.165-169, 2009-03
  • Medial-Axis representation of shape from onset synchronization
    羽鳥 康裕; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/108(480)/pp.153-157, 2009-03
  • Shape-from-highlight with a viewpoint light-source
    村上 友佳子; 酒井 宏
    ITE Technical Report/33(17)/pp.77-80, 2009-03
  • Detection of Gestalt Factors in Border Ownership Selectivity Based On Surround Modulation
    青野 健介; 清水 亮平; 酒井 宏
    IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing/108(480)/pp.171-175, 2009-03
  • Robust detection of medial-axis by onset synchronization of border-ownership selective cells and shape reconstruction from its medial-axis.
    Y. Hatori; K. Sakai
    Lecture Note in Computer Science (ICONIP 2008)/5506/pp.301-309, 2009-01