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Kudo Hiroyuki

Researcher's full information

  • Advanced compressed sensing image reconstruction for interior tomography
    Hiroyuki Kudo
    Proceedings of SPIE 2019 Optics + Photonics (Development in X-ray Tomography XII), 2019-08
  • Image correction in emission tomography using deep convolution neural network
    Tomohiro Suzuki; Hiroyuki Kudo
    Proceedings of 2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2019), 2019-05
  • Observation of protein thermodynamics in ice by passive millimeter-wave microscopy
    Ishino Manabu; Kishigami Akio; Kudo Hiroyuki; Jongsuck Ba...
    Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves/40(5)/pp.585-594, 2019-05
  • TEM内その場変形トモグラフィー観察システムの開発
    波多 聰; 佐藤 和久; 工藤 博幸; 古河 弘光; 川本 克巳; 堀井...
    日本顕微鏡学会誌『顕微鏡』/54(1)/pp.44-48, 2019-04
  • Low-dose phase CT reconstruction using convolutional neural network without training data preparation
    Ueda Ryousuke; Kudo Hiroyuki
    Proceedings of International Coference on X-ray Optics and Applications 2019 (XOPT2019)/p.Paper No. XOPT-11-02, 2019-04
  • Development of An In-Situ Straining and Tomography System in TEM
    波多聰; 佐藤和久; 工藤博幸; 古河弘光; 川本克巳; 堀井則孝;...
    KENBIKYO/54(1)/pp.44-48, 2019-04
  • Image reconstruction for sparse-view CT and interior CT
    Kudo Hiroyuki
    AIMaP International Workshop on Tomography and Inverse Problem, 2019-03
  • A single-shot method for x-ray grating interferometry
    Songzhe Lian; Hiroyuki Kudo
    Proceedings of SPIE (Medical Imaging 2019)/p.Paper No.109485H, 2019-02
  • Segmentation of intervertebral disks from videofluorographic images using convolutional neural network
    Ayano Fujinaka; Yuki Saito; Kojiro Mekata; Hotaka Takizaw...
    International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia 2019, 2019-01
  • Image reconstruction using self-prior information for sparse-view computed tomography
    Selim Mona; Essam A. Rashed; Mohammed A. Atiea; Hiroyuki ...
    Proceedings of the 9th Cairo International Biomedical Engineering Conference (CIBEC2018)/pp.146-149, 2019-01
  • Discrimination of Cervical Spine Disorders Based on Cervical Lordosises in Videofluorography During Swallowing
    目片幸二郎; 滝沢 穂高; 松林 潤; 瀧川 朋亨; 戸田 一潔; 伊...
    Journal of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery/21(1)/pp.12-17, 2019-1
  • Tracking of Bodies of Hyoid Bones in Videofluorography by Use of Support Vector Machine
    八板 駿平; 滝沢 穂高; 目片 幸二郎; 工藤 博幸
    Medical Imaging Technology/36(5)/pp.209-216, 2018-12
  • マテリアル系電子線トモグラフィーの実際と動向
    波多聰; 斉藤光; 村山光宏; 佐藤和久; 工藤博幸
    まてりあ/57(12)/pp.589-594, 2018-12
  • Image reconstruction with variational networks: applications to synchrotron radiation imaging
    Essam A. Rashed; Hiroyuki Kudo
    Conference Record of 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, 2018-11
  • Two-dimensional phase unwrapping with continuous submodular minimization
    Hiroyuki Kudo; Songzhe Lian; Keita Wada
    Proceedings of 2018 International Conference on Digital Medicine and Image Processing/pp.6-13, 2018-11
  • All-in-focus image generation using improved blind image deconvolution technique
    Sota Kawakami; Hiroyuki Kudo
    Proceedings of 2018 International Conference on Digital Medicine and Image Processing/pp.19-28, 2018-11
  • Applications of Compressed Sensing to Medical Image Reconstruction
    Hiroyuki Kudo
    Proceedings of 12th ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering (CME 2018), 2018-09
  • In-situ straining and time-resolved electron tomography data acquisition in transmission electron microscopy
    Satoshi Hata; Shinsuke Miyazaki; Takashi Gondo; Katsumi K...
    Proceedings of 19th International Microscopy Congress (IMC19), 2018-09
  • X-ray imaging with x-ray grating interferometry -Future potentials for materials research
    Wataru Yashiro; Chika Kamezawa; Masanari Datekyu; Hidemi ...
    Abstract Book of 13th International Workshop on Biomaterials in Interface Science/p.Paper No. C-09, 2018-08
  • Development of an in-situ straining and time-resolved electron tomography data acquisition system
    Satoshi Hata; Shinsuke Miyazaki; Takashi Gondo; Katsumi K...
    Proceedings of 4-th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS) 2018/pp.18-18, 2018-06
  • Motion analysis of cervical spines of the older aged in videofluorography during swallowing
    Kojiro Mekata; Takizawa Hotaka; Matsubayashi Jun; Takigaw...
    17th WFOT Congress 2018, 2018-05
  • Redefined block-lifting-based filter banks with efficient reversible nonexpansive convolution
    Suzuki Taizo; Tanaka Naoki; Kudo Hiroyuki
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology/29(5)/pp.1438-1447, 2019-05
  • Adaptive image denoising approach for low-dose computed tomography
    Haneen A. Elyamani; Samir A. El-Seoud; Hiroyuki Kudo; Ess...
    Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems (ICCES2017)/p.Paper No. 117, 2017-12
  • Image boundary extension with mean value for cosine-sine modulated lapped/block transforms
    Ishibashi Ryoma; Suzuki Taizo; Kyochi Seisuke; Kudo Hiroyuki
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology/29(1)/pp.1-11, 2019-01
  • Millisecond-order X-ray phase tomography with compressed sensing
    Yashiro Wataru; Ueda Ryosuke; Kajiwara Kentaro; Noda Daij...