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Sakamoto Kazuichi

Researcher's full information

  • Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol inhibited adipocyte differentiation in mouse 3T3-L1 cells
    Sakamoto Kazuichi; Riadh Drira; Shu Chen
    Polyphenols Communications/26(7)/pp.339-340, 2012-07
  • Hydroxytyrosol stimulates lipolysis via A-Kinase and Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase activation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
    Riadh Drira; Sakamoto Kazuichi
    European Journal of Nutrition/53(3)/pp.743-750, 2014-04
  • Sequence determination of rat U5 RNA using a chemical modification procedure for counteracting sequence compression.
    Okada N; Sakamoto K; Itoh Y; Oshima Y.
    Journal of Biochemistry/91/p.1281-1291, 1982-01
  • Total DNA transcription reveals the existence of highly repetitive transcribable sequences in higher animals.
    Norihiro Okada; Kazuichi Sakamoto; Kondo A.
    Journal of Biochemistry/93(3)/p.723-731, 1983-01
  • Isolation of a novel antibody, which precipitates ribonucleoprotein complex containing threonine tRNA from a patient with polymyositis.
    Okada N; Mukai R; Harada F; Kabashima T; Nakao Y; Yamane ...
    European Journal of Biochemistry/139(3)/p.425-429, 1984-01
  • The 6S RNA transcribed from rodent total DNA in vitro is the transcript of the type 2 Alu Family
    Kazuichi Sakamoto; Ryo Kominami; Yukio Mishima; Norihiro ...
    Molecular and General Genetics/p.194, 1984-01
  • Many highly repetitive and transcribable sequences are derived from tRNA genes.
    Norihiro Okada; Hiroshi Endo; Kazuichi Sakamoto; Kenichi ...
    Proceedings of Japan Academy/61(8)/p.363-367, 1985-01
  • 5-Methylcytidylic modification of in vitro transcript from the rat identifier sequence ; evidence that the transcript forms a tRNA-like structure
    Kazuichi Sakamoto; Norihiro Okada
    Nucleic Acids Research/13/p.20, 1985-01
  • Rodent Type 2 Alu Family, Rat Identifier Sequence, Rabbit・C Family, and Bouine or Goat 73-bp Repeat May Have Evolved from tRNA Genes
    Kazuichi Sakamoto; Norihiro Okada
    Journal of Molecular Evoluion/p.22, 1985-01
  • DNA element which is involved in HeLa cell growth
    Sakamoto Kazuichi
    The Experimental Medicine/7/p.12, 1989-01
  • Negative regulation of cell growth : New gene transfer approaches and a possible role for the 7SL RNA/Alu gene family.
    Sakamoto K; Fordis C; Howard T; Giordano T; Howard B.
    AGE/12/p.155, 1989-01
  • Detection of protein/RNA interactions in nuclear extracts is facilitated by poly r(G).
    Giordano T; Johnson S; Sakamoto K; Howard B.
    Nucleic Acids Research/18(15)/p.4627, 1990-01
  • DNA mutagenesis and recombination.
    Jones D; Sakamoto K; Vorce R; Howard B.
    Nature/344(6268)/p.793-794, 1990-01
  • Alu Interspersed Repeats : Selfish DNA or A Functional Gene Family?
    Howard B; Sakamoto K.
    The New Biologist/2/p.9, 1990-01
  • Isolation of a population of transiently transfected quiescent and senescent cells by magnetic affinity cell sorting.
    Giordano T; Howard T; Coleman J; Sakamoto K; Howard B.
    Experimental Cell Research/192(1)/p.193-197, 1991-01
  • Modulation of HeLa Cell Growth by Ransfected 7SL RNA and Alu Gene Sequences
    Sakamoto K; Fordis C; Corsico C; Howard T; Howard B.
    The Journal of Biological Chemistry/266/p.5, 1991-01
  • Expression of Alu and 7SL RNA in Alzheimer's and control brains.
    Giordano T; Johnson S; Sakamoto K; Howard B.
    Mechanisms of Ageing and Development/64(1-2)/p.13-20, 1992-01
  • Relative mitogenic activities of wild type and retinoblastoma binding-defective SV40 Tantigens in serum-deprived and senescent human diploid fibloblasts
    Sakamoto K; Howard T; Ogryzko V; Xu N; Corsico C; Jones H...
    Oncogene/8/p.1887-1893, 1992-01
  • Cyclic-AMP-dependent Ca2+ mobilization by prostaglandin D2 in freshly isolated nonchromaffin cells from bovine adrenal medulla
    Okuda-Ashitaka E; Sakamoto K; Giles H; Ito S; Hayaishi O
    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta/1176(1-2)/p.148-154, 1993-01
  • Molecular cloning of human Histamine H1 receptor gene.
    Fukui H; Fujimoto K; Mizuguchi H; Sakamoto K; Ito S; Liu ...
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications/201(2)/p.894-901, 1994-01
  • Multiple mechanisms of arachidonic acid release in chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with cDNA of substance P receptor.
    Garcia M; Sakamoto K; Shigekawa M; Nakanishi S; Ito S.
    Biochemical Pharmacology/48(9)/p.1735-1741, 1994-01
  • Molecular cloning expression of a cDNA of the bouine prostaglandin F receptor.
    Sakamoto K; Ezashi T; Miwa K; Okuda-Ashitaka E; Houtani T...
    Journal of Biological Chemistry/269/p.3881-3886, 1994-01
  • Prostaglandin F is coupled to Gq in cDNA-transfected Chinese hamster ovary cells.
    Ito S; Sakamoto K; Mochizuki-Oda N; Ezashi T; Miwa K; Oku...
    Biochemistry Biophysics and Research Communication/200/p.756-762, 1994-01
  • Nitric oxide mediates allodynia induced by intrathecal administration of prostaglandin E2 or prostaglandin F2α in conscious mice.
    Minami T; Nishihara I; Ito S; Sakamoto K; Hyodo M; hyaish...
    Pain/61(2)/p.285-290, 1995-01
  • Expression of mRNA encoding the prostaglandin F receptor in bovine corpora lutea throughout the oestrous uycle and pregnancy.
    Sakamoto K; Miwa K; Ezashi T; Okuda-Ashitaka E; Okuda K; ...
    Journal of Reproduction and Fertility/103/p.99-105, 1995-01