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Nakamura Akira

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  • Thermus thermophilus HB27株のputative Lon proteaseの機能解析
    前原智子; 星野貴行; 中村顕
  • 高度好熱菌Thermus thermophilus HB27株の機能未知プロテアーゼGcpの機能解析
    小野瀬晃由; 星野貴行; 中村顕
  • 耐熱化した大腸菌由来Hygromycin B phosphotransferaseの結晶構造解析
    飯野大輔; 高倉康彰; 佐々木康幸; 星野貴行; 大澤貫寿; 中村...
  • Production and detoxification of nitric oxide during nitrate respiration by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum
    Fujii T; Shoun H; Nakamura A; Hoshino T; Takaya N
    3rd International Conference on the Biology, Chemistry and Therapeutic Applications of Nitric Oxide/4th Annual Meeting of the Nitric-Oxide-Society-of-Japan