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Ahamed Tofael

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  • Navigation of an Autonomous Tractor for a Row-Type Tree Plantation Using a Laser Range Finder—Development of a Point-to-Go Algorithm
    Thanpattranon Pawin; Ahamed Tofael; Takigawa Tomohiro
    Robotics/4(3)/pp.341-346, 2015-09
  • ANP Modeling to Select Biomass Energy Plant in Rural Areas of Thailand
    Sasiwimol Khawkomol; Noguchi Ryozo; Ahamed Tofael; Genka...
    Agricultural information research/22(2)/pp.117-131, 2013-07
  • Evaluation of Biofuel Production Using Energy and Exergy Analyses- Introduction of a System Design Concept for Achieving Final Benefits
    Sasiwimol Khawkomol; Eriko Ankyo; Ryozo Noguchi; Ahamed T...
    Agricultural Information Research/22(2)/pp.132-141, 2013-07
  • Cost Optimization and Energy Simulation for Selective Mechanization.
    Tofael Ahamed; M M. Hossain; M.M. Huq; and M.M. Alam.
    Progressive Agriculture/10(1&2)/p.51-66, 1999-12
  • Rough Rice Storage in Woven Bamboo Container (dole).
    M.Z. Abedin; M.D. Hussain; M.A. Choudhury; Tofael Ahamed
    Progressive Agriculture/10(1&2)/p.79-82, 1999-12
  • A Study on Man and Machine Utilization in some Selected Engineering Workshop
    Alam; M.M; Satter; M.A Hafizuddin; Tofael Ahamed
    Progressive Agriculture/11(1&2)/p.187-192, 2000-12
  • Computer Model for Optimal Power Levels and Agricultural Machinery Size for Selective Mechanization
    Tofael Ahamed; MM Hossain; M.M. Huq; M.M. Alam.
    Journal of the Institution of Engineers/28(AE(1))/p.49-62, 2001-12
  • Cropping Area Assessmentin Flood Prone Areas using GIS
    Tofael Ahamed; MO. Faruk
    Journal of the Institution of Engineers/29(AE(1))/p.67-71, 2002-12
  • A Field Level Appraisal and Cost Analysis for Shallow and Deep Tube well Irrigation in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh
    Tofael Ahamed; M.A. Satter; M.M. Alam; K. Pasha.
    Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Engineering/14(1&2)/p.9-16, 2003-12
  • Assessment of Energy Status by GIS for Agricultural Mechanization- A Case Study in Bangladesh.
    Tofael Ahamed; T. Takigawa; M. Koike; M.M. Hossain; M.M. ...
    Farm Work Research/38(4(117))/p.221-236, 2003-12
  • A Mathematical Model on Economic Scale and Cost of Machinery Working Unit for Rice Production
    Tofael Ahamed; M.H. Kabir; K.Z. Islam; M.M. Huq; M.A. Sat...
    Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Engineering/15(1&2)/p.85-98, 2004-12
  • Navigation using a Laser Range Finder for Autonomous Tractor (Part 1)-Positioning of Implement
    Takigawa; M. Koike; T. Honma; H. Hasegawa; Q. Zhang; +TOF...
    Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery/68(1)/p.68-77, 2006-01
  • Navigation using a Laser Range Finder for Autonomous Tractor (Part 2).-Navigation for Approach Composed of Multiple Paths -.
    Tofael Ahamed; T. Takigawa; M. Koike; T. Honma; H. Hasega...
    Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery/68(1)/p.78-86, 2006-01
  • Problems in Adopting Agricultural Machinery: A Case Study for Agricultural Mechanization in Bangladesh
    Tofael Ahamed
    Farm Work Research/41(129)/p.185-190, 2006-11
  • Assessment of Energy Status for Irrigation Technology in Bangladesh: a GIS Approach.
    Tofael Ahamed; T Takigawa; M Koike; M M Hossain; M M Hu...
    Energy/31/p.2681-2704, 2006-01
  • Resource Management for Sustainable Development: a Community- and GIS-based Approach
    Tofael Ahamed; M.I.N. Khan; Tomohiro Takigawa; Masayuki K...
    Environment Development and Sustainability/11/p.993-954, 2008-10
  • Landmark based Navigation for the Autonomous Tractor and its Application
    Tofael Ahamed; Tomohiro Takigawa; Masayuki Koike
    Journal of the Institution of Engineers/34(AE)/p.73-83, 2008-01
  • Real Time NDVI Measurement Using Low Cost Panchromatic Sensor for Mobile Robot.
    Bin Zhao; Lei Tian; Tofael Ahamed
    Environment Control in Biology/48(2)/p.73-79, 2010-01
  • A Review of Remote Sensing Methods for Biomass Feedstock Production
    Tofael Ahamed; Lei Tian; Yuliang Zhang; KC Ting.
    Biomass & Bioenergy/35(7)/pp.2455-2469, 2011-07
  • Tower remote-sensing system for monitoring energy crops; image acquisition and geometric corrections
    Ahamed Tofael; Tian Lei; Jiang Yanshui; Zhao Bin; Liu Hx;...
    BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING/112(2)/pp.93-107, 2012-06
  • Development of the Reconfigurable Data Acquisition Vehicle for Bio-Energy Crop Sensing and Management
    Xiong Yonghua; Tian Lei; Ahamed Tofael; Zhao Bin
  • Automatic Hitching of Farm Implements with an Autonomous Tractor
    瀧川 具弘; アハメド トファエル; 張 強; ジュンユセン パユ...
    Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery/68(5)/pp.94-97, 2006-09
  • Development of Hitch Position Control and Its Applications
    瀧川 具弘; 本間 毅; 張 強; アハメド トファエル; ジュンユ...
    農業機械學會誌/68(6)/pp.51-58, 2006-11