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Kiyokazu Ujiie

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  • Role of Agricultural Extension Service on Promoting Products Marketing in Sweet Potato Producing District
    棚谷 智寿; 納口 るり子; 氏家 清和
    農業経営研究/50(2)/pp.13-18, 2012-09
  • Consumer's Evaluation on Radioactive Contamination of Agricultural Products in Japan:Decomposition of WTA into a Part Due to Radioactive Contamination and a Part Due to Area of Origin
    Journal of Food System Research/19(2)/pp.142-155, 2012
  • An Analysis on Consumption of Cultured Yogurt in Thailand -A choice experiment approach-
    Ujiie Kiyokazu; Hisato Shuto; Thaiyotin Phongthai
    フードシステム研究/18(3)/p.191-196, 2011-12
  • Japanese Consumer Evaluation of Agricultural Products Contaminated by Radioactive Substances
    UJIIE Kiyokazu
    The 11th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Society, Science and Technology, November 11th-13th, 2011 Hammamet -Tunisia, 2011-11
  • 放射性物質汚染の恐れがある農産物に対する消費者評価
    農産物流通技術/2011/pp.91-96, 2011-10
  • Intention to access food risk information through Internet-enabled mobile phones: the role of critical thinking
    Aizaki Hideo; Nakashima Yasuhiro; Ujiie Kiyokazu; Takeshi...
    APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS/18(10-12)/pp.1005-1009, 2011-07
  • 農産物の放射性物質汚染に対する消費者評価
    2011年度日本フードシステム学会 大会資料集, 2011-06
  • Exploring Japanese olive oil consumer behavior: An approach using rank ordered logit model,
    Nadhem Mtimet; Kiyokazu Ujiie; Kenichi Kashiwagi; Lokman ...
    "Establishment of Integrative Research Base by Humanities and Sciences on Valorization of Useful Plants for Regional Development in North Africa 1"(Kenichi Kashiwagi edt.), 2011-03
  • The effects of Information and Country of Origin on Japanese Olive Oil Consumer Selection
    Mtimet; Nadhem Ujiie; Kiyokazu Kashiwagi; Kenichi Zaibet;...
    2011 International Congress, August 30-September 2, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland 116094, European Association of Agricultural Economists/p.1-12, 2011-01
  • The Effect of Altruism on Consumer Behavior in Japan: an Analysis on Rice Consumption using Scanner Data
    Kiyokazu UJIIE
    2011 International Congress, August 30-September 2, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland 116094, European Association of Agricultural Economists, 2011-01
  • A Research in Farmer's Attitude to Farmers' Organizations in Yanbian, China
    金 春燕; 納口 るり子; 氏家 清和
    農業経済研究. 別冊, 日本農業経済学会論文集/2010/pp.501-508, 2010-12
  • 公益への関心と食料消費行動―米購買履歴データによる分析―
    氏家 清和
    フードシステム研究/17(3), 2010-12
  • タイの乳酸菌飲料製品の製品属性とシェア-Market Share Attraction Modelによるアプローチ-
    農林水産政策研究所委託事業 食品関連市場におけるグローバルな民間主体・企業行動の実態を踏まえたフード・セキュリティに関する政策分析 Working Paper, 2010-12
  • Development of Marketing Activity in Agricultural Cooperative and Re-construction of Farmers' Group
    棚谷 智寿; 納口 るり子; 氏家 清和
    農業経済研究. 別冊, 日本農業経済学会論文集/2010/pp.126-133, 2010-12
  • プライベート・ブランド(PB)の浸透と価格動向--冷凍食品のスキャナーデータ分析から (特集 食品業界のデフレの現状と対策)
    Food industry for tomorrow/2010(6)/pp.15-22, 2010-06
  • Comment
    氏家 清和
    Journal of Food System Research/16(4)/pp.4_43-4_43, 2010-01
  • 地域ブランドに対する消費者行動 -仙台牛を事例とした居住地ならびに世帯属性についての分析-
    フードシステム研究/16(2)/p.32-35, 2009-12
  • 生協組合員の食意識に占める価格の位置づけ
    氏家 清和
    協う/p.10-13, 2009-10
  • Influence of Information AboutAgrochemicals Provided via Internet-Enabled Mobile Phones on ConsumerValuation of Food
    Hideo Aizaki; Yasuhiro Nakashima; Kiyokazu Ujiie; Hironob...
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Information/11(3)/p.209-221, 2009-01
  • Development and Users' Evaluation of a Food Risk Communications System Using Cellular Phones
    合崎 英男; 中嶋 康博; 氏家 清和; 竹下 広宣; 田原 健吾
    Agricultural Information Research/18(1)/pp.32-40, 2009-01
  • Compliance with the moral code: Meat Hope scandal and the problems of food system
    Review of consumer co-operative studies/(386)/pp.19-26, 2008-03
  • An analysis on Consumer Evaluation of Food Labeling-An Approach Using Scanner Panel Data
    氏家 清和
    World Conference on Agricultural Information and IT (CD-ROM)/p.1171-1176, 2008-01
  • Rural Governance and Municipal Amalgamation,
    Masatoshi Ouchi; Kiyokazu Ujiie; Tokumi Odagiri
    “Revitalization: Fate and Choice”,Leonard P. Apedaile and Nobuhiro Tsuboi(eds.),, 2008-01
  • Valuing the Social Benefit of Cultural Institute : A Study of Ryutopia, Niigata
    奥山 忠裕; 垣内 恵美子; 氏家 清和
    Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan/42(2)/pp.30-41, 2007-10
  • An Analysis of Consumer's Priorities on Cultural Facilities : A Case Study on Ryutopia, Niigata city
    氏家 清和; 垣内 恵美子; 奥山 忠裕
    Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan/42(2)/pp.48-53, 2007-10