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Kiyokazu Ujiie

Researcher's full information

  • 解釈レベル操作ならびhonesty primingによる仮想的選択行動の変化
    氏家 清和
    フードシステム研究/21(3)/pp.188-193, 2014-12
  • An Actual Purchasing Experiment for Investigating the Effects of Eco-Information on Consumers' Environmental Consciousness and Attitudes Towards Agricultural Products
    Kiyokazu Ujiie
    International Journal of Automation Technology/8(5)/pp.688-697, 2014-9
  • 放射性物質汚染に対する食品流通システムの対応と消費者評価の推移
    氏家 清和
    都市問題/105(8)/pp.64-74, 2014-08
  • Impact of stakeholders' relationship and farm household characteristics on support for small-scale farmers:–A Case Study of JOCV project in La Paz Town, Paraguay–
    堤田 竹崎 昭宏; 納口 るり子; 氏家 清和
    Japanese Journal of Farm Management/51(3)/pp.85-90, 2013-12
  • Transition of Consumers Evaluation on Radioactive Contamination of Agricultural Products in Japan
    氏家 清和
    JRE/85(3)/pp.164-172, 2013-10
  • 『おもいやり』と食料消費 -公共財的側面をもつ属性に対する消費者評価-
    氏家 清和
    2013年度 日本フードシステム学会 報告要旨集, 2013-06
  • Altruism and Food Consumption:Consumer Evaluation for Attributes Affiliate with Public Dimensions
    氏家 清和
    Journal of Food System Research/20(2)/pp.72-82, 2013
  • 農産物の放射性物質汚染に対する消費者評価の推移
    2012年度 日本農業経済学会大会 ミニシンポジウム資料, 2013-3
  • 甘藷産地発展段階における普及機関の販売への関わり方:茨城県行方地域を事例として
    氏家 清和
    農業経営研究/50(2)/pp.142-155, 2012-11
  • An analysis of willingness to accept for radioactive contamination on agricultural products
    氏家 清和
    ,Tunisia-Japan 2012 Symposium: Sustainable Society through Advanced Agro-Food Science & Quality, 2012-11
  • An Analysis of Willingness to Accept for Radioactive Contamination on Agricultural Products
    Kiyokazu UJIIE
    Balancing Food Security and Energy Security - SSK International Conference , Korea University, 2012-11
  • Role of Agricultural Extension Service on Promoting Products Marketing in Sweet Potato Producing District
    棚谷 智寿; 納口 るり子; 氏家 清和
    農業経営研究/50(2)/pp.13-18, 2012-09
  • Overcoming Disincentives to Stockpiling Food in Anticipation of the Next Tōkai Earthquake
    宮﨑達郎; 松下 秀介; 氏家清和
    Agricultural Information Research/21(2)/pp.42-49, 2012-06
  • Consumer's Evaluation on Radioactive Contamination of Agricultural Products in Japan:Decomposition of WTA into a Part Due to Radioactive Contamination and a Part Due to Area of Origin
    Journal of Food System Research/19(2)/pp.142-155, 2012
  • An Analysis on Consumption of Cultured Yogurt in Thailand -A choice experiment approach-
    Ujiie Kiyokazu; Hisato Shuto; Thaiyotin Phongthai
    フードシステム研究/18(3)/p.191-196, 2011-12
  • Japanese Consumer Evaluation of Agricultural Products Contaminated by Radioactive Substances
    UJIIE Kiyokazu
    The 11th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Society, Science and Technology, November 11th-13th, 2011 Hammamet -Tunisia, 2011-11
  • 放射性物質汚染の恐れがある農産物に対する消費者評価
    農産物流通技術/2011/pp.91-96, 2011-10
  • Intention to access food risk information through Internet-enabled mobile phones: the role of critical thinking
    Aizaki Hideo; Nakashima Yasuhiro; Ujiie Kiyokazu; Takeshi...
    APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS/18(10-12)/pp.1005-1009, 2011-07
  • 農産物の放射性物質汚染に対する消費者評価
    2011年度日本フードシステム学会 大会資料集, 2011-06
  • Exploring Japanese olive oil consumer behavior: An approach using rank ordered logit model,
    Nadhem Mtimet; Kiyokazu Ujiie; Kenichi Kashiwagi; Lokman ...
    "Establishment of Integrative Research Base by Humanities and Sciences on Valorization of Useful Plants for Regional Development in North Africa 1"(Kenichi Kashiwagi edt.), 2011-03
  • Book reviews: Kazuhito Yamashita, World Trade Organization Agreement on the Agreement on the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
    氏家 清和
    Bulletin of the Department of Food Economics,Nihon University/(39)/pp.113-117, 2011-03
  • The effects of Information and Country of Origin on Japanese Olive Oil Consumer Selection
    Mtimet; Nadhem Ujiie; Kiyokazu Kashiwagi; Kenichi Zaibet;...
    2011 International Congress, August 30-September 2, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland 116094, European Association of Agricultural Economists/p.1-12, 2011-01
  • The Effect of Altruism on Consumer Behavior in Japan: an Analysis on Rice Consumption using Scanner Data
    Kiyokazu UJIIE
    2011 International Congress, August 30-September 2, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland 116094, European Association of Agricultural Economists, 2011-01
  • Development of Marketing Activity in Agricultural Cooperative and Re-construction of Farmers' Group
    棚谷 智寿; 納口 るり子; 氏家 清和
    農業経済研究. 別冊, 日本農業経済学会論文集/2010/pp.126-133, 2010-12
  • タイの乳酸菌飲料製品の製品属性とシェア-Market Share Attraction Modelによるアプローチ-
    農林水産政策研究所委託事業 食品関連市場におけるグローバルな民間主体・企業行動の実態を踏まえたフード・セキュリティに関する政策分析 Working Paper, 2010-12