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Hayashi Hisayoshi

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Conference, etc.
  • Buckwheat Production in a Mountainous Area of the Central Part of Japan
    Hayashi Hisayoshi
    International Symposium on Buckwheat
  • そばにおける作期・作型の新たな動き
    林 久喜; 井上 健一; 井上 直人; 今木 正; 大場 伸哉; 勝田 ...
  • 21世紀の食料生産と農業技術
    林 久喜
  • Plant characteristics in relation to lodging in self-pollinating buckwheat
    Hayashi Hisayoshi; Toiguchi Daisuke; Wang Yingjie; Campbe...
    10th International Symposium on Buckwheat/2007-08-13--2007-08-20