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Kamijo Takashi

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  • Evaluation of Plant Species Compositional Changes during the Recent Decades in Mongolian Steppe
    鈴木 康平; Tsagaanbandi TSENDEEKHUU; Radnaakhand TUNGALAG...
    Journal of Arid Land Studies/27(4)/pp.127-134, 2018
  • Development and characterization of 10 microsatellite markers from Wisteria floribunda (Fabaceae)
    Mori Hideki; Ueno Saneyoshi; Matsumoto Asako; Uchiyama Ke...
    SILVAE GENETICA/65(1)/pp.55-58, 2016-12
  • Change of understory vegetation after thinning in Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress plantations
    山崎 寛史; 上條 隆志; 平田 晶子; 五味 高志; 恩田 裕一
    The Japanese Forest Society Congress/125/p.272, 2014
  • Sprouting ability in the forest damaged by 2000-year eruption on Miyake-jima Island
    黛 絵美; 上條 隆志
    The Japanese Forest Society Congress/125/p.340, 2014
  • Age structure of Larix sibirica in ecotone stands between Larix forest and steppe
    The Japanese Forest Society Congress/126/p.292, 2015
  • Change of understory vegetation for three years after heavy thinning in artificial forest in Karasawayama, Tochigi
    山崎 寛史; 上條 隆志; 五味 高志; 恩田 裕一
    The Japanese Forest Society Congress/126/p.263, 2015
  • Field testing crescent-shaped erosion control products (ToCR) to control sediment and overland flow in a eroding rill.
    小川 泰浩; 菊地 輝海; 上條 隆志; 岡部 宏秋; 石森 良房
    The Japanese Forest Society Congress/127/p.598, 2016
  • The role of host tree, disturbance and topographic factors on liana distribution in an old-growth cool temperate forest
    森 英樹; 上條 隆志; 正木 隆
    The Japanese Forest Society Congress/127/p.244, 2016
  • Evaluation experiment on soil runoff preventive control and revegetation performance of Tokyo Crescent Roll construction method in a volcanic denuded land
    菊池 輝海; 上條 隆志; 小川 泰浩; 岡部 宏秋; 石森 良房
    Journal of the Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology/41(1)/pp.231-234, 2015-08
  • Change in rhizosphere microbial community of Miscanthus condensatus, a pioneer plant on recent Miyake-jima volcanic deposit, during the vegetation development(The Joint Meeting of Japanese Environmental Microbiology-related Associations 2014)
    Guo Yong; Fujimura Reiko; Sato Yoshinori; Nishizawa Tomoy...
    土と微生物/68(2)/pp.105-106, 2014-10
  • PB-017 Characterization of microbial communities associated with the pioneer plant Miscanthus condensatus colonized the fresh volcanic deposits in the Island of Miyake, Japan
    Guo Yong; Fujimura Reiko; Hosokawa Ken; Sato Momoko; Sato...
    日本微生物生態学会講演要旨集/(29)/p.109, 2013-11
  • カラマツ人工林における間伐が土壌呼吸速度に及ぼす影響(関東支部講演会,2013年度各支部会)
    風戸 惠津子; 上條 隆志; 田村 憲司; 東 照雄
    Abstracts of the meeting, the Society of the Science of Soil and Manure/(60)/p.271, 2014-09
  • Evaluation of vegetation recovery on abandoned cropland in forest steppe and typical steppe regions in Mongolia
    鈴木 康平; 上條 隆志; JAMSRAN Undarmaa; 小長谷 有紀; 田村...
    Vegetation Science/32(1)/pp.37-48, 2015-06
  • Seed germination response to storage conditions of Eriocaulon heleocharioides (Eriocaulaceae), an extinct species in the wild
    Tanaka Norio; Goto Mina; Suzuki Kohei; Godo Toshinari; Ka...
    Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science/40(2)/pp.95-100, 2014-05
  • Evaluation of protection imparted by national park status based on comparison of steppe vegetation inside and outside Hustai National Park, Mongolia
    鈴木 康平; 上條 隆志; JAMSRAN Undarmaa; 田村 憲司
    植生学会誌 : vegetation science/30(2)/pp.85-93, 2013-12
  • Genetic Differentiation and Genetic Diversity of Castanopsis (Fagaceae), the Dominant Tree Species in Japanese Broadleaved Evergreen Forests, Revealed by Analysis of EST-Associated Microsatellites
    Aoki Kyoko; Ueno Saneyoshi; Kamijo Takashi; Setoguchi Hir...
    PLOS ONE/9(1), 2014-01
  • Role of Environmental Conditions in the Habitat Segregation of Two Abundant Vascular Epiphytes in a Warm-Temperate Forest
    Kamijo Takashi
    筑波大学農林技術研究, 2014-03
  • Characterization of Early Microbial Communities on Volcanic Deposits along a Vegetation Gradient on the Island of Miyake, Japan
    Guo Yong; Fujimura Reiko; Sato Yoshinori; Suda Wataru; Ki...
    MICROBES AND ENVIRONMENTS/29(1)/pp.38-49, 2014-03
  • Phytosociology of Hulunbeier grassland vegetation in Inner Mongolia, China
    Cheng Yunxiang; Kamijo Takashi; Tsubo Mitsuru; Nakamura Toru
    Phytocoenologia/43(1-2)/pp.41-51, 2013-06
  • Analysis of Early Bacterial Communities on Volcanic Deposits on the Island of Miyake (Miyake-jima), Japan: a 6-year Study at a Fixed Site
    Kamijo Takashi
    Microbes and Environments/27(1)/pp.19-29, 2012-12
  • Several Chemical and Mineralogical Propenties of Volcanic Ash Samples Erupted in 2000 from Miyake Island
    加藤拓; 東照雄; 上條隆志; 田村憲司
    Pedologist/p.46:14-21, 2002-01
  • Distribution of Casfanopsis forest and Persea forest and its causal factors on Hachijo-jima, Izu Islands
    上條隆志; 奥富清
    Japanes Journat of Ecology/43/p.169-179, 1993-01
  • Seedling establishment of Castanopsis cuspidata var-sieboldii and Persea thunbergii onlava and scoria of the 1962 eruption on Miyake-jima Island, the Izu Islands (共著)
    Kamijo; T.; K. Okutomi; +上條 隆志
    Ecological Reserch/10/p.235-242, 1995-01
  • A comparative study of the vegetation structure of the Fagusorientalis forests in Iran and the Fagus crenata forestsin Japan
    Akbarinia; M.; T. Hukusima; T. Kamijo
    The Journal of Phytogeography and Taxonomy/43/p.75-85, 1995-01
  • Effects of short-tailed shearwater on vegetation in Great Dog, Little Dog and Little Green Islands, Tasmania
    Kamijo; T. Y. Hoshino; 上條 隆志
    Wild Life Conservation Japan/p.1, 1995-01