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Aoyagi Hideki

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  • Effect of soybean-composite on the physiological activities of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria
    田中 麻理; 北川 さゆり; 青柳 秀紀
    日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集/64/p.157, 2012-09
  • Development of a novel method for screening microorganisms using low-shear modeled microgravity culture(Part 3)
    黒田 昌葉; 纐纈 智也; 青柳 秀紀
    日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集/64/p.229, 2012-09
  • Characteristics of nanobacteria-like particles isolated from cultured animal cell lines
    竹内 謙太郎; 青柳 秀紀
    日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集/64/p.231, 2012-09
  • [餌ーシロアリー腸内微生物叢」系を高度利用した新規な微生物スクリーニング法の開発
    青柳 秀紀
    バイオインダストリー/29(11)/pp.45-51, 2012-11
  • 微生物の新規培養法の開発と利用 —模擬微小重力培養を活用した微生物の新規スクリーニング法の開発—
    青柳 秀紀
    ケミカルエンジニアリング/57(12)/pp.899-893, 2012-12
  • Adsorption and stabilization of a raw starch digesting amylase on micro bead silica gel 300 A.
    Aoyagi Hideki
    British Biotechnology Journal/2/pp.85-101, 2012-06
  • Microalgal culture system: an insight into their designs operation and applications.
    Aoyagi Hideki
    Biotechnology/11/pp.127-132, 2012-06
  • Turbidimetric measurement of cell biomass of plant cell suspensions.
    青柳 秀紀
    J. Ferment. Bioeng./73(2)/p.130, 1992-01
  • Measurement of fresh and dry densities of suspended plant cells and estimation of their water content.
    青柳 秀紀
    J. Ferment. Bioeng./73(6)/p.490, 1992-01
  • Estimation of cell biomass in plant cell suspensions by the osmotic pressure measurement of culture broth.
    青柳 秀紀
    J. Ferment. Bioeng./76(6)/p.501, 1993-01
  • Development of an optical method for monitoring protoplast formation from cultured plant cells.
    青柳 秀紀
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  • Measurement of viable plant cell and protoplast concentrations with specialized fluorometer.
    青柳 秀紀
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  • Turbidimetric measurement of cell suspensions
    青柳 秀紀
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  • Estimation of microbial cell concentration in suspension culture by the osmotic pressure measurement of culture broth.
    青柳 秀紀
    Biotechnology Techniques/9/p.429-434, 1995-01
  • Purification and characteristics of chitinase secreted by cultured Wasabia japonica cells.
    青柳 秀紀
    J. Ferment. Bioeng./80/p.148-152, 1995-01
  • Efficient production of chitinase by immobilized Wasabia japonica cells in double-layered gel fibers.
    青柳 秀紀
    J. Ferment. Bioeng./81/p.220-225, 1996-01
    青柳 秀紀
    BIOTECHNOLOGY TECHNIQUES/10(9)/p.649, 1996-01
  • Efficient production of chitinase by Wasabia japonica protoplasts immobilized in double-layered gel fibers.
    Hideo Tanaka; Takanori Yamashita; Hideki Aoyagi; Yoshinar...
    Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering,/81/p.394-399, 1996-01
  • Alginate promotes production of various enzymes by Catharanthus roseus cells.
    青柳 秀紀; Yasuhira J; Tanaka H
    Plant Cell Rep./17(3)/pp.243-247, 1998-01
  • Indole alkaloids production by Catharanthus roseus protoplasts with artificial cell walls containing of guluronic acid rich gel.
    青柳 秀紀
    J. Ferment. Bioeng./85(3)/p.306, 1998-01
  • 植物の有用物質生産とエリシター
    青柳 秀紀
    生物工学会誌/76/p.470, 1999-01
  • Development of simple methods for preparation of yeast and plant protoplasts immobilized in alginate gel beads.
    青柳 秀紀
    Biotechnology Techniques/13/p.253-258, 1999-01
  • Development of an apparatus for monitoring protoplast isolation from plant tissues based on both dielectric and optical methods.
    青柳 秀紀; Takayanagi T; Jitsufuchi T; Tanaka H
    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering/87(6)/pp.762-768, 1999-01
  • Endogeneous elicitor-like effects of alginate on physiological activities of plant cells.
    青柳 秀紀
    Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol./52/p.429-436, 1999-01
  • Synergistic Effects of Active Oxygen Species and Alginate on Chitinase Production by Wasabia japonica Cells and Its Application
    Akimoto C; 青柳 秀紀; Dicosmo F; Tanaka H
    Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering/89(2)/pp.131-137, 2000-01