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Yokotani Kaori

Researcher's full information

    横谷 香織
    *EMPTY*, 1996-01
  • The effect of Cytokinins on the Coniclial Germination and the Hyphal Elongation in Neurospora crassa
    横谷 香織
    JOURNAL of Japan Women's University Faculty of Science/4/p.49-55, 1996-01
  • Light-induced auxin-inhibiting substance from sunflower seedlings
    横谷 香織
    Phytochemistry/46/p.503-506, 1997-01
  • Growth-promoting allelopathic substance exuded from germinating ┣DBArabidopsis(/)-┫DB ┣DBthaliana(/)-┫DB seeds.
    横谷 香織
    Phytochemistry/47/p.1-2, 1998-01
  • An allelopithic sulstance exuded from germinating watermelon seeds.
    横谷 香織
    Plant Growth Regulation/25/p.1-4, 1998-01
  • 微小動及び微弱磁場環境下における植物の光応答反応一光屈性のための成長運動
    横谷 香織
    日本宇宙生物科学会, 1999-01
  • 8-Epixanthatin, a light-induced growth inhibitor, mediates the phototropic currature in sunflower(Helianthus annuus)
    横谷 香織
    Physiologia Plantarum/106/p.326-330, 1999-01
  • Allelopathic Substance Exuded from a Serious Weed, Germinating Barnyard Grass(Echinochloa crus-galli L), Roots
    横谷 香織
    Journal of Plant Growth Regulation, 1999-01
  • Effect of the exudate from strained draff, seeds of fruite, on plant growth.(共著)
    横谷 香織
    J.Weed Sic. Tech/45/p.258-263, 2000-01
  • Effect of a low magnetic condition on growth movement in plants
    横谷 香織
    Space Utiliz Res./(16)/p.115-118, 2000-01
  • 宇宙実験での磁場環境と植物
    横谷 香織
    *EMPTY*/28/p.189-191, 2000-01
  • Occurence of lepidimoide-like sulstance in growth plant tissues and its physiological activities in ┣DBArabidopsis thaliana(/)-┫DB.(共著)
    横谷 香織
    J.Weed Sic. Tech/45/p.235-243, 2000-01
  • Growth regulating effects of endogenous lepidimoide-like substance in ┣DBArabidopsis thaliana(/)-┫DB.(共著)
    横谷 香織
    Annu.Meeting Plant.Growth Regul. Society of America./p.238-243, 2000-01
  • Repetition of the classical Boysen-Jensen and Nielsen's experiment on phototropism of oat coleoptiles
    Yamada K; Nakano H; 横谷 香織; Bruinsma J; Yamamura S; Ha...
    Journal of plant physiology/156(3)/pp.323-329, 2000-01
  • 微弱磁場環境下におけるヒマワリ芽生えの光屈性反応
    横谷 香織
    *EMPTY*/17/p.119-122, 2001-01
  • A new species selective allelopathic substance from germinating sunflower(┣DBHelianthus(/)-┫DB ┣DBannuas(/)-┫DB L. seeds.
    横谷 香織
    Phytochemistry/56/p.577-581, 2001-01
  • The effects of the acid extracts of tomato and carrot waste from food industry on the growth of some crops and weeds.
    横谷 香織
    Weed Biology and Management/1/p.226-230, 2001-01
  • Growth inhibitor from light-grown oat seedlings.
    横谷 香織
    Biochemical Systematics and Ecology/30/p.705-707, 2002-01
  • Research plan to study allelopathy under microgravity
    横谷 香織
    Biological Science in Space/(16)/p.3,157-158, 2002-01
  • Effect of a low magnetic condition on the growth of oat seedlings
    横谷 香織
    Space Utiliz. Res./18/p.199-202, 2002-01
  • Allelopathy of pinecone in Japanese red pine tree (Pirus densiflora Sieb. Et Zucc.
    横谷 香織
    Weed Biology and Management/3/p.111-116, 2003-01
  • Approach of allelopathy study with Arabidopsis thaliana and Neurospora crassa
    横谷 香織
    Weed Biology and Management/3/p.93-97, 2003-01
  • Allelopathy of fruits in compositae - Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and Mexican sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) A. Gray)
    Kato; T.; Tomita-Yokotani; K.; Kosemura; S; and Hasegawa ...
    Proceedings and Selected papers of the fouth worled congress on allelopathy/p.462-465, 2005-01
  • Sundiversifolide from exudates of Mexican sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) A. Gray) achenes.
    Kato; T.; Tomita-Yokotani; K.; Yamashita; M.; Hasegawa; K...
    Eco-Engineering/18/p.77-81, 2006-01
  • Tall Fescue Endophyte under Pseudo-microgravity
    横谷 香織
    Space Utilization Research/22/p.311-312, 2006-01