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Ueda Hiroaki

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  • 地球温暖化に伴う熱帯域の対流特性変化(ポスター・セッション)
    三木 友梨紗; 植田 宏昭
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  • Suppressant effect of instantaneous CO2 doubling on global precipitation
    Y. Kamae; H. Ueda
    Tsukuba Geoenvironmental Sciences/5/pp.11-16, 2009-01
  • Large-scale features of Pliocene climate: results from the Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project
    A. M. Haywood; D. J. Hill; A. M. Dolan; B. L. Otto-Bliesn...
    CLIMATE OF THE PAST/9(1)/pp.191-209, 2013-01
  • Sea surface temperature of the mid-Piacenzian ocean: A data-model comparison
    H. J. Dowsett; K. M. Foley; D. K. Stoll; M. A. Chandler; ...
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  • Mid-Pliocene East Asian monsoon climate simulated in the PlioMIP
    R. Zhang; Q. Yan; Z. Zhang; D. Jiang; B. L. Otto-Bliesner...
    CLIMATE OF THE PAST/9(5)/pp.2085-2099, 2013-8
  • Using results from the PlioMIP ensemble to investigate the Greenland Ice Sheet during the mid-Pliocene warm period
    A. M. Dolan; S. J. Hunter; D. J. Hill; A. M. Haywood; S. ...
    CLIMATE OF THE PAST/11(3)/pp.403-424, 2015-01
  • 積雲対流パラメタリゼーションの違いによる気候再現の差異(気候システムII,口頭発表)
    熊井 暖陽; 植田 宏昭
    大会講演予講集/104/p.304, 2013-10
  • 地球温暖化に伴う熱帯域の降水特性変化(降水システムI,口頭発表)
    三木 友梨紗; 植田 宏昭
    大会講演予講集/104/p.320, 2013-10
  • Projected Future Changes in the Asian Monsoon: A Comparison of CMIP3 and CMIP5 Model Results
    Ogata Tomomichi; Ueda Hiroaki; Inoue Tomoshige; Hayasaki ...
  • Evaluating the dominant components of warming in Pliocene climate simulations.
    Hill D. J.; Haywood A. M.; Lunt D. J.; Hunter S. J.; Brag...
    CLIMATE OF THE PAST/10(1)/pp.79-90, 2014-01
  • Evaluating the dominant components of warming in Pliocene climate simulations.
    植田 宏昭
    Clim. Past, 2013-12
  • Mid-Pliocene East Asian monsoon climate simulated in the PlioMIP.
    Zhang R.; Yan Q.; Zhang Z. S.; Jiang D.; Otto-Bliesner B....
    CLIMATE OF THE PAST/9(5)/pp.2085-2099, 2013-09
  • Data-model discord reveals challenges in reconstructing terrestrial warming of the Pliocene.
    Salzmann U. Dolan A.M. Haywood A M. Chan W.-L. Voss J. H...
    Nature Climate Change, 2013-08
  • Mid-pliocene Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation not unlike modern
    Zhang Z. -S.; Nisancioglu K. H.; Chandler M. A.; Haywood ...
    CLIMATE OF THE PAST/9(4)/pp.1495-1504, 2013-04
  • Large scale features of Pliocene climate: Results from the Pliocene model intercomparison project.
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  • Sea surface temperature of the mid-Piacenzian Ocean: A data-model
    Dowsett H. J. K. M. Foley D. K. Stoll M. A. Chandler Lin...
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  • Delay of the Baiu withdrawal in Japan under global warming condition with relevance to warming patterns of SST
    Tomoshige Inoue; Hiroaki Ueda
    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. I/90(6)/pp.855-868, 2012-12
  • Comparison of the Imapact of Global Climate Change and Urbanization on Summertime Future Climate in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
    Adachi S.; Kimura F.; T.Inoue; Ueda H.; +日下 博幸
    Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology/51(8)/pp.1441-1454, 2012-08
  • Toward the next generation of atmospheric sciences (A report of the international symposium for the 125th anniversary of the Japan meteorological society at its 2007 spring assembly - A climatological perspective on achievements and problems of data analysis-.
    天気/(56)/p.430-440, 2009-06
  • Seasonally different response of the Indian Ocean to the remote forcing of El Nino: linking the dynamics and thermodynamics.
    大庭雅道・植田宏昭; +植田 宏昭
    SOLA/5/p.176-179, 2009-11
  • Important factors for the development of the Asian-Northwest Pacific summer monsoon
    植田宏昭; 大庭雅道; S.-P. Xie
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  • Role of nonlinear atmospheric response to SST on the asymmetric transition process of ENSO.
    大庭雅道; 植田宏昭
    Journal of climate/22/p.177-192, 2009-01
  • Climatology of warm rain and associated latent heating derived from TRMM-PR observations
    児玉安正; 勝俣昌己; 森修一; 廣瀬祐城; 植田宏昭
    Journal of climate/22(4908-4929), 2009-01
  • Inter-model variability of future changes in the Baiu rainband estimated by the pseudo-global warming downscaling method.
    Kawase. H. T. Yoshikane; M. Hara; F. Kimura; T. Yasunari;...
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  • Role of Soil Moisture in the Seasonal Progress of the Asian Summer Monsoon.
    二見昌好; 大庭雅道; 植田宏昭
    Tsukuba Geoenvironmental Sciences, 2009-01