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Yaguchi Shunsuke

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  • ankAT-1 is a novel gene mediating the apical tuft formation in the sea urchin embryo
    Yaguchi Shunsuke; Yaguchi Junko; Wei Zheng; Shiba Kogiku;...
    DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY/348(1)/pp.67-75, 2010-12
  • TGFbeta signaling positions the ciliary band and patterns neurons in the sea urchin embryo.
    Yaguchi; S.; Yaguchi; J.; Angerer; R.C.; Angerer; L.M.; B...
    Dev Biol/347/p.71-81, 2010-11
  • TGF beta signaling positions the ciliary band and patterns neurons in the sea urchin embryo
    Yaguchi Shunsuke; Yaguchi Junko; Angerer Robert C.; Anger...
    DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY/347(1)/pp.71-81, 2010-11
  • Development of a dopaminergic system in sea urchin embryos and larvae.
    Katow; H.; Suyemitsu; T.; Ooka; S.; Yaguchi; J.; Jin-Nai;...
    J Exp Biol/213/p.2808-2819, 2010-09
  • Excision and Transposition Activity of Tc1/mariner Superfamily Transposons in Sea Urchin Embryos
    Sasakura Yasunori; Yaguchi Junko; Yaguchi Shunsuke; Yajim...
    ZOOLOGICAL SCIENCE/27(3)/pp.256-262, 2010-03
  • Spatiotemporal expression pattern of an encephalopsin orthologue of the sea urchin Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus during early development, and its potential role in larval vertical migration
    Ooka Shioh; Katow Tomoko; Yaguchi Shunsuke; Yaguchi Junko...
    DEVELOPMENT GROWTH & DIFFERENTIATION/52(2)/pp.195-207, 2010-02
  • The sea urchin animal pole domain is a Six3-dependent neurogenic patterning center.
    Z.Wei; J.Yaguchi; S.Yaguchi; R.C.Angerer; L.M.Angerer; +...
    Development/136/p.1179-1189, 2009-04
  • A Wnt-FoxQ2-nodal pathway links primary and secondary axis specification in sea urchin embryos.
    S. Yaguchi; J. Yaguchi; R. C. Angerer; L. M. Angerer
    Dev Cell/14/p.97-107, 2008-01
  • Sp-Smad2/3 mediates patterning of neurogenic ectoderm by nodal in the sea urchin embryo.
    S. Yaguchi; J. Yaguchi. R. D. Burke
    Dev. Biol./302/p.494-503, 2007-02
  • Serotonin stimulates [Ca2+]i elevation in ciliary ectodermal cells of echinoplutei through a serotonin receptor network in the blastocoel.
    H. Katow; S. Yaguchi; K. Kyozuka
    J. Exp. Biol./210/p.403-412, 2007-02
  • A global view of gene expression in lithium and zinc treated sea urchin embryos: new components of gene regulatory networks.
    A. J. Poustka A. Kü hn D. Groth V. Weise S. Yaguchi ...
    Genome Biol./8/p.R85, 2007-01
  • A genomic view of the sea urchin nervous system
    R. D. Burke; L. M. Angerer; M. R. Elphick; G. W. Humphrey...
    Dev. Biol./300/p.434-460, 2006-12
  • The genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.
    Sea Urchin Genome Sequencing Consortium; +谷口 俊介
    Science./314/p.941-952, 2006-11
  • Embryonic expression of engrailed in sea urchins
    S. Yaguchi; Y. Nakajima; D. Wang; R. D. Burke
    Gene Expr. Patterns./6/p.566-571, 2006-06
  • Specification of ectoderm restricts the size of the animal plate and patterns neurogenesis in sea urchin embryos
    S. Yaguchi; J. Yaguchi; R. D. Burke
    Development./133/p.2337-2346, 2006-06
  • Neuron-specific expression of a Synaptotagmin gene in the Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
    R. D. Burke; L. Osborne; D. Wang; N. Murabe; S. Yaguchi; ...
    J. Comp. Neurol./496/p.244-251, 2006-05
  • The 5-HT receptor cell is a new member of secondary mesenchyme cell descendants and forms a major blastocoelar network in sea urchin larvae
    H. Katow; S. Yaguchi; M. Kiyomoto; M. Washio
    Mech. Dev./121/p.325-337, 2004-04
  • Expression of tryptophan 5-hydroxylase gene during sea urchin neurogenesis and role of serotonergic nervous system in larval behavior
    S. Yaguchi; H. Katow
    J. Comp. Neurol./466/p.219-229, 2003-11
  • Initial analysis of immunochemichal cell surface properties, location and formation of the serotonergic apical ganglion in sea urchin embryos
    S. Yaguchi; K. Kanoh; S. Amemiya; H. Katow
    Develop. Growth Differ./42/p.479-488, 2000-10