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Kawada Kiyokazu

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  • Characteristics of soil under the forest steppe in Mongolia
    川田 清和
    Innovations for sustainability and food security in arid and semiarid lands/pp.105-105, 2014-09
  • The effect of deferred spring grazing on the vegetation of the Xilingol grassland.
    Kawada Kiyokazu
    Sand Dune Research/60(3)/pp.115-128, 2014-03
  • A biodiversity loss caused by multipurpose agricultural utilization of steppe in Inner Mongolia
    川田 清和; Wuyunna; 中村 徹
    Proceedings of International Symposium on Diversifying Biological Resources, 2013-11
  • The forest dynamic of Taiga forest and steppe ecotone region of Terelj National Park, Mongolia
    Li Hao; 川田 清和; Haruka Ohashi; Sumya Oyunsuvd; Undarma...
    Proceedings of International Symposium on Diversifying Biological Resources, 2013-11
  • Anti-cancer and antioxidant activities of leaf-extracts of Tunisian olive cultivars growing in different regions in Tunisia
    Atsushi Kawachi; Yoshie Kawamura; Kiyokazu Kawada; Zouhai...
    The 12th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Science, Society and Technology/pp.66-66, 2013-11
  • Anticancer effect of Tamarix gallica extracts on human colon cancer cells involves Erk1/2 and p38 action on G2/M cell cycle arrest.
    Boulaaba M; Tsolmon S; Ksouri R; Han J; Kawada K; Smaoui ...
    CYTOTECHNOLOGY/65(6)/pp.927-936, 2013-12
  • Purification and Identification of PPAR γ agonists from Tunisian Plants
    Junkyu Han; Hiroko Isoda; Yusaku Miyamae; Tokio Hasegawa;...
    Book of proceedings Tunisian-Japanese Symposium on Society, Science and Technology (TJASSST 2013) Session VII: SATREPS/pp.1-3, 2014-03
  • Identification of 6-Octadecynoic acid from Marrubium vulgare L. as a PPARγ agonist
    Anna Ohtera; Yusaku Miyamae; Naomi Nakai; Atsushi Kawauch...
    Book of proceedings Tunisian-Japanese Symposium on Society, Science and Technology (TJASSST 2013) Session I: Life Science, Food and Agriculture/pp.90-93, 2014-03
  • チュニジア中部におけるローズマリーの過伐採による周辺環境の変化
    川田 清和; Abderrazak Smaoui; 礒田博子
    日本沙漠学会第25回大会講演要旨集, 2014-05
  • 産地および品種が異なるオリーブ葉抽出液によるヒト乳がん細胞抑制効果の比較
    河内 敦; 川田 清和; 北原 卓; Zouhaier Bouallaguia; Ahmed ...
    日本沙漠学会第24回大会講演要旨集, 2013-05
  • 航空機LiDARデータを使用した林床のササ稈密度の推定
    川田 清和
    第125回日本森林学会講演要旨集/pp.91-91, 2014-03
  • モンゴルにおけるステップ植生の植物社会学的研究
    程云湘; 川田 清和; 烏云娜; 中村 徹
    植生学会第11回大会要旨集, 2006-10
  • モンゴル中西部に分布するステップの群落構造
    川田 清和; 黒川巧; 角田圭佑; Tsagaanbandi Tsendeekhuu; 中...
    植生学会第18回大会要旨集, 2013-10
  • Identification of 6-octadecynoic acid from a methanol extract of Marrubium vulgare L. as a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonist
    Ohtera Anna; Miyamae Yusaku; Nakai Naomi; Kawachi Atsushi...
  • In Vitro Antiproliferative Effect of Arthrocnemum indicum Extracts on Caco-2 Cancer Cells through Cell Cycle Control and Related Phenol LC-TOF-MS Identification
    Boulaaba Mondher; Mkadmini Khaoula; Tsolmon Soninkhishig;...
  • Influence of climatic conditions on phenolic content in rosemary in Tunisia.
    川田 清和
    Establishment of Integrative Research Base by Humanities and Sciences on Valorization of Useful Plants for Regional Development in North Africa III/pp.48-52, 2013-06
  • Allometric equations and biomass amount of representative Tunisian arid land shrubs for estimating baseline.
    Hideki Suganuma; 川田 清和; Abderrazak Smaoui; Kohei Suzu...
    Journal of Arid Land Studies/22(1)/pp.219-222, 2012-06
  • Plant biodiversity in the semi-arid zone of Tunisia.
    川田 清和; Kohei Suzuki; Hideki Suganuma; Abderrazak Smao...
    Journal of Arid Land Studies/22(1)/pp.83-86, 2012-06
  • Community structure and productivity in western Mongolian steppe
    Kawada Kiyokazu; Yamashita Ayaka; Tsagaanbandi Tsendeekhu...
    Proceedings of International Conference PLANT BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES IN CONTINENTAL ASIA/pp.91-91, 2013-06
  • 茨城県那珂川の河川敷および堤防に生育している種子植物の群落構成
    川田清和; 小野義隆
    茨城大学教育学部紀要(自然科学)/49/p.83-98, 2000-01
  • 茨城県那珂川の河川敷および堤防に生育している種子植物
    川田 清和; 小野 義隆
    茨城大学教育学部紀要(自然科学)/49/pp.59-82, 2000-01
  • 半乾燥地強風下における農耕地由来の風積砂土が草原生態系に与える影響
    川田 清和; 中村 徹
    沙漠研究 : 日本沙漠学会誌/13(3)/pp.173-181, 2003-01
  • 内蒙古自治区の砂漠化
    ミュージアムパーク茨城県自然博物館 開館10周年記念企画展 恐竜たちの足音が聞こえる[中国そして日本]/p.56, 2004-01
  • CO2 emission and CH4 uptake through soils in three altitudinal zones of forests in Yakushima, Japan
    Masahiro Mukai; Takashi Kamijo; Nobuhiko Nomura; Mitsuru ...
    Natural and human ecosystems of Yakushima -As island of world natural heritage/p.93-114, 2004-01
  • Invasion process of an alien plant, Sicyos angulatus, into a riparian ecosystem in Japan.
    Kiyokazu Kawada; Hiroaki Ikeda
    International Symposium for Invasive Alien Species in Monsoon Asia: Status and Control, under the Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium (MARCO)., 2007-03