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Kumagai Keiko

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  • Education for person with Learning Disabilities
    Japanese Journal of Comprehensive Rehabilitation/12(2)/p.83-88, 2012-02
  • 高等学校における特別支援教育の実践:三次的援助サービスを中心に.
    初谷和行; 熊谷 恵子
    筑波大学学校教育論集/34/p.19-29, 2012
  • 少年非行の知的能力と算数・数学の学習習得度:少年院の発達障害の行動傾向がある少年に焦点をあてて.
    池上雅子・加藤喜久・竹田契一; 熊谷 恵子
    筑波大学学校教育論集/34/p.31ー36, 2012
  • 学習障害(LD)を有する少年非行に関する研究動向:日本と米国における、知能検査・学習習得度・転帰・介入の調査結果を中心に.
    熊上崇; 熊谷 恵子
    LD研究/20(2)/pp.218-229, 2011-06
  • Effects of Colored Overlays on Reading in Japanese University Students with Normal Reading Ability.
    川端智世; 村瀬(廣嶌)忍; 熊谷 恵子; 池谷尚剛
    Japanese Journal of Learning Disabilities/20(1)/pp.130-136, 2011-02
  • Trial of the independence activity using the social skills training: guidance in the time for independence activity for the slight mentally-disabled person
    高橋 鉄; 熊谷 恵子
    Research bulletin for school education/(32)/pp.51-57, 2010-03
  • 算数の指導 (通常学級で使える 特別支援教育 実践のコツ) -- (教科学習をうまくやれるように)
    熊谷 恵子
    Child study/63(18)/pp.26-34, 2009-12
  • Frequency and characteristics of juvenile delinquents with tendencies for learning disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders, seen in court cases
    熊上 崇; 熊谷 恵子
    Japanese journal of learning disabilities/18(3)/pp.274-283, 2009-10
  • Prevalence and characteristics of pervasive developmental disorders in juvenile court cases in Japan
    熊上 崇; 熊谷 恵子
    Japanese journal of learning disabilities/18(2)/pp.138-146, 2009-06
  • Research on the role and the history of parental associations for children with learning disabilities: through an analysis of association magazines
    稲本 純子; 熊谷 恵子
    Japanese journal of learning disabilities/18(1)/pp.95-104, 2009-03
  • Effects of teaching of Psychology for the life skills
    石川満佐育; 田中 輝美; 熊谷 恵子; 菅野和恵; 初谷和行; 竹...
    Research bulletin for school education/31/pp.5-11, 2009-03
  • 読み書き障害のない大学生におけるScotopic Sensitivity Syndrome(Irlen syndrome)の実態ー大学生20名を対象にした予備調査.
    熊谷 恵子
    岐阜大学教育学部研究報告(人文科学), 2009-03
  • Trial of 'the psychology classes building up the life skills' for the children with auditory imparement: approach for three grade students in the elementary special school for children with auditory imparement
    山本 晃; 谷口 洋子; 熊谷 恵子
    Research bulletin for school education/31/pp.61-69, 2009-03
  • Recent approachs to developmental dyscalculia: subtypes of developmental dyscalculia from neuropsychological evidence and legal definitions
    熊谷 恵子
    Japanese journal of learning disabilities/18(1)/pp.24-32, 2009-03
  • Intervention of schedule management skill for student with Asperger's syndrome tendency
    西井 孝明; 熊谷 恵子
    Research bulletin for school education/31,/pp.53-60, 2009-03
  • The incidence of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome among Japanese normal readers : A preliminary survey of university student
    川端 智世; 村瀬 忍; 熊谷 恵子; 池谷 尚剛
    Annual report of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University. Humanities and social sciences/58(1)/pp.215-220, 2009-01
  • The important points for children's mental health support in school
    熊谷 恵子
    Bulletin of Center for Research in Education and Human Development, Faculty of Education and Welfare Science, Oita University/(27)/pp.11-20, 2009-01
  • Review of Research on Juvenile Delinquency with Learning Disabilities.
    熊上崇; 熊谷 恵子
    Japanese Journal of Learning Disabilities/18(2)/p.138-145, 2009
  • 「ライフスキルを高める心理学の授業」の効果の検討
    石川満佐育; 田中輝美; 熊谷恵子; 菅野和恵; 初谷和行; 竹内...
    筑波大学学校教育論集/31/p.5-11, 2009-01
  • The Effects of the colored film on reading
    川端 智世; 村瀬 忍; 熊谷 恵子
    Annual report of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University. Humanities and social sciences/57(1)/pp.197-207, 2008-10
  • PC1-31 日本版KABC-IIの標準化に向けて : 予備調査(障害)
    服部 環; 青山 真二; 石隈 利紀; 小野 純平; 熊谷 恵子; 藤田...
    Annual convention of the Japanese Association of Educational Psychology/(50)/p.227, 2008-09
  • PC1-30 KABC-IIの概要および理論的背景と現行K-ABCとの違いについて(障害)
    熊谷 恵子; 服部 環; 藤田 和弘; 石隈 利紀; 青山 真二; 小野...
    Annual convention of the Japanese Association of Educational Psychology/(50)/p.226, 2008-09
  • The intervention of the mathematical problem solving for the child with HFPDD
    松井 友子; 熊谷 恵子
    Research bulletin for school education/30 /pp.65-71, 2008-03
  • Rethinking the Role of the School Psychologist in Japan : Comparison With School Psychologists' Work in Other Countries
    KUMAGAI Keiko
    The Annual report of educational psychology in Japan/47/pp.223-230, 2008-03
  • Method of intervention in social skills training: focusing on SST for children with developmental disorders
    稲本 純子; 熊谷 恵子
    Research bulletin for school education/30/pp.55-63, 2008-03