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Yanagi Hisako

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  • The Effect of Cognitive Rehabilitation for Post-Stroke Depression in Long-Term Care Health Facilities: a Randomized Controlled Trial
    Yanagi Hisako
    Journal of Clinical and Medical Investigations/3(2)/pp.1-7, 2018-7
  • 介護老人保健施設職員におけるKYT(危険予知トレーニング)の介入効果―職員の安全意識に着目した前後比較試験―
    Yanagi Hisako; 長谷川大悟; 若山修一; 巻直樹; 後藤亮平
    医療の質・安全学会誌/12(4)/pp.436-443, 2017
  • The Effects of Cognitive Rehabilitation on Patients with Post-stroke Depression in Long-term Care Facilities: A Before-and-after Comparison Trial
    坂本 晴美; 巻 直樹; 宇都木 敦弘; 大津 正人; 鳴海 勝太; 高...
    An Official Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association/41(1)/pp.8-14, 2018-3
  • Motor Functions in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are Associated with the Difference between eGFRcys and eGFRcreat
    塩見 耕平; Yanagi Hisako; 斎藤 知栄; 永井 恵; 上野 友之; ...
    Physical Therapy Japan/44(4)/pp.291-298, 2017-08
  • 維持期脳卒中片麻痺患者に対する歩行感覚提示装置を用いた歩行トレーニングの検討
    田中 直樹; 高尾 敏文; 飯塚 陽; 内藤 幾愛; 金森 毅繁; 斉藤...
    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association/2013/p.732, 2014
  • 歩行感覚提示装置を用いた歩行トレーニングの有用性の検討
    田中 直樹; 高尾 敏文; 渡邉 大貴; 金森 毅繁; 矢野 博明; 柳...
    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association/2014/p.1079, 2015
  • The Effect of Respiratory Training for the Frail Elderly with Decreased Swallowing Function
    巻 直樹; 髙橋 大知; 仲田 敏明; 長谷川 大吾; 若山 修一; 坂...
    Physical Therapy Japan/44(2)/pp.138-144, 2017
  • The effect of respiratory rehabilitation for the frail elderly: a pilot study
    Naoki Maki; Hirotomo Takahashi; Toshiaki Nakata ; Shuichi...
    Journal of General and Family Medicine/17(4)/pp.289-298, 2016-12
  • Impact of Having Action Plan and Self Efficacy Score on Physical Activity Action Change after One Year
    中野 聡子; 奥野 純子; 深作 貴子; 堀田 和司; 藤田 好彦; 若...
    An Official Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association/39(4)/pp.227-233, 2016-12
  • Effects of Gait Training Using a Hybrid Assistive Limb® (HAL®) on Quality of Life and Mood States and Suitability of HAL for Recovery Phase Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Study
    渡邉 大貴; 後藤 亮平; 田中 直樹; 金森 毅繁; 柳 久子
    Rigakuryoho kagaku/31(5)/pp.733-742, 2016-11
  • Effects of Gait Training using the Hybrid Assistive Limb® in Recovery-Phase Stroke Patients: A 2-Month Follow-up, Randomized, Controlled Study
    Watanabe Hiroki; Goto Ryohei; Tanaka Naoki; Matsumura Aki...
    NeuroRehabilitation/40(3)/pp.363-367, 2017-01
  • The effect of respiratory rehabilitation for the frail elderly: a pilot study
    Yanagi Hisako; Naoki Maki Hirotomo Takahashi Toshiaki Nak...
    Journal of General and Family Medicine/17(4)/pp.289-298, 2016-12
  • Factors associated with the recovery of activities of daily living after hospitalization for acute medical illness: a prospective cohort study
    Goto Ryohei; Watanabe Hiroki; Tsutsumi Madoka; Kanamori T...
    Journal of Physical Therapy Science/28(10)/pp.2763-2768, 2016
  • Fall Occurrence in Long-term Care Facilities:― A Focus on the Movement Status of Residents ―
    長谷川大悟; 藤田 好彦; 坂本 晴美; 巻 直樹; 若山 修一; 稲...
    JapaneseJournal of Fall Prevention/2(3)/pp.23-32, 2016-03
  • Sense of coherence (SOC) : social and psychological factors in the homebound elderly in a community
    若山 修一; 高田 祐; 久保田 智洋; 中村 茂美; 藤田 好彦; 巻...
    An Official Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association/39(2)/pp.98-105, 2016-06
  • 平成27年度 日本学術振興会によるひらめき☆ときめきサイエンス  孫世代との会話による高齢者の喜びと満足感の反応を科学的にとらえよう
    柳 久子
    日本高齢者ケアリング学研究会誌/6(1)/pp.41-45, 2015
  • 地域在住高齢者に対する閉じこもり予防・支援の現状と課題
    柳 久子
    日本高齢者ケアリング学研究会誌/6(1)/pp.1-10, 2015
  • Factors Associated with Maintenance of Physical Activity among Older Adults Who Participated in the Class in a Care Prevention Program
    中野 聡子; 奥野 純子; 深作 貴子; 堀田 和司; 藪下 典子; 根...
    Physical Therapy Japan/42(6)/pp.511-518, 2015-10
  • Factors Associated with Recovery of Activities of Daily Living in Elderly Pneumonia Patients
    Goto Ryohei; Watanabe Hiroki; Tanaka Naoki; Kanamori Take...
    General Medicine/16(2)/pp.68-75, 2015
  • 健常成人における歩行様式の違いによる脳内血液酸素動態の検討
    内藤 幾愛; 斉藤 秀之; 矢野 博明; 柳 久子; 長澤 俊郎; 小関 迪
    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association/2011/pp.Aa0886-Aa0886, 2012
  • Factors related to customer satisfaction with rehabilitation in geriatric facilities
    坂本晴美; 高田祐; 稲田 晴彦; 奥野純子; 柳久子
    Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association/37(4)/pp.324-332, 2014-12
  • Relationship between fall risk and gait ability under multi-task conditions in community-dwelling elderly
    高田祐; 藤田好彦; 久保田智洋; 稲田 晴彦; 奥野純子; 柳久子
    Journal of Physical Therapy Science/29(2)/pp.201-205, 2014-04
  • The Dynamics of Blood Oxygen in the Brain of Healthy Young Adults in the Performance of Various Walking Styles
    内藤 幾愛; 斉藤 秀之; 柳 久子; 矢野 博明; 長澤 俊郎; 小関 迪
    Journal of exercise physiology/28(4)/pp.435-440, 2013-08
  • Improvement of gait ability with a short-term intensive gait rehabilitation program using body weight support treadmill training in community dwelling chronic poststroke survivors
    Takao Toshifumi; Tanaka Naoki; Iizuka Noboru; Saitou Hide...
    Journal of Physical Therapy Science/27(1)/pp.159-163, 2015-01
  • 要介護認定高齢者における呼吸機能の特徴と呼吸リハビリテーションの現状
    柳 久子; 巻 直樹、高橋大知
    日本高齢者ケアリング学研究会誌/5(1)/pp.11-23, 2014-10