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Mizuno Tomomi

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  • ADHD衝動傾向のある幼児の交通事故を防止するための教育と効果
    水野 智美
    Understanding handicaps/19/pp.1-10, 2018-06
  • Analysis of the Topic of Makeup in Modern Children's Culture and Awareness of the Parents and Nursery Teachers
    徳田 克己; 水野 智美
    Cosmetology コスメトロジー研究報告/26/pp.146-152, 2018
  • The Burden Felt by Mothers Effected by Liquid Infant Formula
    水野 智美; 徳田 克己; 西村 実穂; 趙 洪仲
    食に関する助成研究調査報告書/(31)/pp.79-84, 2018
  • グアムにおける点字ブロックの設置状況と問題点
    徳田 克己; 水野智美
    実践人間学/9/pp.59-64, 2019-03
  • Buying behavior for formula and awareness of mothers who have infants in China
    水野智美; 徳田 克己; 屈 国鋒
    Journal for the Integrated Study of Dietary Habits/29(4)/pp.213-218, 2019-03
  • The Effect of the Lectures which Attempted to Change the Awareness of Poverty among University Students.
    MIZUNO Tomomi; CHO Hong-joong; TOKUDA Katsumi
    The Korean Journal of Minority/2(1)/pp.1-9, 2019-03
  • 発達障害傾向のある幼児の屋内での事故と対策-障害理解の視点から-
    水野智美; 西館有沙; 西村実穂; 徳田 克己
    Understanding handicaps/19/pp.21-30, 2018-12
  • Installation Status and Issues of Tactile Walking Surface Indicator in South America
    Mizuno Tomomi; Katsumi Tokuda
    The Asian Journal of Disable Sociology, 2017-12
  • The Recognition Level of Nursery Teachers for Children’s Songs and Other Songs and How They Implement Them in Childcare Activities
    水野 智美
    The Asian Journal of Child Care/8/pp.25-33, 2017-11
  • 幼児の化粧に関する保護者、保育者の認識
    徳田 克己; 水野智美
    実践人間学/9/pp.20-27, 2018-04
  • 勤務中の保育者の身だしなみ
    徳田 克己; 水野智美
    実践人間学/9/pp.12-19, 2018-04
  • Effectiveness of an Indoor Play area for Children, as a Place of Developmental Support and Its Issues -Based on the Results of Questionaire Survey Subjecting the User-
    Tokuda Katsumi; Tomomi Mizuno
    The Asian Journal of Chil care/8/pp.9-16, 2017-11
  • The Curent Situation of "Using a Smartphone while Doing Something Else" and Related Factors
    Mizuno Tomomi; Katusmi Tokuda; Hongjoong Cho
    Journal of Digital Convergence/14(12)/pp.561-569, 2016-12
  • ウォーターフロント地区におけるバリアフリーの状況と課題
    Mizuno Tomomi; 西館 有沙; 安心院 朗子
    Understanding handicaps/17/pp.29-44, 2017-12
  • 地域で実施されている福祉体験講座の問題点と改善策の提案-視覚障害歩行体験と車いす体験に焦点をあてて-
    Mizuno Tomomi
    Understanding handicaps/17/pp.1-16, 2016-06
  • How Characters are handled in the childcare scenes ‐ Focused on childcare workers’ cognition and utilization of characters in childcare activities-
    Hiroko Edano; Mizuno Tomomi
    The Asian Society of Child Care/7/pp.73-78, 2016-07
  • Characteristics of Children Evaluated by Parents with Infants ‐From a comparison with survey results of about 15 years ago‐
    Mizuno Tomomi
    The Asian Society of Child Care/7/pp.29-36, 2016-07
  • 歩きスマホ防止意識を高める啓発映像の内容とその効果-視聴覚教材としての可能性を探る-
    西館 有沙; 水野 智美; 徳田 克己
    Research Journal of Teaching and Learning Materials/27/p.109, 2016-09
  • Runners who are BecomingNew Barrier to Pedestrians -Focusing on the Waterfront-
    Nishidte Arisa; Tokuda Katsumi; Mizuno Tomomi
    The Asian journal of disable sociology, 2016-04
  • Current Situation of Using Their Smartphones While Walking in the Major Stations and its Surrounding Area in Tokyo and Osaka-Focused on the result of on-site calibration research-
    Mizuno Tomomi; Tokuda Katsumi
    The Asian journal of disable sociology/15/pp.1-10, 2016-04
  • Characteristics of Ground surface Indicators in Middle East and North Africa
    Tokuda Katsumi; Mizuno Tomomi
    The Asian Journal of Disable Sociology/15/pp.25-36, 2016-04
  • Effectiveness of Awareness Education to prevent Texting While Walking - By comparing informative, threatening, and discussion
    Mizuno Tomomi; Tokuda Katsumi
    International Journal of Applied Engineering Research/90/pp.25-27, 2016-01
  • Study of currently installed tactile ground surface indicators in countries of former Republics of the Soviet Union
    Mizuno Tomomi; Tokuda Katsumi
    International Journal of Applied Engineering Research/90/pp.28-31, 2016-01
  • 交通弱者の存在と運転行動
    水野 智美; 徳田克己
    自動車技術/70(3)/pp.101-105, 2016-03
  • 保育者が行う絵カード作成の誤りおよび不適切な使用方法の分類-指示カードの誤りに着目して-
    水野 智美
    教材学研究/26/pp.165-172, 2015-03