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Lee Seung Hee

Researcher's full information

  • Development of Wearable Device by Kid’s Friendly Design for Kid’s Safety
    Masatoshi Hamanaka; Jahee Sohn; Atsushi Usami; +李 昇姫
    Human Computer Interaction 2010, 2010-09
  • System for Detecting Kindergartners' Potential Emergency Situations
    Masatoshi Hamanaka; Yuichi Murakami; Atsushi Usami; Yuji ...
    World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics 2010 (WMSCI2010)/1/p.296-301, 2010-07
  • 1ZD-6 Children's activity recognition using wearable sensors
    三浦 右士; 浜中 雅俊; 岩本 義輝; 李 昇姫
    全国大会講演論文集/72(3)/p.483, 2010-03
  • 3ZD-8 Development of Wearable Device for Saving Children's Emergency
    宇佐美 敦志; 孫 慈禧; 浜中 雅俊; 李 昇姫
    全国大会講演論文集/72(3)/p.523, 2010-03
  • 5U-1 Speech Privacy Protection Systems for Wearable Devices
    厚田 和也; 孫 慈禧; 浜中 雅俊; 李 昇姫
    全国大会講演論文集/72(2)/p.275, 2010-03
  • Differences on Use of Color before and after stimuli-Two different stimuli of images by design subjects-
    金善和; 李昇姫
    Japan Society of Basic Design and Art/18/p.27-32, 2010-03
  • Comparison of changes in use of colors on two different stimuli and majors
    金善和; 李昇姫
    Korean Society of Basic Design/10(6)/p.69-77, 2010-02
  • Differences on Use of Colors before and after Color Stimuli
    金善和; 李昇姫
    Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion & Sensibility/12(3)/p.351-356, 2009-09
  • Sound Scope Headphones
    Masatoshi Hamanaka; SeungHee Lee
    SIGGRAPH2009, 2009-08
  • Kansei Evaluation in the thickness of Physical Objects Based on Tactile Impression-Proposal of a Kansei Category Based on How we feel about Objects-
    李美龍; 李昇姫
    Journal of Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering/9(1)/p.1-9, 2009-07
  • Neural Networks Involved in Artistic Creativity
    Kowatari Yasuyuki; Lee Seung Hee; Yamamura Hiromi; Nagamo...
    HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING/30(5)/pp.1678-1690, 2009-05
  • A Sampling Method and Data Evaluation of Archaeological Samples to Support Long-Term Corrosion Prediction
    Yoshikawa H.; Lee S.; Matsui T.
    CORROSION/65(4:::Sp. Iss. SI)/pp.227-232, 2009-04
    KIM So Yeong; LEE Seung Hee
    KANSEI Engineering International/8(2)/pp.165-168, 2009
  • イメージを用いたプロダクトデザインの印象評価-デザインモチーフとユーザの印象との比較
    李美龍; 李昇姫
    日本感性工学会論文誌/8/p.105-112, 2008-01
  • The possibility of ‘Kansei’ evaluation on preference through a human face
    Inchan Park; Seunghee Lee; Toshimasa Yamanaka
    Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Researches, 2007, 2007-11
  • Sound Scope Headphones
    浜中 雅俊; 李 昇姫
    Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan/12(3)/pp.295-304, 2007-09
  • Kansei Evaluation of the fundamental-shape to constitute the object
    Lee M.Y.; Lee S.H.
    International Human Computer Interaction/p.CD-Rom, 2007-01
  • A Description of Japanese Design Approach
    Levy P.; Lee S.H.; Yamanaka T.
    The International Association of Societies of Design Research/p.CD-Rom, 2007-01
  • Kansei Evaluation of Designs using Visuals
    Lee M.Y.; Lee S.H.
    The International Association of Societies of Design Research/p.CD-Rom, 2007-01
  • Consideration about Change of Coloring Style of Children by Color Stimulation
    Kim S.W.; Lee S.H.
    International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research/p.CD-Rom, 2007-01
  • Kansei Evaluation of three-dimensional Geometrical Shapes using Pictorial Images
    Lee M.Y.; Lee S.H.
    International Conference on Engineering Design/p.CD-Rom, 2007-01
  • 感性行動に基づいたTangible Interaction: 音楽鑑賞システム提案
    李昇姫; 池月雄哉; 浜中雅俊
    日本感性工学会和文論文誌「感性ロボティクス特集号」, 2007-01
  • Sound Scope Headphones: Controlling an Audio Mixer through Natural Movement
    Masatoshi Hamanaka; Seunghee Lee
    Proceedings of the 2006 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2006)/p.155-158, 2006-11
  • デモンストレーション:若手による研究紹介III(デモセッション)
    浜中 雅俊; 李 昇姫; 竹川 佳成; 寺田 努; 西尾 章治郎; 橋田...
    IPSJ SIG Notes/2006(90)/pp.55-61, 2006-08
  • F08 Design to correct the Gripping Style of a Pen in an Autism Child(TECHNICAL SESSION CONTENT)
    姜 南圭; 李 昇姫
    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSSD/(53)/pp.246-247, 2006-06