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Sugiyama Fumihiro

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  • Species-Specific Kinetics of Mouse Renin Contribute to Maintenance of Normal Blood Pressure in Transgenic Mice with Overexpressed Human Angiotensinogen
    高橋 滋; 深水 昭吉; 波多江 利久; 山田 裕二; 杉山 文博; 梶...
    The journal of veterinary medical science/54(6)/pp.1191-1193, 1992-12
  • Comparative Study on Cross-Reaction of Leptospiral Antibodies in Several Serological Tests to Detect Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in Dogs
    杉山 芳宏; 杉山 文博; 八神 健一
    The journal of veterinary medical science/55(1)/pp.149-151, 1993-02
  • ICE/CED-3 family and oligodendrocyte cell death
    久原 真; 杉山 文博; 八神 健一; 庄司 進一; 岡野 栄之; 三浦...
    日本分子生物学会年会プログラム・講演要旨集/19/p.849, 1996-08
  • Development of transgenic mice expressing caspase inhibitory gene
    荒木 崇志; 杉山 文博; 八神 健一; 猿田 享男; 岡野 栄之; 三...
    日本分子生物学会年会プログラム・講演要旨集/21/p.566, 1998-12
  • Production of transgenic rats using pregnant and pseudopregnant rats prepared at a breeding farm (共著)
    Kajiwara N; Sugiyama F; Goto Y; Sugiyama Y; Fukamizu A; U...
    Experimental Animals/42(3)/p.463-466, 1993-01
  • Electro Blottingにおける電気泳動条件の影響
    杉山文博; 古川敏紀; 赤堀文昭
    麻布大学獣医学部研究報告/5/p.199-210, 1984-01
  • ネコの生後間もない時期における血液変化
    古川敏紀; 杉山文博
    獣医畜産新報/752/p.142-146, 1984-01
  • Isolation of feline plasma hemopexin
    Furukawa T; Sugiyama F
    J Vet Med Sci/46/p.877-880, 1984-01
  • Isolation of feline plasma plasminogen
    Furukawa T; Sugiyama F
    J Vet Med Sci/46/p.867-870, 1984-01
  • A case of asymmetric feline central retinal degeneration
    Fukui M; Furukawa T; Kurashima Y; Hayashi S; Sugiyama F
    Anim Eye Res/4/p.23-26, 1985-01
  • Analysis of feline plasma proteins by immunoelectrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
    Furukawa T; Sugiyama F
    J Vet Med Sci/48/p.643-653, 1986-01
  • Arched isoelectric focusing method for the study of proteins in the cat aqueous humor
    Furukawa T; Sugiyama F
    Anim Eye Res/5/p.49-56, 1986-01
  • Purification, electrophoretic characterization and plasma concentration of feline or canine anthithrombin
    Sugiyama F; Furukawa T
    J Vet Med Sci/47/p.987-994, 1986-01
  • Canine fundus apnormalities
    Fukui M; Furukawa T; Hayashi S; Sugiyama F
    Anim Eye Res/7/p.31-37, 1988-01
  • Isolation and observation of phenotype of feline fourth component of complement
    Furukawa T; Sugiyama F
    Jpn J Vet Sci/52/p.843-846, 1990-01
  • Spontaneous leukemia occurring in aged wistar rats and its transplantation into rats
    Yagami K; Sugiyama Y; Sugiyama F
    Exp Anim/40/p.407-410, 1991-01
  • Development of mouse oocytes superovulated at different ages
    Sugiyama F; Kajiwara N; Hayashi S; Sugiyama Y; Yagami K
    Lab Anim Sci/42/p.297-298, 1992-01
  • Species-specific induction of angiotensinogen mRNA in transgenic mouse liver during acute phase reaction
    Takahashi S; Fukamizu A; Sugiyama F; Kajiwara N; Yagami K...
    J Vet Med Sci/54/p.1191-1193, 1992-01
  • Dependence of angiotensin production in transgenic mice carrying either the human renin or human angiotensinogen genes on species-specific kinetics of the renin-angiotensin system
    Fukamizu A; Takimoto E; Sugimura K; Hatae T; Seo MS; Taka...
    Arzneimittelforschung/43/p.222-225, 1993-02
  • つくば高血圧マウス
    杉山文博; 深水昭吉
    BIOMEDICA/8/p.60-64, 1993-01
  • トランスジェニックマウスとレニン・アンギオテンシン系
    塩田直孝; 深水昭吉; 杉山文博; 堀口尚; 村上和雄
    Molecular Modicine/30/p.1406-1413, 1993-01
  • 眼窩静脈叢採取血液と心臓採取血液の血液生化学値の比較
    泉幸子; 杉山文博; 杉山芳宏; 八神健一
    実験動物/42/p.99-102, 1993-01
  • Isolation of mouse Ren-1C gene and characterization of renin gene expression in both ES-D 3 cells and their parental mouse strain
    Tanimoto K; Tamura K; Sugiyama F; Murakami K; Fukamizu A
    J Reprod Dev/39/p.19-24, 1993-01
  • Comparative study on cros-reaction of leptespinal antibodies in several serological tests to detect antibodies to Bornelia burgderferi in dog
    Sugiyama Y; Sugiyama F; Yagami K.
    J Vet Med Sci/55/p.149-151, 1993-01
  • Isolation of Salmonoella from impounded dog intreduced to laboratory
    Sugiyama Y; Sugiyama F; Yagami K
    Exp Anim/42/p.119-121, 1993-01