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Honda Katsuya

Researcher's full information

  • Detection of Seguence Variants in hypersensitive Segments of mitochondrial DNA in the asian population
    Katsuya Honda
    Advances in forensic haemogenetics/6/p.29-31, 1997-01
  • Detection of male specific DNA in vaginal swabs to certify sexnal offences
    Katsuya Honda
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    Lutz Roewer; Katsuya Honda
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  • Chromosome Y micro satellite ; population genetics and evolutionary aspects
    Lutz Roewer; Katsuya Honda
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  • A rapid and simple procedure of sex identification from the DNA in a trace amount of saliva using polymerase chain reaction
    Katsuya Honda
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  • Diffences of allelic distribution on APOB 3' Variable region between Japanese and Caucasian population
    Katsuya Honda
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  • Male DNA typing from 25-year-old vaginal smabs using Y chromosomal STR polymorphisms in a retrial request case.
    Katsuya Honda; Choei Wakasugi
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  • Identification of a dismemberel body by DNA analysis
    Katsuya Honda
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    Katsuya Honda
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    Katsuya Honda
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  • 『新・弁証法・認識論への道』(『全集』第二巻)を読む
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  • Improving the sensitivity and specificity of PCR amplification for forensic Y-STR typing
    Honda K; Koh CL. Nakamura T; Tanaka E; Yamazaki K
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  • 次代を担う看護学生・医学生への医学概論教育講座(13)-(16)
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  • エンゲルス『フォイエルバッハ論』にみる,ヘーゲル哲学の真の学問的意義とはー自然科学の新時代はいかにして拓かれたか
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  • A study of the In vitro interaction between ethanol, and triazolam and its two metabolites using human liver microsomes.
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    本田克也; 瀬江千史
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  • Rapid and simple analysis of oxazolobenzodiazepine drugs in sera by wide-bore capillary gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus detection using on-column methylation.
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