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Kano Junko

Researcher's full information

  • Multilayer rat hepatocytes aggregates formed on expanded polytetrafluoroethylene surface
    Tokiwa T; Kano J; Meng X; Zhou X; Kodama M; Matsumura T.
    Cytotechnolgy/25/pp.137-144, 1997-01
  • Primary culture of adult rat hepatocytes on porous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene
    Tokiwa T; Kano J; Meng X; Kodama M.
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  • Restoration of differentiated functions in multicellular aggregates of a human liver epithelial cell line
    Tokiwa T; Kano J; Noguchi M; Kodama M; Tateishi T.
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  • Polyacrylamide containing sugar residues: synthesis, characterization and hepatocyte attachment studies
    Bahulekar R; Tokiwa T; Kano J; Matsumura T; Kojima I; Kod...
    Biotech. Tech./12(10)/pp.721- 722, 1998-10
  • Colonial growth and differentiation of epithelial cells derived from abattoir adult porcine livers (共著)
    Junko Kano
    J of Gastroenterol. Hepatol./13/pp.S62- S69, 1998-01
  • Polyacrylamide containing sugar residues: synthesis, characterization and cell compatibility studies
    Bahulekar R; Tokiwa T. Kano J; Matsumura T; Kojima I; Kod...
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  • Isolation and primary culture of adult pig hepatocytes
    Zhou X; Tokiwa T; Kano J; Kodama M.
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  • SV40Large T antigen immoetalization of rat hepatic stellate-like cells
    Tokiwa T; Yata Y; Takahara T; Watanabe A; Enosawa S; Suzu...
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  • 肝ステムセルの分化と増殖II
    加野准子; 野口雅之; 児玉亮; 常盤孝義
    組織培養工学/25(2)/pp.62 -65, 1999-01
  • The in vitro differentiating capacity of nonparenchymal epithelial cells derived from adult porcine livers (共著)
    加野 准子
    Am. J Pathol./156(6)/pp.2033 -2043, 2000-06
  • 肝上皮性細胞-その肝stem様細胞としての同定(共著)
    常盤孝義; 加野准子; 野口雅之; 絵野沢伸; 鈴木盛一
    Organ Biology/8(3)/pp.169-175, 2001-08
  • Colony-forming capacity of porcine liver epithelialcells in culture. (jointly worked)
    Tokiwa T; Yamazaki T; Kano J; Noguchi M; Enosawa S; Kohno M.
    In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol.-Animal/39(8)/pp.440 -442, 2002-09
  • Abnormality of the hepatocyte growth factor/MET pathway in pulmonary adenocarcinogenesis
    Tachibana Keisei; Minami Yuko; Shiba-Ishii Aya; Kano Junk...
    LUNG CANCER/75(2)/pp.181-188, 2012-02
  • High expression of stratifin is a universal abnormality during the course of malignant progression of early-stage lung adenocarcinoma
    Shiba-Ishii Aya; Kano Junko; Morishita Yukio; Sato Yukio;...
    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER/129(10)/pp.2445-2453, 2011-11
  • Down-regulation of APAF-1 in testicular germ cell tumor cell lines resulted in cell differentiation and loss of ability to attach the plate surface
    Behjati R.; Kawai K.; Kano J.; Akhondi M. A.; Akaza H.; N...
    HUMAN REPRODUCTION/26(Suppl. 1)/pp.I344-I345, 2011-07
  • Increased cytoplasmic S100A6 expression is associated with pulmonary adenocarcinoma progression
    ISHII Aya; SUZUKI Meguri; SATOMI Kaishi; KOBAYASHI Hiromi...
    Pathology International/59(9)/pp.623-630, 2009-09
  • Binding of Lactoferrin to IGBP1 Triggers Apoptosis in a Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Line
    Li Dongping; Sakashita Shingo; Morishita Yukio; Kano Junk...
    ANTICANCER RESEARCH/31(2)/pp.529-534, 2011-02
  • IGFBP-1 is expressed specifically in ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma
    Sugita Shintaro; Morishita Yukio; Kano Junko; Furuya Shui...
    HISTOPATHOLOGY/58(5)/pp.729-738, 2011-04
  • APAF-1 is related to an undifferentiated state in the testicular germ cell tumor pathway
    Behjati Reza; Kawai Koji; Inadome Yukinori; Kano Junko; A...
    CANCER SCIENCE/102(1)/pp.267-274, 2011-01
  • O-104 異型腺腫様過形成不死化細胞株を用いた発癌初期に発現する遺伝子群のcDNA microarray 法による網羅的解析(肺癌と分子生物学1, 第47回日本肺癌学会総会)
    穴見 洋一; 石山 直史; 大窪 千草; 加野 准子; 飯島 達夫; 野...
    Japanese Journal of Lung Cancer/46(5)/p.512, 2006-11
  • P-316 Frequent Aberrant Methylation of gene SAMD14 in Human Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma
    孫 衛紅; 飯嶋 達生; 加野 准子; 穴見 洋一; 森下 由紀雄; 大...
    Japanese Journal of Lung Cancer/47(5)/p.603, 2007-10
  • Gastric T-cell lymphoma with cytotoxic phenotype
    Sugita Shintaro; Iijima Tatsuo; Furuya Shuichiro; Kano Ju...
    PATHOLOGY INTERNATIONAL/57(2)/pp.108-114, 2007-02
  • Identification of differentially expressed genes in the course of lung adenocarcinoma development.
    Anami Yoichi; Ishiyama Tadashi; Okubo Chigusa; Kano Junko...
    JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY/2(8::Suppl. S), 2007-08
  • Identification of differentially methylated CpG Islands in the early stage of human pulmonary adenocarcinoma
    Sun Weihong; Iijima Tatsuo; Kano Junko; Anami Yoichi; Ina...
    JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY/2(8::Suppl. S), 2007-08
  • Differentially expressed genes in a porcine adult hepatic stem-like cell line and their expression in developing and regenerating liver
    Kano Junko; Ishiyama Tadashi; Iijima Tatsuo; Morishita Yu...
    LABORATORY INVESTIGATION/88(2)/pp.132-143, 2008-02