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Kumada Hiroaki

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  • Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma
    S. Kawabata; S. Miyatake; T. Kuroiwa; K. Yokoyama; A. Doi...
    Journal of Radiation Research/50(1)/p.51-60, 2009-01
  • Survival benefit of Boron neutron capture therapy for recurrent malignant glioma
    S. Miyatake; S. Kawabata; K. Yokoyama; T. Kuroiwa; H. Mic...
    Journal of Neuro-Oncology/91(2)/p.199-206, 2009-01
  • Development of a miniature neutron beam monitor for boron neutron capture therapy
    M. Komeda; H. Kumada; M. Ishikawa; T. Nakamura; K. Yamamo...
    Applied Radiation and Isotopes/67/p.254-257, 2009-07
  • Comparative study of dose calculation with SERA and JCDS treatment planning system
    H. Koivunoro; H. Kumada; T. Seppala; P. Kotiluoto; I. Aut...
    Applied Radiation and Isotopes/67/p.126-129, 2009-07
  • Development of a multi-modal Monte-Carlo radiation treatment planning system combined with PHITS
    H. Kumada; T. Nakamura; M. Komeda; A. Matsumura
    Laser-Driven Relativistic Plasmas Applied to Science, Industry and Medicine/1153/p.377-387, 2009-08
  • Estimation for incidental doses caused by secondary neutrons and photons in proton radiotherapy by Monte-Carlo simulations using PHITS and JCDS.
    Kumada H; Sakae T; Isobe T; Hashimoto T; Terunuma T; Saito K
    The Third Asian and Oceanic Congress on Radiation Protecrion, 2010-05
  • Estimations for incidental doses caused by secondary neutrons and photons in proton therapy by Monte-Calro simulation with PHITS
    Kumada H; Sakae T; Terunuma T; Isobe T; Hashimoto T; Sait...
    The 49th Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group/p.132, 2010-05
  • Treatment of Malignant Brain Tumors Using Nuclear Reactor ; Neutron Capture Therapy
    松村 明; 山本 哲哉; 柴田 靖; 能勢 忠男; 山本 和喜; 熊田 ...
    日本原子力学会誌 = Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan/43(10)/pp.957-963, 2001-10
  • Development of the Patient Setting System for Medical Irradiation with Research Reactor
    熊田 博明; 松村 明; 中川 義信
    Transactions of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan/1(1)/pp.59-68, 2002-03
  • BNCT線量評価システムの高度化に関する検討 (平成14年度専門研究会報告書「中性子捕捉療法システムの高度化」)
    熊田 博明; 山本 和喜; 松村 明
    KURRI-KR/(95)/pp.63-66, 2003-03
  • イオンチャンバーを用いたJRR-4中性子ビームの特性測定 (平成14年度専門研究会報告書「中性子捕捉療法システムの高度化」)
    山本 和喜; 熊田 博明; 岸 敏明
    KURRI-KR/(95)/pp.45-47, 2003-03
  • Development of Real-time Thermal Neutron Monitor for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
    石川 正純; 高橋 浩之; 小野 公二; 櫻井 良憲; 熊田 博明; 町...
    Ionizing radiation./31(4)/pp.279-285, 2005-10
  • BNCT of Nasal Melanoma : A Case Report
    粟飯原 輝人; 平塚 純一; 森田 倫正; 西池 季隆; 宇野 雅子; ...
    Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica/99(12)/pp.1017-1022, 2006-12
  • 放射性同位元素装備機器および放射線発生装置の安全取り扱い(入門講座3(放射線防護))
    磯辺 智範; 森 祐太郎; 照沼 利之; 安岡 聖; 熊田 博明; 榮 武二
    放射線防護分科会会誌/(33)/pp.4-9, 2011-10
  • Feasibility evaluation of neutron capture therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma using selective enhancement of boron accumulation in tumour with intra-arterial administration of boron-entrapped water-in-oil-in-water emulsion
    Yanagie Hironobu; Kumada Hiroaki; Nakamura Takemi; Higash...
    APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES/69(12:::SI)/pp.1854-1857, 2011-12
  • The status of Tsukuba BNCT trial: BPA-based boron neutron capture therapy combined with X-ray irradiation
    Yamamoto T.; Nakai K.; Nariai T.; Kumada H.; Okumura T.; ...
    APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES/69(12:::SI)/pp.1817-1818, 2011-12
  • Evaluation of Secondary Neutron Dose in Particle and High Energy X-ray Therapy
    Isobe T.; Hashimoto T.; Kumada H.; Hashii H.; Takada K.; ...
  • 20pBF-13 Gamma imaging due to neutron capture on BNCT
    岡崎 良子; 熊田 博明
    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan/65(1)/p.135, 2010-03
  • Boron neutron capture therapy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma
    Yamamoto Tetsuya; Nakai Kei; Kageji Teruyoshi; Kumada Hir...
    RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY/91(1)/pp.80-84, 2009-04
  • Development of a new multi-modal Monte-Carlo radiotherapy planning system
    Kumada H.; Nakamura T.; Komeda M.; Matsumura A.
    APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES/67(7-8::Suppl. S), 2009-07
  • Verification of the computational dosimetry system in JAERI (JCDS) for boron neutron capture therapy
    Kumada H; Yamamoto K; Matsumura A; Yamamoto T; Nakagawa Y...
    PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY/49(15)/pp.3353-3365, 2004-08