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Fukuda Taeko

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  • 当院における新・旧パラコート中毒症例(23例)の比較
    福田 妙子; 遠藤拓男
    日本救急医学会関東地方会雑誌/11/pp.384-385, 1990
  • 呼吸管理に難渋した重症気道熱傷の1例
    福田 妙子; 浅倉信明
    日本救急医学会関東地方会雑誌/11(1)/pp.246-247, 1990
  • A simple test for mothball component differentiation using water and a saturated solution of table salt: its utilization for poison information service
    福田 妙子; Koyama K
    Vet Hum Toxicol/33(5)/pp.425-427, 1991
  • Differentiation of Naphthalene and Paradichlorbenzene Mothballs Based on Their Difference in Specific Gravity
    Fukuda Taeko; K Koyama
    Vet Hum Toxicol/33(4)/pp.313-314, 1991
  • 著明な換気不全をきたした重症気道熱傷の1例
    福田 妙子; 朝倉信明
    日本救急医学会雑誌/2/pp.657-661, 1991
  • 脳動脈瘤クリッピング術(早期手術)における低血圧麻酔の予後に及ぼす影響
    福田 妙子; 猪股 伸一
    麻酔/41(2)/pp.207-213, 1992
  • Arteriovenous differences of blood alcohol concentrations after celiac plexus block
    Fukuda Taeko; S Sato; Okubo N; Takahashi H; Naito H
    Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics/52(3)/pp.249-251, 1992
  • Plasma alcohol concentrations after celiac plexus block in gastric and pancreatic cancer
    Fukuda Taeko; S Sato
    Reg Anesth/18(6)/pp.366-368, 1993
  • Unintentional epidural administration of thiamylal
    Fukuda Taeko
    Reg Anesth/19(6)/pp.412-414, 1994
  • 早期に肉芽種変化を示した硬膜外腫瘍の1症例
    福田 妙子; 高橋伸二
    ペインクリニック/16(4)/pp.555-557, 1995
  • Plasma concetrations of lidocaine and its principal metabolites during continuous epidural infusion of lidocaine with or without epinephrine
    Fukuda Taeko; S Kihara
    Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine/24(6)/pp.529-533, 1999
  • 強皮症による指尖部潰瘍に持続硬膜外ブロックが有効であった1症例
    福田 妙子; 久島 優
    ペインクリニック/22(2)/pp.269-270, 2001
  • Effect of intravenous prostaglandin E1 on pial vessel diameters and intracranial pressure in rabbits.
    Fukuda T; Miyabbe M; Saito S; Tajima K; Toyooka H
    Acta Anaesthesiol Scand/45(10)/pp.1271-1275, 2001
  • Sodium nitroprusside decreases leukocyte adhesion and emigration after hemorrhagic shoc
    Miyabe Masayuki; Yanagi Kennichi; Ohshima Norio; Sato Shi...
    Anesthesia and analgesia/94(2)/pp.296-301, 2002
  • Allopregnanolone suppresses mechanical allodynia and internalization of neurokinin-1 receptors at the spinal dorsal horn in a rat postoperative pain model
    Fujita Masahide; Fukuda Taeko; Sato Yasuhiro; Takasusuki ...
    The Korean journal of pain/31(1)/pp.10-15, 2018-01
  • Postoperative daily living activities of geriatric patients administered general or spinal anesthesia for hip fracture surgery: A retrospective cohort study
    Fukuda Taeko; Imai Shinobu; Nakadera Masaya; Wagatsuma Yu...
  • The effect of pH adjustment of 1% lidocaine on the onset of sensory and motor blockade of epidural anesthesia in nonpregnant gynecological patients
    Fukuda T; Naito H
    Journal of anesthesia/8(3)/pp.293-296, 1994-09
  • 胸部大動脈ステントグラフト内挿術中に逆行性上行大動脈解離を来した1症例
    藤田 将英; 福田 妙子; 田中 誠
    麻酔/64(10)/pp.1080-1084, 2015-10
  • Olanzapine attenuates mechanical allodynia in a rat model of partial sciatic nerve ligation
    Fukuda Taeko; Yamashita Soichiro; Hisano Setsuji; Tanaka ...
    Korean J Pain/28(3)/pp.185-192, 2015-07
  • Glidescope performance in tracheal intubation by novice laryngoscopists: a manikin study
    Yamada K; Fukuda T; Yamashita S; Takahashi H; Tanaka M
    Masui/61(12)/pp.1386-1390, 2012-12
  • 眼咽頭遠位型ミオパチーの麻酔経験
    八木原正浩; 福田妙子; 宮部雅幸; 渡邊 雅彦; 富岡秀訓
    麻酔/52/pp.151-153, 2003-01
  • Group A Streptococcus-induced Toxic Shock Syndrome in Pregnancy : A Case Report of Cesarean Section
    山田 久美子; 福田 妙子; 木村 麻衣子
    麻酔/61(12)/pp.1380-1385, 2012-12
  • Forces applied to the maxillary incisors during tracheal intubation and dental injury risks of intubation by beginners: a manikin study
    Fukuda T; Sugimoto Y; Yamashita S; Toyooka H; Tanaka M.
    Acta Anaesthesiol Taiwan/49/p.12-15, 2011-03
  • Comparisons of tetracaine spinal anesthesia with clonidine or phenylephrine in normotensive and hypertensive humans
    福田 妙子; Dohi S; Naito H
    Anesthesia and analgesia/78(1)/pp.106-111, 1994-01
  • nNOS and citrulline immunoreactivity in hypothalamoneurohypophysial system increase in response to 48 hour water deprivation
    福田 妙子
    Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism/17/p.S410, 1997-01