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Ohto Tatsuyuki

Researcher's full information

  • A pediatric case of critical illness polyneuropathy: clinical and pathological findings
    Ohto T; Iwasaki N; Ohkoshi N; Aoki T; Ichinohe M; Tanaka ...
    BRAIN & DEVELOPMENT/27(7)/pp.535-538, 2005-10
  • The evaluation of autonomic nervous function in a patient with hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type IV with novel mutations of the TRKA gene
    Ohto T; Iwasaki N; Fujiwara J; Ohkoshi N; Kimura S; Kawad...
    NEUROPEDIATRICS/35(5)/pp.274-278, 2004-10
  • A case of listerial meningitis treated with a regimen containing panipenem-betamipron
    HITOMI Shigemi; OHTO Tatsuyuki; OKAMOTO Miho; NISHIMURA Y...
    Journal of infection and chemotherapy : official journal of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy/10(4)/pp.242-244, 2004-08
  • Life-threatening vocal cord paralysis in a patient with group A xeroderma pigmentosum
    Ohto T; Iwasaki N; Okubo H; Shin K; Matsui A
    PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY/30(3)/pp.222-224, 2004-03
  • HHV-6抗体価上昇を伴ったカルバマゼピンによるHypersensitivity Syndromeの小児例
    藤原暢子; 岩崎信明; 市川邦雄; 藤沢裕志; 永江美香子; 田中...
    小児科臨床/57/p.1127-1130, 2004-01
  • Evaluation of hippocampal infolding using magnetic resonance imaging
    Okada Y; Kato T; Iwai K; Iwasaki N; Matsui A; +大戸 達之
    Neuroreport/14/p.1405-1409, 2003-01
  • 乳児期にてんかん性無呼吸を呈した脳形成障害児の1例
    岩崎信明; 高橋実穂; 田中竜太; 浜野建三; 松井 陽; +大戸 達之
    脳と発達/35/p.511-514, 2003-01
  • 周期性片側性てんかん様放電(PLEDs)が認められたテオフィリン関連けいれん
    絹笠英世; 岩崎信明; 浜野建三; 田中竜太; 松井 陽; 大戸 達之
    臨床脳波/45/p.60-64, 2003-01
  • Identification of a novel non-lysosomal sulfatase expressed in the floor plate, choroid plexus and cartilage
    Uchida H; Yamazaki H; Keino-Masu K; Matsui A; Masu M; +大...
    Genes to cells/7/p.173-185, 2002-01
  • Regional variation in bone mineral density and motor function in children with cerebral palsy
    白垣 潤; 岩崎信明; 中山純子; 藤田和弘; 大戸 達之; 松井 陽
    No to hattatsu = Brain and development/33(1)/pp.37-43, 2001-01
  • 左側無眼球症を伴った10番染色体長腕部分欠失の1例
    寺本知史; 田中秀朋; 副田敦裕; 衛藤義勝; +大戸 達之
    周産期医学/31/p.273-275, 2001-01
  • Significant evidence for linkage of febrile seizures to chromosome 5q14-q15
    Nakayama J; Hamano K; Iwasaki N; Nakahara S; Horigome Y; ...
    Hum Mol Genet./9/p.87-91, 2000-01
  • A quantitative study of the progress of myelination in the rat central nervous system, using the immunohistochemical method for proteolipid protein
    Hamano K; Takeya T; Iwasaki N; Nakayama J; Ohto T; Okada Y
    Brain Res Dev Brain Res/108(1-2)/pp.287-293, 1998-01