Kaneko Shin

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Research fields
General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine)
Cell biology
Research keywords
Gene Therapy
Cell Therapy
Clinical Hematology
Stem cell biology
Research projects
Clinical gene therapy of hematological malignancies1998 -- (current)/
Academic background
-- 1995University of Tsukuba Faculty of Medicine
-- 2002University of Tsukuba Graduate School, Division of Medicine Homatology, Immunology
Doctor(Medicine)University of Tsukuba
Academic societies
-- (current)日本血液細胞移植学会
-- (current)Japanese Society of Clinical Hematology
-- (current)Japanese society of stem cell transplantation
Honors & Awards
2001The Young Investigater's award of Japanese Society of Hematology
  • iPS細胞のがん免疫療法への応用
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  • The therapeutic potential of multiclonal tumoricidal T cells derived from tumor infiltrating lymphocyte derived iPS cells
    Kaneko Shin
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    金子 新
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  • Kaneko S, Nagata M, Takemura H, Yuhara T, Akama T, Suzuki H, Yamane K, and Kashiwagi H. Gelatious transformation of bone marrow with pancytopenia in an emaciated patient with systemic lumpus erythematosus.
    金子 新
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  • Yasukawa M, Ohminami H, Kaneko S, Yakushijin Y, Nishimura Y, Inokuchi K, Miyakuni t, Nakao S, Kishi K, Kubonishi I, Dan K, and Fujita S. CDA(+) cytotoxic T-cell clones spesific for bcr-abl b3a2 fusion peptide augment colony formation by chronic myelogenous leukemia cells in a b3a2-specific and HLA-DR-restricted manner.
    金子 新
    Blood/(92)/p.3355-3361, 1998
  • 金子 新、中内 啓光.動員造血血幹細胞移植後の増殖分化. 血液・免疫・腫瘍
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  • 金子 新、小野寺 雅史、中内 啓光.造血細胞を用いた遺伝子治療の現況. 組織培養工学
    金子 新
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  • Ohminami H, Yasukawa M, Kaneko S, Yakushijin Y, Abe Y, Kasahara Y, Ishida Y, and Fujita S. Fas-independent and nonapoptotic cytotoxicity mediated by a human CD4(+) T-cell clone directed against an acute myelogenous leukemia-associated DEK-CAN fusion peptide.
    金子 新
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    金子 新
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  • 金子 新、中内 啓光.造血幹細胞の純化と分化・増殖機構. 現代医療
    金子 新
    *EMPTY*/(32)/p.2603-2608, 2000
  • Kaneko S, Onodera M, Fujiki Y, Nagasawa T, and Nakauchi H. The simplified retroviral vector GCsap with murine stem cell virus long terminal repeat allows high and continued expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein by human hematopoietic progenitors engrafted in non-obese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficiency mice.
    金子 新
    Hum Gene Ther/(12)/p.35-44, 2001
  • 金子 新、中内 啓光.第4章 組織幹細胞の可塑性と再生医学.横田崇編.再生医学がわかる 第1版.東京:
    金子 新
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  • 金子 新、中内 啓光.幹細胞の可塑性. 血液・腫瘍科
    金子 新
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  • Suzuki A, Zheng YY, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Fukao K, Nakauchi h, and Taniguchi H. Clonal indentification and Characterization of self-renewing pluripotent stem cells in the developing liver.
    金子 新
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  • Iwama A, Osawa M, Hirasawa R, Uchiyama N, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Shibuya K, Shibuya A, Vinson C, Tenen DG, Nakauchi H. Reciprocal roles for CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP) and PU. 1 transcription factors in Langerhans cell commitment.
    金子 新
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  • Osawa M, Yamaguchi T, Nakamura Y, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Sawada K, Jegalian A, Wu H, Nakauchi H, Iwama A. Erythroid expansion mediated by the Gifi-1B zinc finger protein:role in normal hematopoiesis.
    金子 新
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  • Suzuki A, Obi K, Urabe T, Hayakawa H, Yamada M, Kaneko S, Onodera M, Mizuno Y, Mochizuki H. Feasibility of ex vivo gene therapy for neurological disorders using the new retroviral vector GCDNsap packaged in the venicular stomatitis virus G protein.
    金子 新
    J neurochem/(82)/p.953-960, 2002
  • A Clinical Trial of a Gene Therapy to Regulate the Graft versus Host Disease after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
    福島 敬; 清水 崇史; 須磨崎 亮; 大津 真; 小野寺 雅史; 小池 和俊; 戸田昌宏; 加藤 俊一; 中内 啓光; 大橋 一輝...
    日本小児血液学会雑誌/19(2)/pp.101-108, 2005-04
  • Quinupristin/dalfopristin and voriconazole controlled Staphylococcus epidermidis pneumonia and chronic necrotizing aspergillosis in a patient with severe lung degradation consequent to multiple treatments for Hodgkin's lymphoma
    MUTO Hideharu; KANEKO Shin; MACHINO Takayuki; OKOSHI Yas...
    Journal of infection and chemotherapy : official journal of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy/12(6)/pp.391-395, 2006-12
  • Gene therapy clinical trials for relapsed leukemia with infusions of the suicide-gene transduced donor lymphocytes in Japan
    Onodera Masafumi; Kaneko Shin; Otsu Makoto; Okoshi Yasus...
    JOURNAL OF GENE MEDICINE/8(12)/pp.1442-1443, 2006-12
  • A new red fluorescent protein that allows efficient marking of murine hematopoietic stem cells
    Sanuki Seiko; Hamanaka Sanae; Kaneko Shin; Otsu Makoto; K...
    JOURNAL OF GENE MEDICINE/10(9)/pp.965-971, 2008-09
2022-04 -- 2022-08Lecture and Discussion in Clinical Pathophysiology IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Seminar in Internal Medicine IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-10 -- 2023-02Lecture and Discussion in Internal Medicine IIUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Seminar in Internal Medicine IUniversity of Tsukuba.
2022-04 -- 2022-08Practice in Internal Medicine IUniversity of Tsukuba.
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