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Masu Hideo

Faculty of Medicine
Official title
Assistant Professor
Birth date
Research fields
Veterinary medical science
Research keywords
Japanese culture and environment
Research projects
Animal assisted nursing1994 -- (current)/
Influence of agricultural chemical for generative organ of1998 -- (current)/
Influence from agricultural of Trypanosoma parasitic on a frog1990 -- (current)/
Career history
1982-09 -- 1983-08相模原衛生学院看護専門学校 非常勤講師
1982-09 -- 1983-08湘央医学技術専門学校 非常勤講師
1983-04 -- 1983-08東京都理容学校 非常勤講師
1990-04 -- 1996-03茨城県立水戸看護学院 非常勤講師
1991-04 -- (current)湘央生命科学技術専門学校 非常勤講師
1992-05 -- 1993-03放送大学 非常勤講師
2003-04 -- 2012-03日本体育大学 非常勤講師
1983-09 -- 1986-03筑波大学 研究協力部研究協力課 文部技官
1986-04 -- 2002-09筑波大学 医療技術短期大学部 助手
1991-06 -- 1993-03筑波大学 農林学類 非常勤講師
Academic background
-- 1979Kitasato University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences 獣医Graduated
Licenses and qualifications
Academic societies
2003 -- (current)The Malacological Society of Japan
2007 -- (current)JAPAN Society of Nursing and Health Care
2007 -- (current)Japan Academy of Nursing Science
2007 -- (current)Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
  • Changes in Moods of Palliative Care Ward Patients by Interacting with Trained Ttherapy Dog Which Is the First Suvh Dog Stationed in a Hospital in Japan and Examination Thereof
    Masu Hideo
    INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL JOURNAL/23(3)/pp.284-287, 2016-6
  • Experiences of Cancer Patients Who Participated in Animal-Assisted Activities at a Palliative Care Unit
    熊坂 隆行; 片岡 三佳; 升 秀夫
    日本看護研究学会雑誌/34(5)/pp.51-57, 2011-12
  • Changes in Patient Mood through Animal-Assisted Activities in a Palliative Care Unit
    Kumasaka Takayuki; Masu Hideo; Kataoka Mika; Numao Akiko
    INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL JOURNAL/19(4)/pp.373-377, 2012-12
  • On the second case of Diplogonporiasis grandis Discovered in Kanagawa Prefecture and anthelmthic effct of paromomycine sulphate
    影井昇 升秀夫 加藤桂子; +升 秀夫
    日本寄生虫学雑誌/30/p.5, 1981-01
  • 豚回虫感染が養豚産業に及ぼす影響について
    韓相變 升秀夫 近藤末男; +升 秀夫
    家畜衛生研究会報/p.14-15, 1982-01
  • Colt Fattening of influence on effects with Experimental infections of Fascoiola sp in Calf
    Bulletin of College of Medical Technology and Nursing, Univ. of Tsukuba/p.8, 1987-01
  • Clinical Effects of Surgical Removal of the Heartworm from the Right Atrium in a Dog with Common Dirotilariasis
    Bulletin of College of Medical Technology and Nursing Univs. of Tsukuba/(10)/p.79-82, 1989-01
  • A Fatal Case of Water Buffalo with Theilerosis and Diabetes
    Bulletin of College of Medical Technology and Nursing Univs. of Tsukuba/(11)/p.89-92, 1990-01
  • Insertion Surgery of an Extraction Tube for Salira from the parotide Gland of Cattle
    升秀夫 田島淳史; +升 秀夫
    Bulletin of College of Medical Technology and Nursing Univs. of Tsukuba/(12)/p.133-135, 1991-03
  • Long-Term Survey on Intestinal Nematode and Cestode Infections in Stray Puppies in Ibaraki Prefecture.
    Hideharu saeki; Hideo masu
    The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science/59(8)/p.725-726, 1997-01
  • 老人ホームにおける動物の飼育状況調査
    升秀夫 熊坂隆行; +升 秀夫
    日本獣医師会雑誌/54(6)/p.485-488, 2001-01
  • 臨床看護における患者サポート:動物介在看護
    熊坂隆行 升秀夫; +升 秀夫
    臨牀看護/28(12)/p.1831-1836, 2002-12
  • 病院に勤務する看護師への調査による動物介在についての見解
    熊坂隆行 藤村友佳織 山田好秋; 升 秀夫
    日本動物看護学会誌/11(1)/p.49-59, 2006-09
  • 特別養護老人ホームでの動物介在実習前後における動物看護学生の「気分」の変化
    熊坂隆行 升秀夫 川上嘉明 光石智子 他; +升 秀夫
    日本動物看護学会誌/12(1)/p.64-68, 2007-12
  • 霞ヶ浦産ヒメタニシの胎貝数の季節的・地域的変化
    西脇三郎 升秀夫 花輪俊宏; +升 秀夫
    VENUS/67(1~2)/p.73-80, 2008-05
  • Aberration in the number of eyes of Sinotaia quadrata histrica in Lake Kasumigaura(Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Malacological Society of Japan (Tokyo))
    西脇 三郎; 升 秀夫; 花輪 俊宏; 石井 照久
    Venus : journal of the Malacological Society of Japan/63(1)/p.79, 2004-06
  • Seasonal change in histological structure of the testis of Sinotaia quadrata histrica(Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Malacological Society of Japan (Tokyo))
    花輪 俊宏; 升 秀夫; 西脇 三郎
    Venus : journal of the Malacological Society of Japan/63(1)/p.79, 2004-06
  • Histological lesion of the testis of Sinotaia quadrata histrica in Lake Kasumigaura(Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Malacological Society of Japan (Tokyo))
    升 秀夫; 西脇 三郎; 花輪 俊宏
    Venus : journal of the Malacological Society of Japan/63(1)/p.79, 2004-06
  • Attitude Survey of Nursing Personnel Working at Hospitals Twoard Animal Assisted Intervention : Focus on a Psychiatric Hospital Planning to Introduce Animals
    熊坂 隆行; 升 秀夫; 片岡 三佳
    日本農村医学会雑誌/57(1)/pp.34-49, 2008-05
  • Study of Effectiveness of Animal-Assisted Therapy for Patients with Mental Illness in Nursing Support
    熊坂 隆行; 升 秀夫; 片岡 三佳; 棟久 恭子; 森田 優子
    日本農村医学会雑誌/59(1)/pp.20-28, 2010-05
  • 寄生虫鑑別アトラス
    升 秀夫
  • 寄生虫鑑別アトラス 第2版
    升 秀夫
  • ヒトと動物の寄生虫鑑別アトラス
    升 秀夫
  • ヒトと動物の寄生虫鑑別アトラス(最新版)
    升 秀夫
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
    熊坂隆行 升秀夫 中村幹 キンバリー・フォーサイス 森田優...
    本の泉社, 2012
  • ヒトと動物の寄生虫鑑別アトラス(最新2版)
    佐伯英治 升秀夫 早川典之; +升 秀夫
    インターズー, 2013
  • 寄生虫鑑別アトラス
    佐伯英治 升秀夫 早川典之; +升 秀夫
    メディカルサイエンス社, 1998-04
  • パラサイト
    内田明彦 佐伯英治 升秀夫 他; +升 秀夫
    メディカグローブ社, 2005-03
  • パラサイト学
    内田明彦 升秀夫 他; +升 秀夫
    メディカグローブ社, 2005-08
  • 動物介在看護
    熊坂隆行 升秀夫; +升 秀夫
    ファームプレス社, 2006-03
  • 寄生虫鑑別アトラス 第2版
    佐伯英治 升秀夫 早川典之; +升 秀夫
    メディカルサイエンス社, 2009-03
  • ヒトと動物の寄生虫鑑別アトラス
    佐伯英治 升秀夫 早川典之; +升 秀夫
    Interzoo, 2010-03
  • 顕微鏡検査ハンドブック
    医学書院, 2012-06
2020-07 -- 2020-08Environmental health seminarUniversity of Tsukuba.
2020-05 -- 2020-08Human-environment relationsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2020-10 -- 2021-02Nursing ErgonomicsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2020-07 -- 2020-08Nursing ErgonomicsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2020-06 -- 2020-07Practice in Field of Adult NursingUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-05 -- 2019-08Human-environment relationsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-07 -- 2019-08Environmental health seminarUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-07 -- 2019-08Nursing ErgonomicsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-10 -- 2020-02Nursing ErgonomicsUniversity of Tsukuba.
2019-07 -- 2019-08Practice in Field of Adult NursingUniversity of Tsukuba.
Other educational activities
2014-09 -- (current)バイオセラピー学外
2001-04 -- 2012-03日本体育大学非常勤講師学外
1991-04 -- (current)湘央生命科学技術専門学校非常勤講師学外
  • 動物介在看護とはなにか
Professional activities
2005-04 -- (current)水辺基盤協会副理事長
2007-04 -- (current)日本釣振興会環境部会/顧問
2007-04 -- (current)環境省浄化槽フォーラム/理事
1983-04 -- (current)茨城県獣医師会生涯研修認定医
2009-04 -- (current)湘央学園評議員
2007-04 -- 2009-03湘央学園監事
University Management
2007-04 -- (current)社団法人 日本釣振興会環境部会顧問
2007-04 -- 2009-03学校法人 湘央学園理事会監事
2007-04 -- (current)環境省 浄化槽フォーラム理事
2009-04 -- (current)学校法人 湘央学園評議委員会評議委員
2005-04 -- (current)NPO法人 水辺基盤協会副理事長
2010-04 -- (current)社団法人 日本獣医師会生涯研修認定医
Other activities
2007 -- 2016In order to build the environmental protection on sound water circulation, not only waste water from the factory or the like, measures of domestic wastewater discharged from households it has become important. For life drainage measures, for the activities of residents to support this, rather than keep to leave government, every one residents, while the ideal to understand the importance of environmental conservation action, 3R and global warming When the activities related to prevention is compared with what it has been every year activation, probably because many of the domestic wastewater treatment is one that hard to see from the eyes of the residents, as in is expected, reality is not progressing. In addition, the river in the region, but will also be folded many people that have been addressed to the enthusiastic about the promotion of conservation and hydrophilic activity of the water environment in lakes, etc., with respect to these, in many cases, in the activities with a focus on a particular body of water there is therefore, exchanges are limited, activities of methods and scientific knowledge and the like, and its It is in current situation where national network to exchange information necessary to further increase the activity is not built. Therefore, by performing the life waste water treatment in daily life, the environmental protection effect as life and the environment feel type facility that can be close to experience, through the septic tank, which can increase the environmental awareness of the residents, the environmental conservation activities related to water with to be more active, is what order to carry out the networking of national information exchange of NPO such as officials, led to the launch of the "septic tank forum" We your gathered in the people of the concerned parties.
What is the animal-assisted nursing "ties with humans and animals"? Homo sapiens is a modern type rookie is a type of primate was born in Africa 15 million years ago. To approximately from 5.4 to 1.5 million years ago, separated from gibbons represented by chimpanzee, was evolved is Australopithecus. After that, the human race to walk 19 or more of the bipedal (human), but was born, since extinct Neanderthals to 20,000 thousands of years ago, humans on the planet is now only to homo sapiens. Homo sapiens since birth, has been living by hunting harvest. 15,000 years ago, in East Asia, hit by rapid global warming leading to the interglacial period from the ice age, that elk, naumanni, the large mammals such as the mammoth become extinct, Homo sapiens are extinct lose food faced with the crisis. At this time, the pottery was invented in the middle Yangtze River basin "Rice fishing", it will win the farming civilization to the food procurement. As a result, was followed up to it, living by hunting collected by population movement, it went to a new stage of settlement. The same time, domesticated dogs from wolves, we humans and the living now together. Relationship of dogs and humans can be traced back to 15,000 years ago, that the dog was domesticated is considered to be deeply involved with the settlement of humans with global warming in East Asia. Dog because of its excellent sense of smell, I believe also was involved deeply with the hunting of birds and small mammals. 12,800 years ago, through Europe from Central Asia, it will occur sudden colder, called the Younger Dori Yas period. Forest is lost, people who had a life of hunting harvest, lost fruit, Pisutachia, the food, such as almonds, leads to the brink of extinction. In this case, wild goats, sheep, cattle and succeeded in domestication, perform the artificial cultivation of wild wheat at the same time, it has caused the agricultural revolution of the "upland pastoral". This farming revolution, will be the dog to protect the pastoral from predators such as wolves play an important role, the relationship between humans and dogs (bonds) is now to be deepened dramatically. Thereafter, the person to build a city civilized society, and the ruling class and the Leisure layer, among which follow the path of the companion animal of by the domestication of wild animals, we believe that began to deepen ties of human and animal. Since the mid-14th century, Europe was hit by the Little Ice Age (weak cold season in the northern hemisphere), the people of upland pastoral civilization that had exhausted off the forest, will cause the industrial revolution by burning fossil fuels (coal). This became the roots of modern science civilization. However, this new civilization, but it was dangerous civilization that has the drawback of exploitation of the earth's resources, and spread all over the world, it will cause a global environmental issues. Before long, scientific civilization, caused the war due to competition for resources, and racial disparities, self-domestication of the human, it leads to self artificial selection. Responding to resource depletion and population 10 billion, which is expected in 2050 will remain untouched. To earn a sustainable society is to eliminate the deviation value education for the purpose of economic growth due to resource exploitation conversion to each other mutual aid society by the "frontier of the mind" has been forced. It must be "human and animal bond" and "return to nature inner with a human" in this new social system. It won at the time of the happened farming revolution in monsoon Asia to 15,000 years ago, at the same time and spread the circulatory system of the woods and water around the world, in the relationship of "human and plant", "human and animal", a new idea Only wisdom found the will considered as the means to acquire a new era in the 21st century after. The term "animal-assisted nursing" is an attempt on the basis of the new idea, by the bonds of human and animal, becomes the cornerstone of the energy recycling society. The end of the natural resources and energy consumption era such as oil and uranium has been imminent. Also break away from the chemical method with respect to medical care, medical care to bring out the self-renewal capacity will be required in the new era. And was born and raised oriental medicine from rice cultivation fishing civilization, Western medicine has been nurtured by the upland pastoral civilization, taking advantage of each of the properties, you change to abandon the oil science medical care to a thing of the past is urgent. Era of treating a person was hit by sickness in the hospital, such as the barn must be finished. Medical people must be abandoned even old idea to seek the economic preferential treatment. As long as the conversion of this idea can not be obtained, the realization of integrative medicine is to keep away from him, it can not be made to build a sustainable society in the 21st century. "Animal-assisted nursing" was sprouted to support the health care in the 21st century.

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